The Morning Report 2/15/23

Good morning kids. I’ve had enough already with the Chi-Com balloon-acy, and the toxic disaster Ohio train derailment; although before I leave that subject, in response to the troll or trolls who evidently share one particular name, and think what happened in Ohio would not have happened if the railroads were only regulated, well, at least half a dozen or more federal agencies regulate the living shit out of the railroads – off the top of my head, there’s the DOT, ICC, FRA and the NTSB, as well as OSHA, Dept. of Labor and the EPA. This accident happened in spite of the presence of the aforementioned. Whatever problems that might have existed with the rolling stock, the track, the loading of the chemicals at the plant, the competence of the train crew and freight handlers at the time notwithstanding, how would the addition of one more bureaucrat in any of the departments and agencies that deal with this have made any difference at all to what happened? Spoiler Alert: Fuck-all. See also: Gun control as the cure for shootings, mass or otherwise. 

Troll also lambasted the greedy railroad corporations for caring more about profits over people. Troll seems to forget that his hero, President Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants imposed a settlement on the railroad unions to prevent a massive strike a month or so ago. It should also be noted that the “greedy corporations” are controlled mostly by noted “reich-wing conservatives” like Warren Buffet and Larry Fink, among a handful of others that are now hell bent on implementing such evil free market principles as DEI and ESG. 

Now onto something completely different, yet getting lost in the stratosphere with a Swalwell-flatus-filled Hindenburg. It’s the ongoing persecution of innocent civilians for their beliefs and the road to hell we find ourselves on should this situation not reverse itself. And all signs indicate that it will not.

We celebrate the acquittal of pro-life activist Mark Houck of the phony federal charges in Philadelphia on Monday, January 30.  We celebrate the savvy and grit of the Thomas More Society for standing in the legal breach to give Mark back to his wife and seven young children.

But let’s be clear: the acquittal was less about justice being served and more about averting further injustice.  The sword of government appears to have turned away from protecting peaceful citizens to attacking them.  The very existence of a trial was a display of injustice, as the Department of Justice under the leadership of Attorney General Merrick Garland and the prosecution of Sanjay Patel abused taxpayer resources, targeting peaceful pro-lifers on trumped up FACE Act violations.

The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances is a federal law designed, and almost exclusively used, to cool public pro-life speech around abortion facilities.  The FACE Act, on its face, is unconstitutional, robbing states of their Tenth Amendment rights to self-govern while unfairly targeting pro-life people.  The vast majority of the nearly 230 attacks on pro-life entities in 2022, many of which qualified as FACE Act violations, have gone unanswered by law enforcement.  Compare that to the 26 people, all peaceful pro-lifers, indicted for being publicly, peacefully pro-life.  But what does the DOJ do when real violence and conspiracy to deprive rights occur against pro-life people?  And what should be done to get America’s justice system back on track?

Over eight months have elapsed since the arson attack of CompassCare’s pro-life medical office as part of an organized nationwide terrorist campaign to shut down all public pro-life activity.  And only two indictments of Antifa-connected graffiti artists…but only after significant pressure on the DOJ and FBI from the media and Congress, accusing the DOJ of abdicating its duty to investigate the domestic terror and the abhorrent FBI SWAT raids of the homes of pro-life people.  The FBI attacks were joined by pro-abortion politicians’ seditious rhetoric fomenting more violence and backed by Big Tech censorship, all with the express goal of shutting down, if not criminalizing public pro-life activity.

Justice will not be served for Houck or the American people until integrity is restored to the DOJ and FBI.

With all due respect to the author, one cannot restore something that likely never existed or if it did, at the margins. Recall that Mark Houck was literally dragged out of his home at gunpoint, in front of his young family, as if he were some sort of dangerous criminal or terrorist. Or, dare I say it, like Jews in hiding caught by the Gestapo. I will assume that the Thomas More Society worked pro bono, but while this is a victory in one sense, it is a massive defeat for the rule of law and for liberty. So, the DOJ lost the case but always remember, to them the process is the punishment. How many people are going to think twice about protesting after what happened to Houck? Not everyone will get pro bono lawyers, especially as bar associations become taken over by Marxists who will go after anyone who dares defend anyone who goes against Democrat-Leftist dogma and policy. Ditto that for doctors vis a vis the clot-shot and transgender mutilation of children. 

And even defending your own life:

A 73-year-old Arizona cattle rancher, George Alan Kelly, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing an illegal immigrant from Mexico who trespassed on the rancher’s private property. The alleged killing took place on January 30th. Mr. Kelly is in jail, unable to make the bail that was set at an outrageous $1 million. And so began Mr. Kelly’s experience with Kafkaesque injustice. Rather than receive government protection against repeated instances of trespassing and harassment by illegal immigrants, Mr. Kelly has been charged with murder and jailed for standing his ground on his own property. . . 

. . . The charge of first-degree murder against Mr. Kelly is a gross abuse of power. He should be freed immediately and the murder charge should be withdrawn. First-degree murder involves taking another person’s life intentionally and with premeditation. The only premeditation here was Cuen-Butimea’s commission of the crime of knowingly entering the United States illegally and then unlawfully trespassing on Mr. Kelly’s private property. Mr. Kelly is being persecuted for defending himself, his wife, and his private property with the amount of force he deemed reasonably necessary under the circumstances.

Mr. Kelly claimed that he was at his own ranch earlier in the day on January 30th, according to his attorney, when he “saw a group of men moving through the trees around his home” who were “armed with AK-47 rifles, dressed in khakis and camouflaged clothing, and carrying large backpacks.”

Mr. Kelly, his attorney stated, saw an AK-47 pointed right at him and reacted by firing warning shots from his rifle “hoping to scare them away from him, his wife, his animals, and his home. As he shot, Mr. Kelly took care to aim well over the heads of the armed group of men.”  Mr. Kelly denied firing directly at anybody. . . 

. . . Yet law enforcement officers in Arizona, a stand your ground state, rushed to judgment with a first-degree murder rap against Mr. Kelly. And they imposed a grossly excessive bail on an elderly man who posed no flight risk. While Mr. Kelly has languished in jail, his wife has been home by herself facing possible further intrusions and being deprived of the care she needs from her husband.

To make matters even worse, GoFundMe removed fundraising campaigns from its website that had been set up to help Mr. Kelly collect enough money to satisfy the bail requirement.

GoFundMe tried to defend its action by citing its “long-standing policy” that “any fundraising campaigns for the legal defense of someone charged with murder are removed from our platform.” Evidently, the long-standing tenet of American law that one is innocent until proven guilty has eluded GoFundMe’s leaders despite its founder’s claim to the contrary. . . 

. . . Mr. Kelly and his wife have been victimized repeatedly by illegal immigrants who have taken advantage of President Biden’s open border policies and intruded on the Kelly property. Border agents are kept busy processing the huge numbers of illegal immigrants claiming asylum for release rather than protecting the border. And then there are the many thousands of illegal immigrants who manage to elude border agents altogether. State and local law enforcement agencies have too often left ranchers like Mr. Kelly to fend for themselves because the police do not have the resources to handle the surge of illegal immigrants – some armed – who regularly trespass on private property and commit other crimes.

Sadly, now Mr. Kelly is being victimized once again. Only this time Mr. Kelly is being persecuted by law enforcement officers who have turned on him after having failed to protect the Kelly family and ranch in the first place.

Who needs gun control laws when, even in a state like Arizona (although its reputation as conservative/normal is now seriously in doubt considering recent elections), if you use a gun legally to defend yourself, you become the criminal? Talk about the dead fish wrapped in a flak jacket. Message received loud and clear to all legal gun owners. Although, it does tend to potentially send another kind of message.

The Constitution is our pact of civilized behavior.  From it we’ve derived a system of institutionalized justice, which we call our criminal justice system.  It’s intended to include checks and balances to protect defendants from biases and ensure fair adjudication of their charges.  Those safeguards include the following:

– a presumption of innocence
– a right to due process
– a right to legal defense
– a right to a trial by one’s peers
– a right to trial before an impartial judge

Given our presumption of innocence, absolute justice can’t be guaranteed because conviction depends on the presence of evidence.  Instead, we have agreed to accept equal treatment under the law.  We agree to abide by the law in exchange for a system that treats us equally and is administered by officials who swear an oath to defend our constitutional protections.

Then Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and Merrick Garland came along as the country’s top law enforcement officials and flushed it all.  Under them, the application of justice has become decidedly unequal.  Perfection was never possible, but now the claim of equal treatment has become laughable.  The foundation of our legal system is being eaten away by government termites — whose lust for power far exceeds their wisdom to wield it. . . 

. . . When the core principles of our criminal justice system are no longer honored, the citizens of a self-governed country will judge the pact of civilized behavior to be breached.  When they no longer believe that they’ll be treated according to those principles, they’ll decide that the pact no longer applies to them, either.

What comes next?  Will citizens embrace a system in which guilt or innocence is a function of their beliefs instead of their actions?  Or will Americans avoid the system entirely?  How much interaction will Americans seek with a system they no longer trust?  Will they report crimes to a justice system that could attack them at any time — regardless of whether they have broken any laws?  Will they voluntarily provide testimony or evidence?  Or will they avoid all contact with law enforcement officials? . . .

. . . I’m not advocating vigilante justice.  I’m predicting that it’s a natural consequence of human nature if our current leadership destroys the last vestiges of the “equal justice under the law” that we were promised.  When the system no longer protects citizens, they will find ways to protect themselves.  Does the rapid increase in gun ownership indicate that citizens are preparing for this eventuality?  Americans bought 20 million firearms last year — the second highest year in history.  That can’t be taken as an endorsement of our criminal justice system.

Leftists seem determined to corrupt our criminal justice system — changing it into their political enforcement service.  Once the system’s credibility is shattered (and 53 precent think it already is), will the victim of a crime report it to the police — or take matters into his own hands?  If he chooses to exact vigilante justice, will his neighbors report him, or help him — recognizing that they may need similar “help” in the future?

As Merrick Garland–, Christopher Wray–, and George Soros–sponsored prosecutors continue to dismantle our criminal justice system, they should keep our past in mind.  When legal criminal justice fails, vigilante justice may replace it.

That waste of paper and pixels called Rolling Stone had this to say about something allegedly said by Donald Trump:

Specifically, Trump has talked about bringing back death by firing squad, by hanging, and, according to two of the sources, possibly even by guillotine. He has also, sources say, discussed group executions. Trump has floated these ideas while discussing planned campaign rhetoric and policy desires, as well as his disdain for [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden’s approach to crime.

In at least one instance late last year, according to the third source, who has direct knowledge of the matter, Trump privately mused about the possibility of creating a flashy, government-backed video-ad campaign that would accompany a federal revival of these execution methods. In Trump’s vision, these videos would include footage from these new executions, if not from the exact moments of death.

As an aside, pro tip to Matt Taibbi: get the hell away from that shit-house. Of course Trump denied it. But, all things considered, maybe he should’ve doubled down or at least did a George Patton; “No, I never said that. But I wish I had!”














  • “Defenders of the current system are sure to invoke [Chinese] COVID as the big reason for the low scores,” Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner, authors of the report, stated. “But a look at the 2019 numbers show that the reading and math numbers were only slightly better than they are now.” Not a Single Student is Proficient in Reading or Math at 55 Chicago Schools: REPORT
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