The Morning Report 2/24/23

Good morning, kids. A couple of links jumped out at me this morning. First, Pfizer has publicly come out with an unequivocal denial that they are engaging in gain-of-function research. The reason for this is because of the exposé of one of their top stooges being caught on camera boasting about it. IIRC, he was claiming that Pfizer created the disease so they can create the cure. Ain’t fascistic-cronyism grand? Of course, the hidden camera they were caught on belonged to the investigative reporters of Project Veritas, who mere days ago succeeded in purging its founder, CEO and driving force James O’Keefe. Got to be a coincidence, right?

I do not personally know, nor have I ever met James O’Keefe, so I cannot vouch for his character or his personal conduct. What I do know is that over the course of at least a decade, he and his field staff have done the work that bullshit clown shows like 60 Minutes were supposed to do, or were pimped as doing for over 50 years. They’ve exposed the corruption of this government and its allies in everything from the Chinese COVID insanity to the brainwashing mills of academia to election fraud and so much more.

Given the times we live in, and who and what we are up against, even if the allegations against O’Keefe by these allegedly disgruntled employees are true (and from what I have read, they flatline on the scandal-ometer compared to Epstein-, Clinton- and Biden-level crime, treason and pederasty), I could care fuck-all. So, to leftists and the anal-bead clutching RINOs, when it comes to O’Keefe, FYNQ.

Now, back to the toxic disaster at East Palestine, OH where Donald Trump came, saw, listened, reacted and comforted the shocked, angry and terrified residents. For a moment, you almost forget that he isn’t the president. Which is funny because Malveaux-munching Karine Jean-Pierre had the same sort of reaction in praise of . . . who?

“Today, as you all saw just an hour or so ago, President Obama announced that… I’m sorry, President Biden,” she said.

KJP, known as she is by her three initials in the vein of other feminist icons before her such as RBG, is infamously ditzy and often struggles to read her notecards. So it could be that she just had the kind of airy moment that she has hundreds of times at every press briefing and got it wrong.

Or it could reflect what everyone who pays attention knows, whether they admit it consciously or (in the case of the liberal class) not: President Brandon is not in charge of anything, not even his own schedule. Something or someone is and, absent satisfying answers, the public is left to speculate if it might not be Mr. Barry himself, back for round three.

I blame it on a steady diet of “bad veal.” Meanwhile, the gibbering rotten vegetable posing as president has still yet to tumble down the jetway of Air Farce Won and shamble around, yelling alternately at the sky and at random citizens, while sniffing out little girls in the crowd to fondle. That leaves the dirty job of dealing with the knuckle-dragging Bible-thumping untermenschen in Flyover Country to Mayor Peter Puffer, who is about as qualified to manage the nation’s transportation system as an amoeba is to running a nuclear reactor. But as he claims, as mayor of South Bend, IN, “I was Mayor of my Hometown for Eight Years. We Dealt With a Lot of Disasters, Natural and Human.” More like they dealt with one eight-year-long disaster – his term in office – that turned South Bend into Gary.

Of course, with Trump hogging the spotlight, everyone is blaming him for supposedly nixing safety regulations that would have prevented the train wreck. Sorry, Kurt. Try again.

It is true that the Trump administration scrapped electronic braking regulations for trains carrying large amounts of hazardous liquids. But National Transportation Safety Board chairwoman Jennifer Homendy, who was appointed by Biden and unanimously confirmed by the Senate, said the rule wouldn’t have applied to the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in East Palestine on Feb. 3.

“PLEASE STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION,” Homendy pleaded in a Feb. 16 tweet thread.

“Some are saying the ECP (electronically controlled pneumatic) brake rule, if implemented, would’ve prevented this derailment. FALSE—here’s why,” Homendy wrote. “The ECP braking rule would’ve applied ONLY to HIGH HAZARD FLAMMABLE TRAINS. The train that derailed in East Palestine was a MIXED FREIGHT TRAIN containing only 3 placarded Class 3 flammable liquids cars.”

That is Biden’s own NTSB chief debunking the claim. Of course, the next target on the list is Norfolk Southern, which is the cutout for corporate greed and evil capitalism. While it is certainly true that the railroad would bear responsibility if it can be absolutely proven that it was guilty of negligence and malfeasance by cutting costs, if I am not mistaken, these bloodsucking enemies of the people and the workers are mostly owned by Larry Fink of Blackrock. (CBD notes: “Blackrock owns about 4.5% of Norfolk Southern. Vanguard owns the biggest chunk…about 8%.” Even still, Wall Street is like 90% Democrat these days) And barely a month ago, it was Biden who forced the railroad unions to accept a contract not to their liking, which of course favored the greedy railroads. But why quibble?

On a completely clinical level, the spilling of vinyl chloride, perhaps dioxin and the intentional setting them on fire is an abject catastrophe and seemingly a prime example of the perfect storm of malfeasance and incompetence on every level. In terms of health and the environment, it looks to be a Chernobyl wrapped inside a Love Canal of an Exxon Valdez. Or is it really?

The East Palestine derailment was no disaster. Disasters require multiple bodies, or extensive/expensive property damage, or long-term environmental harm, preferably all three. East Palestine includes none of those elements. The one thing East Palestine had that allows people to label it a disaster is ugly visuals. I get it. Everyday, non-technical people who don’t understand dispersion, or exposure, or risk see that big black cloud and think “that’s what disasters look like!” . . .

. . . There are facts about East Palestine that are true, but don’t actually matter. Toxic materials were present and some had been released into the environment. True, but immaterial. Burning off the contents of a tanker containing vinyl chloride released potentially toxic chemicals into the air. Also true, but also immaterial. Some potentially toxic chemicals could possibly seep into the water table, significantly affecting the quality of well-water that is used by some nearby residents. True again, but ultimately of no concern.

How can I make such claims? What makes me right and the vast majority of politicians and journalists wrong? The flip answer is this: I’m a chemist. They’re not. I’ve got 38 years experience dealing with atmospheric chemistry, dispersion modeling and risk evaluation. They don’t. Releasing potentially toxic chemicals into the environment does not necessarily mean that the environment will suffer, either in the long term or the short term. Generating potentially toxic pollutants and releasing them into the air does not necessarily put anybody in the public at risk. The toxicity of the chemical doesn’t matter. The amount of the chemical released doesn’t matter. The only things that ultimately matter are the following:

1 – What is the maximum dose of a chemical to which a person can be exposed and how does that dose compare to established (and quite conservative) public health guidelines?

2 – Can the chemical release cause actual, long-term damage to eco-systems or to natural resources that we depend on? . . .

. . . Democrats who chant “follow the science” rarely do, especially when environmental issues are in play. How about we on the right use East Palestine as an opportunity to show them what following the science actually looks like, instead of playing their silly games?

I am neither a chemist nor a doctor. I present this opinion in the interest of debate. The author goes into detail about the nature of the spill and subsequent burns. One observation: over the last few days, Erin Brockovich has been all over junta house organs like MSLSD. When I see that, it kind of reminds me of the individuals who are screaming loudest in support of starting World War 3 over Ukraine. 

Psaki-psircling back to the political aspects of this, whatever you think about Trump vis a vis his candidacy in 2024, God bless him for showing up. For showing that he gives a damn. I don’t necessarily expect Ron DeSantis to go there as he is neither an official candidate nor can he leave his duties as Florida governor. But where is Nikki Haley? Or now this Vivek Ramaswammy chap that some on our end are getting all hot and horny over?

Of greater import now is the fact that the unofficial yet blatant total disregard of the residents of East Palestine by the Junta and its followers is soon to become VERY official.

Notably absent from Buttigieg and Reagan’s response was any of the passion that they had brought to transportation and water issues that they could blame on systemic racism.

“We know that systemic racism, lack of interest in low-income communities, lack of political representation, have contributed to the disproportionate impact of black and brown in low-income communities being exposed to a lack of access to good quality drinking water,” Reagan had falsely claimed before.

The residents of East Palestine are 95% white and so their water must be safe to drink.

White privilege means poisoned water and air, but white people are immune to toxic chemicals.

Had East Palestine been 95% black, we know how the story would have played out. Experts would have been brought on the air to explain that hazardous materials are more likely to travel through black areas. Fake history, like that of Buttigieg’s lie about highways being used to keep black people from visiting New York City beaches, would have been trotted out to claim that this was a systemically racist policy bordering on genocide which had poisoned generations.

East Palestine might have benefited from such attention if its people had not been white.

Now extrapolate East Palestine to the rest of the country – and in every single aspect of your life.

In Joe Biden’s first official act as [pseudo-] president, he committed every federal agency to a “whole-of-government equity agenda.”

Equity, as Kamala Harris described it, is the principle that people ought to “all end up at the same place.” This is distinct from equality, which seeks the equal treatment of citizens before law.

Within two weeks of Joe Biden’s inauguration, equity had become the organizing principle of the federal government. And last week, Biden signed an executive order expanding the equity agenda items for several federal departments.

For the Biden [junta], equity serves two purposes. First, it compensates the descendants of historically marginalized groups. Second, it metes out retributive justice against the white majority.

These purposes were made clear less than two months after Biden signed his first executive order. In March 2021, Biden signed a [Chinese] Covid relief package containing $4 billion in loan forgiveness exclusively for “socially disadvantaged” (that is, non-white) farmers. In the words of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, the minority-only relief package was enacted to “acknowledge that acts of discrimination took place” within the Department of Agriculture. . . 

. . . When a group of white farmers excluded from the debt relief package sued the administration, Congress struck down and rewrote the provision to apply to all “distressed” farmers who had been “discriminated” against, regardless of their race. While this served the just purpose of reimbursing people with provable claims of discrimination, it failed to achieve the purpose of equity, which is to symbolically avenge past discrimination against minorities by actively discriminating against the majority in the present. As an NPR reporter put it: “If [the relief program is] expanded beyond race, many Black farmers fear the program won’t be effective in atoning for the USDA’s racist history”. . . 

. . . Progressives have argued for decades, but with particular vigor after the death of George Floyd, that legal colorblindness entrenches racial disparities. Where colorblindness is rooted in the principle of equality, equity is color-conscious , seeking not to avoid discrimination but rather to actively discriminate in favor of minority groups. As Ibram Kendi puts it, “The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination”. . . 

. . . It may have been downscale white farmers yesterday, but don’t be surprised if the “equity agenda” hits a little bit closer to home tomorrow.

Bingo. And remember, whatever the junta cannot do via legislation or even via SCOTUS-nixed executive order, they can do via bribery and/or coercion of the private sector to do the job for them. 

We are all East Palestinians now. But there’s no ululating nor passing out of candy.

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