Blue-On-Blue Fighting Is The Best Fighting

Chaos…inability to stay on-message…infighting…sniping at fellow Democrats.

Why, it almost seems like the Republicans!

Mayors Adams and Lightfoot demand Colorado stop sending migrants

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis informed New York City this week that he’d be sending more buses full of migrants in the near future. The story made news after Mayor Adams of NYC complained about it during a radio interview Tuesday. But according to Gov. Polis, the buses full of migrants aren’t new. He’s been “helping asylum seekers reach their final destinations” for weeks. He says there is a backlog of migrants wanting to leave Denver and head to New York but because of a recent storm they were stuck in Denver. Now he’s trying to undo that backlog.

The hypocrisy is amazing, but not surprising, as the wetback problem was never about humanitarian concerns but about the accumulation of power via the fraudulent votes of the invaders and the purchase of their loyalty through government largess (that means welfare). That the character of America is being eroded by these invaders is of no importance to the progressive foot soldiers like Polis (YudenRat), Groot, and Idiot Adams who care nothing about their constituents, or their countrymen, and pursue control over all other considerations.

Those three are in comfortable blue cities and states, so they have no need for any additional influx of illegals to pad their voter roles and draw even more graft-laden funds to their cities and state. They will use the illegals as pawns in their cruel games, but will never acknowledge that the crisis on the border is many times worse than anything happening in the blue cities.

Until the border is closed and the economic and social climate in America changes from one of accommodation of illegals to one that pushes them back to their home countries, nothing will change. But if the influx of wetbacks can be redirected to blue parts of the country, then at least the oblivious fools who happily vote for the destruction of America will feel the pain, sooner rather than later.

The sad part is that closing the border and forcing them to return is a simple and straightforward thing. The border is easier…build the damned wall and patrol it with officers whose only orders are to prevent the illegals from entering the country. No detaining them…nothing but pushing them back into Mexico.

As for the ones already here and stealing our tax money? Congress can pass a law that creates a significant financial and criminal penalty for any business that employs an illegal alien. Then create a system like the instant check system for gun purchases so that no business has any excuse.

Of course that won’t happen, but it would work.