The Weaponization Of The Law By The Left

It used to be called “free speech.” Now it is political crime. Protesting outside of an abortion abattoir seems to be the epitome of free expression…possibly saving the unborn from Abortion Inc.’s clutches is a political and social position that is easily defensible on moral, religious, ethical and legal grounds.

And yet Congress passed a law to restrict exactly that, and in direct opposition to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

Pro-Lifers Indicted for 2020 Blocking of Doors at Michigan Abortion Facility

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is reaching back almost three years to charge eight pro-life activists who, by sitting and praying, blocked the door of an abortion facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Calvin Zastrow, Chester Gallagher, Heather Idoni, Caroline Davis, Joel Curry, Justin Phillips, Eva Edl, and Eva Zastrow each face up to 11 years in federal prison, if convicted. Many have already been charged for similar incidents.

Peaceful protest. Passive resistance. These are accepted methods of expressing political disagreement, and they have a hallowed place in American politics and culture. Prohibition (as misguided as it was), Women’s Suffrage, Full Civil Rights for blacks, all were pressed forward with non-violent resistance to the status quo.

But the Left’s sacrament of baby-murder must be defended at all costs, even if that cost is the continued destruction of the rule of law and our founding documents.

One of those arrested is Eva Edl, an 87-year old woman who has experienced first-hand the brutality of the left, first under the Nazis and then the Soviets. She is a ferocious defender of life, and obviously must be silenced!

A cursory reading of our history will reveal far more intrusive protests that were seen as acceptable. In fact, violent protest in America has become the first play in the left’s playbook, with no legal consequences in the vast majority of cases. Yet a peaceful protest three years ago has attracted the attention of the Department of Justice and its political commissars, headed by Merrick Garland…the worst Attorney General in our history.

This is classic fascism…Nazi Germany used the law to further their genocidal aims, and the Soviet Union honed it to high (or low) art. The infamous “Article 58” of the Soviet penal code was a catch-all to be used against anyone who challenged the authority of the state.

Well…we have the same thing! U.S. Code 241: “Conspiracy Against Rights,” and U.S. Code 248(a)(1),2 “Clinic Access Obstruction.”

These are catch-all laws designed to chill the expression of ideas that are antithetical to progressive goals and in opposition to the power of the state. That they are used most aggressively to defend the murder of the unborn is repulsive.

In a country ruled fairly by the law, “Conspiracy Against Rights” would be used to prevent the destruction of heterodox thought in our nation’s public universities, and in fact against the deplatforming of those to the right of the progressive power base in all organizations that accept federal or state funds.

But we don’t live in that country.

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  1. Missed my chance to comment on this when it was posted in AoS last Sunday.

    Reminds me of Billy Jack’s line, “When the police break the law, there is is no law, just a fight for survival.”

    Great essay.

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