The Morning Rant

Ah yes…the breathtaking hypocrisy of the American anti-gun politician…pontificating about the evil of our natural and God-given rights to self defense and protection against tyranny while he exercises them, courtesy of the taxpayers. In a much-quoted statement he said that the 2nd Amendment was “becoming a suicide pact,” whatever that means. Yet he enjoys round-the-clock protection with armed men, a privilege that most Californians do not have.

And the NRA correctly pointed out the offensive double standard, and this soy-eating, pencil-necked sleaze had the gall to call the National Rifle Association a trash organization (It is, but not for the reasons he thinks).

California Gov. Newsom lashes out at ‘trash organization’ NRA after Second Amendment ‘hypocrisy’ accusation

“Gov. Newsom made that statement while flanked by at least four armed guards,” Amy Hunter, the NRA’s director for media relations, told Fox News Digital on Tuesday. “That is the definition of hypocrisy.”

In a Wednesday tweet, Newsom responded, saying: “People were just gunned down at a dance club and their workplace — and THIS is your response,” he said, referring to the Monterey Park shooting and another in Half Moon Bay on Monday where seven people were killed at their workplace. “I look forward to the day your trash organization is obsolete.”

The NRA responded via Twitter, saying it was pointing out a double standard.

“Respectfully, trash politicians usually squeal when their double standards are called out,” the group posted online. “You surround yourself with armed security while denying good Californians their fundamental right to defend themselves and their families.”

The NRA is exactly on point, and their tweet was almost perfect. Remove the “respectfully,” and it would have been great. Unfortunately they didn’t delve into the nonsense he spouted before and after his ignorant and anti-freedom blathering. He claimed that the country is number one in gun deaths. Well, that’s a lie. We are about 10th. And that only because our suicide-by-gun rate is quite high. Our homicide rate is far lower…we are about 60th in the world. Is the current left-wing message that gun homicide is worse than knife or bat or car homicide? In Gavin Newsom’s authoritarian world, guns are the ultimate evil when wielded by The People, because they make us equal, and he can’t have that!

It is obvious that he is trying to position himself for a presidential run in 2024, and while he will get the liberal, anti-gun, pro-government vote, his smarmy and superior tone, and his obvious contempt for much of America might not play as well outside of California and a few other leftist areas. Besides, the guy has an absurdly long neck, and his handlers clearly hired a TV stylist who told him that his mouth is creepily small, and he must smile and stretch his lips out as much as possible so he doesn’t look like a guppy.

By the way, the United States has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world when calculated by guns/person. I did some rough calculations, and our homicide rate/gun is ridiculously low. That doesn’t mean much, but it is interesting.