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Good morning, kids. See if you can find a common thread in these different stories. First, we take you to the hallowed halls of American alma mater circa 2023:

UB’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter hosted former Republican Florida Rep. Allen West to speak on campus during the spring 2022 semester, after which three group members were chased across campus by a swarm of “50 to 100 people,” the student newspaper the Spectator reported. The police have since investigated reports that the three students had been harassed for months by conducting interviews and reviewing security cameras, but cannot identify responsible individuals. 

The district office “could not prove that a crime occurred beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law,” it confirmed to the DCNF.

Police reports revealed that one YAF student claimed to have removed their shoes because they “could not run fast enough with them on” and hid in a bathroom, according to documents obtained by the Spectator. A second student reported to have run from protesters while a third was reportedly assaulted.

The third student said to have been “kicked … in the testicles and punched … twice in the back,” but could not identify the alleged assailant in videos taken at the scene nor provide a deposition, according to the Spectator. . . 

. . . “Although numerous individuals could be seen on security video following students through the campus after the event, the intent to harass or cause physical harm by any specific individual(s) could not be proven by the available evidence,” John Della Contrada, UB spokesperson, told the Spectator.

Individuals who follow people in a public place are guilty of harassment if they have the “intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person,” according to New York law.

A similar, yet slightly less violent incident occurred in Connecticut where a TPUSA event was disrupted to the point of the Candace Owens documentary on George Floyd and BLM could not continue.

These kinds of things are an almost daily occurrence while the overt intimidation of individual students who may not agree with what is being taught or promoted on campus happens perhaps tens of thousands of times an hour each and every day, even when not attending class. 

From academia, we go to a jail in Atlanta:

People inside Georgia’s DeKalb County Jail broke windows and lit small objects on fire during a Wednesday evening protest decrying domestic terrorism charges levied against more than 20 people after a violent demonstration at a nearby police training center construction site,  according to local media.

The 23 people charged with domestic terrorism following the destructive Sunday protest at the forest site of the planned training center, unofficially dubbed “Cop City,” were booked in DeKalb County Jail, according to 11Alive, and DeKalb County Magistrate Judge Anna Davis later denied 22 of them bond but granted $5,000 bond to accused Southern Poverty Law Center Attorney Thomas Webb Jurgens. Individuals inside the jail broke cell windows and tossed out lit objects as the Wednesday night protest outside the jail occurred, with a small fire subsequently burning on a rooftop ledge, according to WSB-TV.

Demonstrators outside projected statements including “STOP COP CITY,” “DROP ALL CHARGES” and “FOREST DEFENSE IS SELF DEFENSE” on the building, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. . . 

. . . The SPLC said Monday that Jurgens was acting as a legal observer on the National Lawyers Guild’s (NLG) behalf when he was arrested, arguing his arrest was evidence of “heavy-handed law enforcement intervention against protesters” and not of a crime.

Prior to the Sunday incident, 19 people had already been charged with domestic terrorism since December for alleged conduct in opposition to the police training center, according to the AJC.

Of course, unlike the “violent, white-supremacist insurrectionists ordered by Donald Trump to capture Congress and seize control on J-6, the Day of Even More Infamy-er Infamy than Pearl Harbor!” who are still rotting in jail two years later, these “mostly peaceful” little darlings are the good guys, yo!

The thugs announced a “week of action” for the first week in March. And they delivered. On Sunday night, a group of domestic terrorists used the cover of a “peaceful protest” and a music festival — because nothing’s more conducive to music than an old prison farm — and firebombed portions of the facility, damaging buildings, construction equipment, and at least one police vehicle.

Authorities quickly got the scene under control and arrested 23 goons, charging them with domestic terrorism. At least some of them made their first court appearance on Tuesday. Sure, Americans are innocent until proven guilty, and some of these people may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it’s clear that someone has been engaging in domestic terrorism at the training facility site.

One local activist told a local media outlet that this type of action is justified. Because police brutality or something, of course.

“There are protesters who are engaging in civil disobedience and direct action—and yes—some of those protesters’ tactics may from the outside look extreme,” Kamau Franklin told Fox 5.

It’s worth noting that Franklin isn’t exactly an impartial observer. Instead, he’s the lead of “Community Movement Builders, one of the groups opposing what they refer to as ‘Cop City,’” Fox 5 reports. . . 
. . . “I think the movement has the responsibility to discuss tactics and strategies for moving the movement forward,” he stated, “We’ve had people thrown to the ground, beat up — all of this is coming from the policing side — the state side.”

Franklin resorts to the old childhood argument: “they started it.” And notice how, in the first quote, he says that the tactics of the violent extremists merely “may from the outside look extreme.”

Look extreme? Seriously? These domestic terrorists shot at law enforcement, vandalized historic buildings, torched a police car, and did extensive damage to the construction site. And that’s in 2023 alone.

“The ‘protesters’ against what the left calls ‘Cop City’ have vandalized the offices of the contractor in charge of the project, confronted contractor employees at their homes, and disrupted church services where employees of the contractor worship,” we reported here at PJ Media in January. “Antifa punks even firebombed a center for at-risk youth located near the planned facility.”

It should be noted that aside from the usual aimless, parents’-basement-dwelling, soulless wastes of life with the nose rings and Krylon hair, you also have well educated (at least on paper) individuals like the SPLC lawyer and the two lawyers who got slaps on the wrist for firebombing a NYPD police cruiser in 2020. The similarities between them and the cute hijinx of Billy Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and the Weatherman are obvious, and frightening for what they portend. 

And that brings us to Washington D.C. for something completely different. Or not:

A journalist who testified about alleged government censorship Thursday described the rise of a “censorship-industrial complex” funded with American tax dollars to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“It was a very disturbing event, as you pointed out. They then proceeded to demand to know who our sources were, which of course, we were unwilling to share with them,” journalist Michael Shellenberger told Carlson, a co-founder of the Daily Caller News Foundation. 

“It’s important to remember the context here,” Shellenberger continued. “We were revealing here this is way beyond woke censorship within Twitter, we have now discovered a censorship-industrial complex that includes government-funded entities that are doing state-sponsored censorship.”

. . . “They are now seeking widespread use of artificial intelligence to censor accurate information. We’ve now seen Facebook and Twitter caught censoring accurate information about coronavirus vaccinations because they were worried that it would lead to vaccine hesitancy,” Shellenberger said.

“The story has really evolved, and there is much more to say on it we are still discovering quite a bit of information, but what you’re basically seeing here is the rise of a for-profit censorship industry funded by American taxpayers to censor real-world information,” Shellenberger continued.

To paraphrase what GIs used to say about combat, it’s the Molotov cocktail you never hear that gets you. But in the case of Shellenberger’s colleague Matt Taibbi, he heard it loud and clear, along with the halitosis and rabies and stood his ground.

Democrats went after journalist Matt Taibbi in an attempt to pressure him to reveal his sources relating to the Twitter Files at a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday.

Democratic Rep. Sylvia Garcia of Texas said she wanted to follow up on questions from ranking member Democratic Del. Stacey E. Plaskett of the Virgin Islands and asked Taibbi when Elon Musk first contacted him regarding writing the Twitter files. When Taibbi hesitated, Garcia said, “I just need a date, sir.”

“But I can’t give it to you unfortunately because this is a question of sourcing and I don’t give up — I’m a journalist — I don’t reveal my sources,” Taibbi responded.

Taibbi is a left-leaning, award-winning author and investigative reporter and one of the journalists who has participated in posting The Twitter Files, which are internal Twitter documents revealing alleged wrongdoing between Twitter and government agencies. Musk promoted the public release of the Twitter Files after taking over the company.

Garcia retorted that it’s a question of chronology and not sourcing, but Taibbi told her that it is in fact a question of sourcing. Garcia cut him off, stating, “Because you earlier said that someone had sent you through the internet some message about whether you would be interested in some information.”

“Yes, and I referred to that person as a source,” Taibbi explained.

Garcia then asked when Elon Musk first approached Taibbi, inferring Elon Musk was the source.

“Again, congresswoman, you’re asking a journalist to reveal his sources,” Taibbi persisted.

“So then you consider Mr. Musk to be the direct source of all this?” Garcia asked.

Taibbi responded that is not what he was saying and told Garcia she was attempting to persuade him to say Musk was the source. He said he cannot answer that question.

“If you’re telling me you can’t answer because it’s your source then the only logical conclusion is that he is in fact your source,” Garcia said.

Taibbi responded that Garcia was free to conclude that.

Garcia then said she did not understand and that Taibbi “can’t have it both ways.” 

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio chimed in and loudly stated, “No, he can. He’s a journalist.”

Bingo, but Jordan should have said “He’s a REAL journalist.” Unlike stooges and flunkies like Fake Tapper or George Stephanoponanist-Onassis whose sources are exclusively the Democrat National Committee, Media Matters, the SPLC, or in the case of the Russia Collusion Hoax, the FBI and CIA.

It’s funny, as in vomit-inducing, that these turds are all shrieking about wanting the truth and yet when people are giving it to them, or attempting to give it to them, they want them silenced. On that score, two words: Tucker Carlson. 44,000 hours of raw, unedited videotape footage from just one building over the course of maybe 6-8 hours. Probably one of the most well documented events other than the Super Bowl (not the recent ones but going back a few decades). And yet the cries to remove him from the airwaves for merely playing the tapes are louder than the Marshal amps at a 1973 Deep Purple concert and putting your head in the exhaust nozzle of the Concorde at full throttle combined.

And yet, Bennie Thompson, the chairman of this disgusting, farcical, banana republic kangaroo court investigating the events of January 6th comes out and admits that he never saw one second of those 44,000 hours of tapes!

Tapes that you’d think were the prima-facie slam-dunk irrefutable proof of their insurrection trope. Tapes so sensitive that Tucker Carlson’s revealing them to the public was a crime perhaps equal to the alleged mythical insurrection itself. Two years of dragging Trump and most of America through a pile of diseased excrement, and he didn’t see the tapes?! Meh, it’s not that he’s incompetent or an idiot (at least in this case). He didn’t see the tapes because he didn’t need to see them. The conclusion of the panel was preordained from the get-go, before the first gavel banged and Kinzinger pulled a booger-encrusted nose hair to fake a sob for the cameras. He knew — and now everyone knows who has eyes to see — that they blasted the myth of a Trump-led violent insurrection to pieces.

You can probably feel my apoplexy and BP skyrocketing about now.

Psaki-psircling back to the top, whether it’s a boot to the groin, a Molotov cocktail, the Joe Stalin applause sign in your classroom as your transvestite instructor buggers a kitten while demanding you sing “The Internationale” or this government – this illegitimate junta who seized power via a stolen election that capped off a 100-year slow revolution – persecuting actual journalists and innocent people, the common thread is the silencing of all opposition. By any and every means necessary.

Have a great weekend, and see you tomorrow for the hobby thread. Be there. Aloha.

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