The Morning Rant


Here is the face of the totalitarian government that is the fever dream of the left that is currently in power. This is not some hypothetical that the right is predicting…it exists today.

The issue, aside from the breathtaking arrogance of the director of the ATF when asked simple questions, is the willful disregard for the law as written, and the explicit assumption that it does not apply to the ATF; it only applies to American citizens. “Congress has given us the authority…[?]” Hah! What a joke. The ATF does what it wants, and because it dovetails very nicely with the desires of the Democrat apparatus in Washington that wants the 2nd Amendment destroyed, there is no pressure from the junta to obey the law.

‘How Many Guns Has the ATF Lost?’ Biden’s ATF Director Sits Stunned When Confronted by Matt Gaetz [Sorry about the TownHall link. Their site sucks, but it’s a good video]

People like Director Dettelbach are camp commandants Auschwitz, NKVD commissars, Sans-Culottes rabble-rousers, Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders, Red Guards leaders, and every other evil perpetrated by man against his fellow man. That some of them sound like bumbling accountants masks their power, their hatred of freedom, and their desire to grind their boots on the neck of all lovers of liberty.

It is people like Dettelbach who we fight. Don’t be fooled by his aw-shucks demeanor. He is the tip of the spear of tyranny. He dispatches the jack-booted thugs of government to do its bidding, and he revels in his power to cow and beat and destroy Americans simply for exercising their God-given rights.

He is why the Constitution was written.

He is who our founders were afraid of.

And they were correct.