The Morning Rant

Good. Ban every gas appliance in new construction, including furnaces and back-up generators. New York voted for this grasping, thieving, lying, corrupt harridan, and they should reap what they have sown.

NY fired up over potential gas stove ban: It’s ‘not wanted’

New Yorkers are fired up and releasing steam over their governor’s plans to ban gas heating across the state in coming years. “In my home, that’s not wanted,” one American told FOX Business’ Madison Alworth in New York City on Wednesday. “Gas all the way.”

During her state of the state address Monday, Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul proposed abolishing the sale of gas-powered appliances and prohibiting their installation in new construction of buildings starting by 2025.

Hochul acknowledged soaring energy costs foot by homeowners and renters across the state, indirectly citing the Russia-Ukraine war in remarking on the “geopolitical forces outside our control but hitting our wallets right here at home.”

First…those New Yorkers who are complaining? Who wants to bet that they vote straight Democrat and will continue to do so? They bitch and moan, but dutifully vote against their self-interest every November. Well, when they bother to vote for themselves and don’t just give their ballots to the NY Democrat party apparatus.

Second…the ridiculous lies pouring out of Hochul’s gaping maw about rising energy costs are so outrageous that they beggar description. New York can start fracking tomorrow and pump their way out of their energy problem. Except…fracking is outlawed in New York. And Hochul’s masters inside the beltway have decreed that America will no longer be an energy powerhouse by decimating our homegrown energy production. That’s not geopolitical…that is naked, vile, evil politics in service of a larger domestic agenda whose goal is to turn America into just another 2nd-world shithole, rapidly sliding into the pit of 3rd-World shithole status.

So how will New York heat new homes and commercial buildings? They will use electricity, generated by non-existent nuclear plants, unreliable wind generation, and solar that works for 1/3 of the day (when it is sunny, which doesn’t happen much during NY winters), and not at all when demand is greatest: at night! Remember when New York shut down one nuclear power plant (Indian Point) and cancelled the construction of another (Shoreham)? The last time I checked, Nuclear power plants can run when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

Oh, that electricity will be transmitted over an electrical grid that is decaying, and is already overburdened. And don’t forget, New York also wants to get rid of internal combustion cars, so that grid…the one that is falling apart today…will have to supply electric vehicles in addition to the vastly increased demand of every single new home built with electric heat vs. the robust natural gas distribution system.

I wonder when the exodus from New York will really explode?