The Morning Report 1/13/23

Good morning kids. Friday, and as a reminder, triskaidekaphobia is not the fear of a 13-sided cracker. Now to the lighter side of the news where mountains of top secret documents believed to have been stashed going back years at multiple locations linked to our so-called quote-unquote “president” presents at best an open and shut case of gross negligence/incompetence, and at worst the dictionary-definition of the word “traitor.” 

If you thought that his shaking hands at global summits with the Invisible Man, or getting in the face of people who disagree with him at campaign rallies, or pulling the training bra straps, sniffing the hair and copping a feel of terrified tweeners at press conferences was bad enough, watch his performance in attempting to explain how all this damning evidence that was supposed to be in Mar-a-Lago and Trump Tower was found at his eponymous Penn think tank and now in his garage. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

“Classified material, next to your Corvette? What were you thinking?’ Doocy asked.

“Let me ummm… I’m gonna get a chance to speak on all this, God willing, soon,” Biden stammered. “But, as I said earlier this week, people—and by the way, my Corvette’s in a locked garage, okay? So it’s not like they’re sitting out in the street, but anyway…”

. . . Biden continued by insisting that “people know I take classified documents and classified material seriously,” even though the discovery of these documents proves otherwise.

One thing that has become clear is that Biden and his lawyer are attempting to create a very specific distinction between this situation and the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago by pointing out, “the Department of Justice was immediately uh, uh, notified. And the lawyers arranged for the Department of Justice to take possession of the document[s].”

But this doesn’t change the fact that Biden clearly didn’t have these documents stored securely, per NARA standards.

Let’s cut this career criminal pervert a break and go on the assumption that there was no quid-pro-quo in selling this treasure trove of American secrets to the highest bidder. It’s still textbook gross negligence which is not just a “big fucking deal” as Joey might say, but is also a federal crime that has serious penalties.

He may be a stooge cutout who, after stealing the 2020 election, was placed in the Oval Office by a group of horrid, psycho Marxist-Globalists but old Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants, illegitimate as he may be still holds (along with a leaking colostomy bag) the title of Commander-in-Chief. I’m no legal eagle and correct me if I’m wrong, but it means, he’d be subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, along with run of the mill federal charges of high treason. 

Would be. Right now, probably one of the biggest wagons that ever circled around a Democrat-Globalist is forming. The media, politicians and the Deep State itself. As I stated above, even if the was merely(!!!) a case of negligence, it’s still an incredibly serious crime. And with that preamble, I invite you to take a trip into the Wayback Machine where we set the dial to July 5th, 2016. Hillary Clinton – you all remember her, right? – was caught with her Playtex 18-year muumuu down after it was learned she kept a number of server farms in her Chappaqua residence that contained thousands of e-mails. 30,000 to be precise. Her defense was that they were nothing more than photos of the grand kids and Chelsea’s wedding pictures, but in fact they were yet another treasure trove of sensitive government communications from her time as Secretary of State. Again, prima facie gross negligence at a minimum, and knowing her involvement with Wen Ho Lee, Loral Space and Uranium One, probably a hell of a lot more than that. 

And after an exhaustive (pfft) investigation, what did then FBI director James Comey have to say?

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. . . 

. . . With respect to potential computer intrusion by hostile actors, we did not find direct evidence that Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail domain, in its various configurations since 2009, was successfully hacked. But, given the nature of the system and of the actors potentially involved, we assess that we would be unlikely to see such direct evidence. We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial e-mail accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account. We also assess that Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail domain was both known by a large number of people and readily apparent. She also used her personal e-mail extensively while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related e-mails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.

So that’s what we found. Finally, with respect to our recommendation to the Department of Justice:

In our system, the prosecutors make the decisions about whether charges are appropriate based on evidence the FBI has helped collect. Although we don’t normally make public our recommendations to the prosecutors, we frequently make recommendations and engage in productive conversations with prosecutors about what resolution may be appropriate, given the evidence. In this case, given the importance of the matter, I think unusual transparency is in order.

Although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. Prosecutors necessarily weigh a number of factors before bringing charges. There are obvious considerations, like the strength of the evidence, especially regarding intent. Responsible decisions also consider the context of a person’s actions, and how similar situations have been handled in the past.

You get that? Comey, the guy in charge of potentially prosecuting Clinton, comes out as her defense lawyer and states she didn’t intend to violate the law, despite the fact that she did violate it vis a vis provable criminal negligence. Yet no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges? Uh huh. That was right in the homestretch of the 2016 presidential campaign. When then-candidate Trump offhandedly joked “Maybe we should ask the Russians if they can find Hillary’s e-mails!” that was used as evidence that Donald Trump was a Russian asset working for Vladimir Putin. A joke. A zinger. A one-liner. An open and shut case that the FBI/DOJ had that in a just world would have sent Hillary to federal prison instead was the impetus and toe in the door for the FBI, Hillary Clinton and the entire Democrat Deep State machine to manufacture out of whole cloth evidence to be used to sabotage the campaign and ultimately the presidency of Donald Trump. 

So, here we are, six and a half years later, with history not just repeating itself but sounding like a Greek chorus of Milton Berle and Amy Schumer lifting entire chapters, let alone lines from this playbook.

And with that, Take my “no reasonable prosecutor.” Please!

Special Counsel Robert Hur, appointed Thursday by Attorney General Merrick Garland to probe President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified information, was among those at the Justice Department who had knowledge about the Russia hoax perpetrated on former President Donald Trump.

According to a Justice Department document, Hur is a former DOJ official “who handled, participated in, or have personal knowledge of the FBI’s relationship and communications with” Christopher Steele, who authored the infamous dossier that paved the way for the Russia hoax.

Hur began his career by clerking for the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist after graduating from Harvard and Stanford. Hur was then hired as the principal associate deputy attorney general, “serving as the top aide to Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general under President Donald Trump. Before that, he had also been special assistant to Christopher A. Wray, who was leading the Justice Department’s criminal division at the time and went on to become the FBI director,” according to the Washington Post.

Rosenstein announced Hur’s appointment in a press release, praising him as having “experience and judgment [that] will advance our efforts to deter crime, promote the rule of law, and ensure equal justice for everyone.”

Ah yes, Rod Rosenstein, Rosen-Penis, Rosen-Rosen (Fletch reference). One of the stooges in the initial Robert Mueller shampeachment investigation that took two years, proved nothing but engendered even more witch hunts and show trials that kept the slime-light on President Trump to “swamp” (pun intended) his presidency, agenda and ultimately when that failed, engendered a coup that stole the 2020 election and took him, and us, down.

Rosenstein was effusive in his praise for his fellow swamp creature and enthused, “He was our point person in managing the [Mueller] special counsel investigation, so he worked very closely with the Mueller team and understands what they faced.”

By “understands what they faced,” do you mean “give me the man and I will find the crime”? . . .

. . . Hur may be “extraordinarily hard-working and effective,” but will he go where the verified evidence leads him or will he preside over another Washington special counsel con job supporting the home team?

We’re told he’s a Republican and worked in the Supreme Court under former chief justice William Rehnquist, but that obviously hasn’t mattered in his treatment of evidence and facts along with his disreputable cronies in the swamp. James Comey and Bob Mueller were supposedly Republican leaning too, so please spare us that nonsensical talking point.

Unless …  there is a smoking gun memo written by our hero Hur in protest of America’s version of a Soviet show trial during the Mueller cover-up op for Democrat Party criminality? Where’s that memo?

Does Garland want a dumb guy like this to oversee what could likely become another corrupt investigation that will do everything it can to prevent harm to The Big Guy?  I’d count on it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t some sort of independent counsel be formed, and not one selected by Garland? That is if you can even find anyone who truly has even a modicum of independence in a town that is completely corrupt.

Whether or not these revelations are an attempt to derail Biden running in 2024, there is no way in hell he, his son, or anyone linked to his 50-plus years of selling out America (a Tony Bobulinski fall guy notwithstanding) will ever face any serious consequences. I suspect Jill Biden’s recent removal of a cancerous tumor might lead to them finding terminal cancer and then Biden ankling “to spend more time with his family.” That’s one possibility.

Biden will keep all his lucre. But since he knows who else in DC is involved with him or by themselves in the grifting and grafting – and since his cognitive function is rapidly approaching twice that of Karen Ann Quinlan on a good day – a loose cannon and mouth like his is a huge liability.

Yet even if Biden goes off on a tangent and exposes everyone from Obama to Clinton to Bush to whoever as the treasonous traitors that they are or might be, what real consequences will there be? America still remains overthrown and our real overlords and masters reside in the agencies and departments of the bureaucracy.

That there is the crux of the biscuit.

See you mañana for the hobby thread. Have good weekend.


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