The Morning Rant

Ah yes…The Ministry of Truth! Rumor has it that one of the censors is named Winston Smith, and some fellow named O’Brien has been skulking about.

This is nothing more than 1984 with modern technology! But instead of merely rewriting the historical record to conform to their current orthodoxy (pro-immigrant, pro-vaccine, pro-Ukraine, pro-big-government, pro-LGBT, anti-everything traditional, etc), they manipulate access to that record and push one side of the data at the expense of the other side.

Google Expanding ‘Prebunking’ Campaign to Germany

Prebunking is a “scientifically researched communication technique that helps users to recognize and reject future attempts to manipulate them with false information. This helps to increase society’s resilience to disinformation and related narratives and manipulation techniques,” according to an article posted by Google on Feb. 13.

Oh good! It’s scientific, so there is nothing to worry about. The terrifying thing is that they are refining “disinformation” and manipulation to high art. But it serves their political and social masters, so they camouflage it with objective-sounding terms and hide behind SCIENCETM

“Everybody needs to understand the game. We can’t directly target our own citizens tearing down threadbare official statecraft narratives. So destroying our own citizens sharing skepticism, doubt and information becomes ‘Prebunking non-state malinformation,’” Eric Weinstein, managing director of Thiel Capital, wrote in a Feb. 10 tweet.

“Pre-bunking=Preemptive reputational destruction. Non-state=Individuals and Organizations including citizens and non-profits. Malinformation=True things that contradict and cast doubt on gated official narratives.”

Yup…that is exactly what this is. Protecting the official narrative at the expense of any intellectual debate, intelligent dissent, access to competing data and theories, and a savage manipulation of the tone of the information flow: a priori assumptions that immigrants are an unalloyed good thing for all societies, that the vaccine is safe and effective, that government is the cure for all things, that communitarianism is the future of the world, and all the other evil promulgated by the progressive movement over the last 100+ years.

According to Google, prebunking videos in Eastern Europe targeted “misleading anti-immigrant narratives” and were viewed more than 38 million times. The campaigns were run on major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

After watching one of these videos, the proportion of viewers who “correctly identified” so-called disinformation tactics as explained via the videos rose by 8 percentage points.

In Germany, Google intends to use prebunking against manipulation techniques and narratives that are “widespread in this country.” That includes “conscious decontextualization,” such as taking photos or videos out of context to create “false narratives.”

Nothing to see here…the official narrative is the only one we need to accept. Do not think for ourselves, and certainly don’t question authority! (remember that one?)

In an interview for EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program in January, Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies revealed that the company was curating data it was feeding artificial intelligence to create an AI that adheres to certain narratives such as social justice and leftist values.

“If you want to create an AI that’s got social justice values … you’re going to only feed it information that confirms that bias. So by biasing the information, you can bias the AI,” Vorhies said.

This is pure, unadulterated evil in service to malign powers in our world that will have us feeding at a communal trough, sleeping in shifts in communal beds, trudging to our dreary government jobs, and living lives that are devoid of the freedoms that are God-given and inextricably linked to our humanity.

And this is being spearheaded by the very corporations that are the favorites of so many in Conservative Inc. and GOPe Republicans.

Reject them…reject the entire concept of the primacy of the corporation, because they are the tools of oppression. And if you doubt that, just take a look at the government-business structure of Nazi Germany for the template that is being used today. But it’s even worse now, because the rise of the NGO has made funding their insanity completely opaque. This vile triumvirate of politicians, business leaders and NGOs conspires to impose their collectivist vision on the world, at the expense of 2,500 years of development of Western culture and the primacy of the individual.

But what can we do?

Something is better than nothing. Denying Google your money is a good start! Maybe not all of it…that is immensely difficult…but every time we reject Google we push back a little bit against this insanity.

Will something else emerge if Google dies? of course, but we all know that the fight is forever!