The Morning Rant

The explosion in the number of college students since the horribly misguided Supreme Court finding in Griggs v. Duke Power Co. has meant a commensurate increase in the number of instructors and professors (and administrators) in academia.

In other words, the faculties of America’s universities have been diluted with huge numbers of barely literate ignoramuses who must justify their positions by attempting original research and scholarship. It’s hard to bullshit in chemistry and engineering, so of course these buffoons gravitate toward the mushy pseudo-sciences of psychology, sociology and, increasingly biology. But the truly idiotic among this vast pool of troglodytes gravitate toward the very bottom of the intellectual pool…the “Studies” programs.

And for proof, I present to you: Profs discuss spirituality of ‘non-binary vaginas,’ ‘femme penises’, and ‘Black queer religions’

“Quare” as a noun, Tinsley says, is “a black-identified member of the LBTQIA+ community who embodies resistive femininity; believes the dismantling of misogynoir, femmephobia, and transmisogyny are necessary for black freedom.” “Misogynoir” is specific sexism against black women. Quare people can be “cis or trans, binary or non-binary, AFAB – assigned female at birth – or AMAB – assigned male at birth.”

“Quare” is also an adjective to describe people who love “other black femmes, erotically and politically,” and “recognizes the reality of non-binary vaginas and biologically femme penises.”

Tinsey continued, “In my scholarship now, I use profane and vernacular language, like ‘black femme-inist,’ ‘black p***y power,’ ‘non-binary vagina,’ [and] ‘freedom dreaming’ … The loving reworking of language to hold our shifting understandings of what makes black, gender, and sexual creative folks simultaneously human and divine – which E. Patrick does by the simple mouth-opening shift of a vowel – is what I hold from quare.”

Roane added his thoughts on how he used a “quare approach” in a film he made about “the double loss” of the “physical structure of [his] home church, St. John’s Baptist” during a tornado, as well as his pastor making “anti-trans and anti-queer commentary.”

This is jabbering nonsense masquerading as intellectual discourse. These inarticulate retards make up words to mask their inability to convey meaning with the accepted method…plain English. And their use of made-up jargon and awkward grammatical constructions is intended to confuse the casual listener; it is intended to sound intellectual without actually being intellectual.

The sad thing is that there are so many of these people in the halls of academia, and they are teaching your children! The only glimmer of hope is that as the weight of the uselessness of the typical college experience and degree becomes clear to America and colleges start to fold, it is possible that these ignorant loons will be stocking shelves and making half soy, half skim, mocha lattes in five or 10 years!