The Morning Rant

The United Nations is a rabidly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, and anti-Western organization that is nonetheless supported by the United States and the western countries whose way of life is endangered by the very policies that the UN espouses and the West pays for.

Unfortunately for Israel, the UN is also a conduit for much of the traditional Jew-Hate of Europe, and a convenient place for Palestine IncTM to spout its rabid and genocidal beliefs. That the civilized world does not immediately reject it as vile and evil is a testament to how deeply embedded anti-Semitism is in the United Nations and the world.

Sadly, the Biden junta is far more comfortable with genteel European Jew-Hate than a robust support of Israel’s right to exist and defend the Jewish homeland.

The UN Security Council expressed “dismay” over the building of some additional housing in Israel. They failed to notice that Israelis are being murdered by fanatical palestinian terrorosts whose indoctrination into their psychotic blood cult is subsidized by UN and Euroipean payments to the various kleptocratic maniacs running the various palestinian pseudo-governments.

Israeli Ambassador Erdan shows photos of murdered Israeli kids at UNSC

“This meeting was once again initiated to condemn Israel. This time, for issuing building permits in already-existing communities. Building permits in our homeland spark international uproar, while dead Jewish children illicit nothing. This is an utter disgrace.”

At its core is the frustration on the part of Europe that Hitler didn’t finish the job, and left them with those pesky Jews who just won’t shut up and die. How dare Israel defend itself from the murderous desires and actions of its enemies!

The “Palestinian” cause is also an easy way for the non-aligned countries of the world to throw stones at the West by supporting every crack-pot attack on Israel in the United Nations. The number of resolutions condemning Israel dwarfs that of all other condemnations combined, but they keep plugging away, hoping that Israel will be further marginalized in the UN and perhaps that will bleed into the real world.

Fortunately for Israel it has expanded its diplomatic and economic reach throughout the world, at least partially countering the viciousness of the United Nations.

Sadly, America’s current acceptance of anti-Israel rhetoric and the precariousness of its support for Israel will push Israel into the arms of China, and to a lesser extent Russia and India. It is ironic that as Israel becomes more independent of foreign weapons and technology, rapidly becoming a real geopolitical ally, the Biden junta has pushed it away. It is a powerful example of just how beholden to its leftist, globalist handlers it is!