The Morning Rant

Stop laughing!

No..seriously, as much as we would all enjoy the diminution of China as a manufacturing powerhouse (based on that disappearing source of cheap labor), the more unpleasant is the concomitant lashing out of the communist party as they see their global domination slip away as a consequence of their own insane policy of one-child families.

China’s population declines for first time in over six decades, raising concern about world economy

The country’s birth rate was 6.77 per thousand, below the death rate of 7.37 per thousand. For comparison, in the United States in 2020 the birth rate was 10.7 per thousand and the death rate was 10 per thousand, according to data from the World Bank.

China, the world’s second-largest economy, has an aging population and has been struggling with low birth rates for several years now. The last time the population fell was in 1961, during Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward, according to CNN. 

By the way, does anyone believe that Chinese death rate figure? I sure don’t.
The upshot of this is that the number of people in the working population (20-64) compared to the number of people in the retired (65 and older) population is going to fall precipitously. In the next 30 years that ratio will fall from more than five to just 2.1 workers per retiree.

This goes a long way toward explaining China’s aggressiveness in expanding pretty much everywhere. They need a base of younger workers to support their rapidly aging population, and they have chosen to expand outside their borders instead of the even more insane plan by our elites to invite those workers into our country. But China’s demographic crisis is worse than ours, and on par with Europe’s, which is beyond the point of no return.

But how are they going to support their aging population within their borders? They need people to staff hospitals and garbage trucks and farms and power plants and all of the necessities of life, but they simply will not have the people. They will have to import labor, or as the CCP calls them: slaves.

The importation of foreign labor is not a new thing…just look at some of the richer Arab world, Europe, and of course the United States. But the amount of labor inputs needed to support an aged Chinese population will dwarf even the numbers pouring across our southern border.

How will China deal with tens of millions of foreigners in their midst? They are famously xenophobic, and openly contemptuous of foreigners, even highly educated professionals. The idea of a sea of uneducated laborers flooding the cities of China makes for an interesting time…