The Morning Report 2/23/23

Good morning kids. As the race to see who wins between the outbreak of World War 3 and complete societal collapse continues, this, for lack of a better word, “thing” happened yesterday in the trivial (by comparison) matter of the persecution via prosecution of the junta’s bête noire.

“Jury in Georgia Trump Inquiry Recommended Multiple Indictments, Forewoman Says,” The New York Times blared with its midday breaking news headline on Tuesday. But it is what followed that revealed the real story: that the grand jury recommended bogus charges based on the Fulton County district attorney’s misrepresentation of evidence.

“We definitely started with the first phone call, the call to Secretary Raffensperger that was so publicized,” Emily Kohrs, the forewoman of the special purpose grand jury said, noting that prosecutors played the recording for jurors the first day. “I will tell you that if the judge releases the recommendations, it is not going to be some giant plot twist,” Kohrs continued. “You probably have a fair idea of what may be in there.”

Yes. Yes, we do: bunk. . . 

. . . as I’ve been forced to detail time and again because the corrupt media continue to lie about the conversation, the transcript of the call established that Trump “did not request that Raffensperger ‘find 11,780 votes.’ Period. It never happened.” Rather, during that “telephone conversation between Trump’s legal team and the Secretary of State’s office, Trump’s lawyer explained to Raffensperger that ‘the court is not acting on our petition. They haven’t even assigned a judge.’” 

And it was because the Fulton County judge responsible for assigning a judge to hear Trump’s election lawsuit — ironically, the same Judge Chris Brasher who authorized Willis’ special purpose grand jury — held up his legal challenge that Trump’s legal team reached out to Raffensperger, requesting the secretary of state’s office investigate the evidence of widespread violations of election law. 

The transcript of Trump’s call with Raffensberger confirms this fact, with lawyers for the then-president ticking “off the numerous categories of illegal votes of which they had concrete evidence — some 25 categories.” Here, the DA appears to have pushed a second falsehood, with Willis reportedly asserting in a subpoena that during that call, Trump’s lawyer, Cleta Mitchell, “parroted claims of voter fraud.’” 

Mitchell did no such thing. She was not pushing claims of voter fraud but instead wanted the secretary of state’s office to investigate violations of Georgia election law.

The estimable Margot Cleveland completely dismantles the whole thing bit by bit in methodical fashion and her reportage is worthy enough for you to spit back word for word at any Lefty true believer. Not that they’d listen.

But the mien of this Emily Kohrs meesekeit, kind of like Margaret Hamilton but orders of magnitude fuglier, and more importantly the attitude that she can just spout off to the propagandists without any fear of backlash is just staggering. Mind you, this is Fulton County, which ain’t exactly a bastion of reasonable thinking Americans but the place where the toilet flooded the vote counting centers in six different states on Election Night 2020. Now extrapolate the potential jury pool from there to the one in D.C. where the J-6 political prisoners await trial and I think you get the picture.

Once again, TuCa gets to the crux of the biscuit:

“Democrats are using the legal system to stop a presidential candidate from running for president,” Carlson, a Daily Caller co-founder and honorary member of the Daily Caller News Foundation board, said. “Now, you don’t have to love Trump – it doesn’t matter. If you believe in our system and want it to continue, you should be outraged. But nobody is saying anything so far as I can tell.” 

Emily Kohrs, the forewoman of a special grand jury that investigated the former president and his allies for their efforts to contest the 2020 presidential election’s result, gave multiple interviews on cable networks, including CNN and MSNBC, saying she anticipated indictments to result from the probe and expressing excitement at the possibility of confronting former President Trump.

“Grand juries are supposed to be done in secret. She’s obviously blown through all of that,” Charlie Hurt, opinion editor at The Washington Times, told Carlson. “It raises questions, gee, what else is going on in secret if this is the sort of thing that you wind up with?”. . . 

. . . Kohrs’ media tour prompted backlash from across the political spectrum, including CNN and ABC’s “The View,” whose co-hosts fretted that Kohrs may “destroy” the case against Trump.

“In a normal country, in a democracy, you let voters decide whether you want him to run the country again,” Carlson said. “But no, partisan prosecutors at all levels, state and federal, are trying to prevent him from running for president again. Everyone knows this, no one every says it, but it’s true, it’s happening.”

I’m getting to the point of wanting to punch a freakin’ wall when anyone, especially someone like Carlson, even uses the word “democracy” other than to mock its misuse and abuse. That said, we are not a normal country. Certainly no longer a sane United States of America. The sad news is, per my earlier jury pool reference, coupled with hacks-in-black like Emmett Sullivan and Amy Berman Jackson, can Donald Trump ever get anything even remotely resembling a fair trial outside of perhaps Oklahoma, let alone Fulton County or D.C.? 

The “charges” against him here as well as what that J-6 committee and three separate sham-peachments brought were a farce of a joke of two yucks of a guffaw of a chuckle. But, all things considered, none of this is a laughing matter. It is deadly serious. From temporarily stopped Ministries of Truth disinformation boards, to blut und ehre laws from Sheila Jackass Lee (translated from German into Jive) to coercing and/or incentivizing private sector businesses to persecute political wrong-thinkers where the government is still barely prevented from doing so, yes, Tucker, this is hardly a normal country. A normal, totalitarian socialist “Democratic” People’s Republic, but no, not normal by any stretch of the imagination insofar as we have known it. Or imagined it to be. 

On that note, here’s a minor miracle that nonetheless still scares the shit out of me:

When the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) was formed in 2010 — one of Barack Obama’s efforts to “transform” America — it was thought that the way it was set up, it would have virtual veto power over consumer credit.

Those fears were justified until several tweaks by Congress during the Trump administration, and a critical Supreme Court case diluted the power of CFPB to micro-manage loan approvals and stock trades.

But that didn’t stop the CFPB from trying to meddle in loan applications. One such case involved a radio talk show in Chicago about real estate. It was, as Forbes describes it, a “free-wheeling” discussion of the loan business and whatever else the panel participants wanted to talk about.

The CFPB decided that the radio station and the show’s sponsor, Townstone mortgage, violated CFPB rules against “discrimination”. . . 

. . . What’s truly chilling is why the agency thought it had the authority to try to punish Townstone.

The CFPB argued it had broad administrative authority going beyond the words of the federal equal credit opportunity law. The court said no. The court said that if Congress had intended to empower the CFPB to guard against “discouragement” of credit applications, Congress would have said that. And it didn’t. It just prohibited discrimination against “applicants.”

“Beyond the words” of the law? The court slapped them down, concluding that the regulation itself exceeded CFPB’s authority. Thus CFPB couldn’t rely on it.

The CFPB is still a nightmare, even if some of its power has been stripped.

Recall that this politburo, the sick brainchild of Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, was designed to be unaccountable, its directors above oversight and its funding independent and not subject to Congressional approval. Essentially, it was a way to hand over total control of the economy to the government, making us a de facto communist country. All without the Bolsheviks storming the Duma and firing a single shot to do so. Mercifully, last October the Fifth Circuit found that the funding mechanism was indeed unconstitutional but in digging a bit there is a hot link from just two days ago that a ruling for a petition of certiorari from the CFPB to SCOTUS seeking to overturn the Fifth Circuit ruling has yet to appear. 

When you’re dealing with trivial bullshit like America itching for World War 3, toxic waste disasters from government incompetence and corporate/government corruption (hello, Norfolk Southern, Larry Fink and . . . . Whitmer?!), the sexualization/mutilation/brainwashing of our children and the erasure of our borders and heritage, something like this just gets lost in the sauce.

It’s like the “Take-a-Number” machine at the deli counter. But as I said, what the government can’t do (yet) openly, it has a way of getting around.

Immediately after his inauguration on January 20, 2021 Joe Biden, signed an executive order placed in front of him directing the federal government to “…pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all.”  On February 16, 2023, he signed a follow-up executive order mandating that all federal agencies create teams and annual plans to insure equity within all government agencies and to utilize government programs to compel equity within the private sector.

The use of the word “equity” is a deliberate attempt to hoodwink the American public, who are fully are on board with a similar-sounding word “equality.”  Equity, unlike equality, isn’t equal access to opportunity or equal protection before the law. Equity, per the American Marxists, is the redistribution of societal status, legal protection, and economic goods (i.e., jobs and material possessions) in accordance with their politized assessment of disadvantages and demographics.

Equity, in the Marxist context, requires a clearly defined villainous group, and not coincidentally a political adversary, in order to manipulate the masses into believing that they have the best interests of the people at heart. But first the population has to be segmented or tribalized and then indoctrinated into believing they as distinct groups have been and continue to be victimized and, thus, deserving of equal outcomes as merit or ability is immaterial.

Race is the most obvious segregator, but as 72% of the population identifies as white other categories have to be added to the oppressed list.  Women are an obvious segment to fragment and indoctrinate, as they account for 51% of the population and while only 4.5% of the citizenry, the LGBT community is a natural to be included on the oppressed list.

That leaves America with a defined oppressor class that is the undisputed villain and the Marxist’s primary political adversary: White, heterosexual men.  In 2016, 72% of White men without a college degree voted for Donald Trump. Thus, the Marxist-controlled Democrat Party reprised the century-old playbook of exploiting class conflict they instigate in order to ostracize political opposition and seize power in perpetuity. . . 

. . . What is the Biden grand strategy, beyond demonizing this group and imposing quotas not only in the federal government but browbeating private industry to do the same?  As the goal is to force American society to grant employment, benefits, and status based on demographic statistics, where and who are the replacements to recast, for example, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters from 84% White, heterosexual males to 34% in order to achieve “equity”. . . 

. . . It is absolute folly to believe that just because someone may have the correct skin color or sexual orientation or is a member of a state-approved oppressed group, they are qualified to do any of the jobs in the chart above.  These are occupations vital to a nation’s well-being and future.  Unskilled and untrained replacements in so many critical fields will relegate a people and a country to irrevocable downfall.

We mentioned this on the last podcast, but it’s worth repeating. With just this garbage alone, Xi and the Chi-Coms are laughing their asses off. They’ll take over the world without even firing a shot.

America is becoming Fetterman’s lump with Kruschev’s shoe beating the shit out of it.

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