The Morning Rant


Cancel CultureTM is nowhere more evident than on our enlightened (hah!) university campuses, where any hint of deviation from the ever-changing orthodoxy mobilizes a mob…of administrators, shrieking blue-haired and pierced protestors, Antifa or BLM thugs, or virtue-signalling professors.

And that orthodoxy is increasingly insane…free and on-demand transgender mutilation surgery; firing professors who dare to teach anything other than the Marxist cant; destruction of statues of our founders and other great men in our history; and the most profound change of all…renaming all institutions and buildings whose monikers honor anyone who does not comport with the current BLM/Hamas/Transgender world-view.

Would anyone be surprised if George Washington University were renamed Patrice Lumumba University, or Columbia University were renamed Arafat University? Sure, those are exaggerations (I hope), but the savage and unrelenting destruction of our history is the ultimate goal, and the hard-left, using their useful idiots in the Academy, will stop at nothing.

But look! Some pushback…and the best kind. For civilized people, withholding donations is the most direct way to get the attention of university presidents, and this one is a doozy!

Virginia Donors Demand $3.6 Billion From University for Removing Ancestor’s Name

The University of Richmond has removed the name of donor T.C. Williams from its law school, citing student complaints that he allegedly owned slaves more than 175 years ago.

The Williams family now wants the Virginia university to give back donations they’ve made throughout the years, with interest, in the amount of $3.6 billion.

Robert Smith, who graduated from the law school that formerly bore his great-great-grandfather’s name, told The Epoch Times that if the family name is no longer good enough for the university, neither are family’s financial contributions.

I’m not an attorney, and I didn’t even stay in a Holiday Inn last night, so I have no idea whether this case has any merit. But I think it is pretty clear that The University of Richmond isn’t going to get any more money from the Williams family in the future, and that sounds like a pretty big deal indeed.

Here is Robert Smith, the great-great-grandson of T.C. Williams, in his letter to the university president:

“One of the most basic tenets of our Judeo-Christian heritage is gratitude, a concept that is apparently unknown to you and the Board of the University of Richmond,” he wrote in his January missive to university officials.

People should be able to have civil conversations about the history of the United States, and that includes discussions on slavery, he said. But the perspective of that era has been ignored, he added.

Smith said his family has given extensively to causes in Richmond and the university for almost 200 years. The good his family has done is ignored by those who want to “virtue signal,” he said.

Bingo! And while it probably won’t do any good — the university is more terrified of marauding bands of students than they are of financial difficulties — it is a wonderful response to a ridiculous desire to rewrite our history.