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Good morning, kids. Every so often, even good websites publish questionable essays. I assume at least they do so in the interest of presenting a differing opinion on a particular issue, at least in terms of tactics or even overall strategy. But you assume that the nub of the discourse is always at least an honest one from our perspective. That’s why I have that little disclaimer at the bottom of every Morning Report so as to prevent my posterior from getting the proverbial napalming. 

Yet every so often, you get “concern” pieces that make you scratch your head. That said, they are instructive and useful in both debunking the bullshit and helping to strengthen the discourse and perhaps move the ball forward so to speak. Case in point is this essay from Josiah Lippincott at American Greatness:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the culture war is over and conservatives lost . . . at least for now. Trying to rehash these old battles in the present political moment, when institutional Christianity no longer has any meaningful political or cultural clout, is a waste of time—at least at the national level. 

[Chinese] COVID-19 made the weakness of American Christianity painfully clear. Protestant and Catholic churches alike overwhelmingly declared themselves nonessential during the spring of 2020. That was, sadly, merely an acknowledgement of a longstanding reality.

Virtually no one today cares what the pope or any megachurch pastor, for that matter, has to say about political and cultural life. Their endorsements do not move the needle and their influence has had little to no bearing, even on their own flocks, when it comes to preserving the older standards of Christian morality and decency. . . 

. . . America has a moral majority, all right. It’s just liberal. The Left controls every institutional power center in America. Wall Street, the media, the universities, Hollywood, the military—you name it—everywhere the liberal consensus reigns supreme. There is not a single Fortune 500 company in America, not one, that would denounce transgender surgery for minors. . . At some point, every political regime must put its foot down. Some people think cannibalism is wrong, others think that it is right. If the former are to prevail politically they must be willing to use force against the latter. In the end, this is what morality requires. This is what morality is.

Conservatives and Christians today simply lack the force of will to impose their social morality on the Left. That is why they lose cultural battles and the Left wins. Conservatives aren’t even willing to mock their enemies. If you want to make “respectable” social conservatives and Christians uncomfortable, call a prostitute a “whore” in their presence. Mock OnlyFans as a den of “sluts.” Express deep revulsion at sodomy. Watch them writhe in psychic pain. . . 

. . . Trump showed that even in our degraded moral culture, a huge percentage of Americans still want the nation to survive. They don’t hate themselves despite all the propaganda to which they’ve been subjected. The old pre-World War II conservative consensus in favor of protectionism, non-intervention, and immigration restrictions is still enormously popular. 

If we win on those fronts and secure a future for our country then, and only then, will we have a chance to fight once again for the family, for our faith, and for a return of moral decency. 

The author’s bio states that he’s a former USMC officer and a current PhD candidate. You have to wonder what area of study. I think I see the problem here. 

UPDATE: commenter Grammie Winger makes the salient observation:

‘Conservatives and Christians today simply lack the force of will to impose their social morality on the Left.’ 

Christianity’s aim is not to impose anything. This is a leftist unfounded fear, and a lie.

Well said. To be fair, he does make some valid points. Especially the one emphasized. Red meat for sure since as Mao once said “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Can it be inferred that this is what the author means? Andrew Breitbart, PBUH of blessed memory declared “Politics is downstream from the culture.” While the author wants us to forget things like the transexuals and abortion and instead try to put out the fires of a shattered economy and foreign policy debacles, he himself disproves his own argument in that trying to persuade hearts and minds already brainwashed with leftism to concentrate on that is pissing in the wind.

The war IS the culture and the war is here. 

A trans male who goes by the name Tara Jay recently issued a call to his 2400 TikTok followers to buy guns and told them he was prepared to die for the cause of trans “safety” and “freedom”:

If you back an animal into a corner, they become a dangerous animal. So if you want to die on this hill of yours, of righteousness and moral majority, then you go right ahead. I dare you to try and stop me from going into a women’s bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make. I dare you to try and stop a transgender woman in my presence from using the bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make. This is a call to action and call to arms to everybody within the United States that are scared, worried, have children that are transgender, lesbian, bi, or gay…. This is a call to action. You need to arm up. Plain and simple, go out and buy a gun. Learn how to use it, efficiently. Through and through. Because the time to act is now. You need to protect yourself and you need to protect your fellow transgender…. There are lots of people like me who are not afraid to die. I love my girlfriends to death, but I would rather die for them to secure their safety, freedom, and future than to live and not have anything done.

. . . More examples of violent rhetoric from gender ideologues: the e-commerce site Etsy allows a significant number of shops to sell trans- and nonbinary-themed items threatening violence.

“Armed queers bash back,” reads a “Pride” flag with a picture of an AK-47.

“Respect my pronouns or yours will be was/were,” reads a sweatshirt.

One t-shirt pictures three daggers along with the words “Protect Trans Kids.”

“Respect gender pronouns or I will identify as a problem,” reads one sticker. Another one reads, “Respect my pronouns or die by my sword.”

“We’re here. We’re queer. I have a brick,” reads another shirt.

These are not vows of self-defense against a legitimate violent threat, but violent threats themselves against someone who might merely “misgender” a trans person. These are public warnings that if you fail to participate in or celebrate this gender delusion, or simply get someone’s “personal pronouns” wrong, some trans people are willing to KILL you.

These are not the expressions of a community “living in fear,” but of thugs looking for an excuse to commit murder and mayhem – and confident that the media will circle the wagons around them, and the police will suppress information about their motivation, if they do.

But the trans violence goes beyond just rhetoric. As Tucker Carlson noted in a recent Fox News commentary, a trans girl tried to assassinate Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his home last year. A self-described nonbinary shooter later murdered five people and wounded 18 at a Colorado nightclub. In 2019, a trans teenager shot nine people in a Denver high school, killing one. In 2018, a mentally ill transgender person shot up a Rite-Aid distribution center in Aberdeen, Maryland, killing four. Then came the Nashville school shooting, and police recently arrested a trans man in Colorado named William Whitworth, who goes by the name Lily. He had a kill list and a manifesto and was planning to attack three schools and churches.

But this Josiah Lippincott at American Greatness declares we must admit defeat in the “culture war,” right? Does he or anyone really think that if we wave a white flag that they will not demand we kiss the fringes of the Rainbow Flag while they cut off our kids’ genitals with one hand and ram them up our sphincter with the other, forcing us to sing “Y-M-C-A” and enjoy it?!

You know, supposedly abortion killed us in the 2022 midterms and will do even more damage on a national level in 2024. Or at least augment the real damage that Dao-Min Yen and electoral fraud will do. My brother-in-law is for sure a lifelong Democrat LIV type but he’s no leftist. Even he mentioned to me how abhorrent the transexual indoctrination in the schools is. That is a winning issue.

And I think abortion can be, if our side is willing to confront the Left on it on our terms and not let them control the narrative. “Okay, you want abortion to be legal but up to what point? When the vulva dilates? When the water breaks? When the kid is two years old (see Obama’s science adviser on this one) ?”

Whatever your beliefs are, and believe me I respect each and every one of you, at least let’s have this discussion to put the issue to bed once and for all. But the Left never wants that because they know they can beat us over the head with it forever because we refuse to confront them and shove their rhetoric down their throats.

But I digress.

Surrender on the culture war. I guess Josiah Lippincott has no problem with the Left at long last declaring pedophilia normal and adults who rape children are now the moral equivalent of Jackie Robinson. 

Earlier this year I noted that the mainstream acceptance of transgenderism would be the precursor to the normalization of pedophilia. The evidence to support this was quite clear. And I’m sorry to say that I was right. The Minnesota legislature is in the process of changing the legal definition of “sexual orientation” that literally opens the door to mainstreaming pedophilia. . . 

. . . The legislation amends Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 363A.03, subdivision 44, to read as follows:

Subd. 44. Sexual orientation. “Sexual orientation” means having or being perceived as having an emotional, physical, or sexual attachment to another person without regard to the sex of that person or having or being perceived as having an orientation for such attachment, or having or being perceived as having a self-image or identity not traditionally associated with one’s biological maleness or femaleness. “Sexual orientation” does not include a physical or sexual attachment to children by an adult. 

. . . That portion striking out the part that reads, “‘Sexual orientation’ does not include a physical or sexual attachment to children by an adult,” is not a mistake. The Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has made the decision to eliminate a clause that explicitly excluded pedophilia from being considered a valid sexual orientation.

This doesn’t mean that pedophilia will be legalized in Minnesota… yet… but by specifically removing the clause excluding pedophilia as a protected sexual orientation, pedophiles will become a protected class, subject to the same legal protections against discrimination currently enjoyed by gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc.

Do you think it’s an accident that this clause is being removed at the same time “gender identity” is being added? Of course, it isn’t. I told you that the transgender movement would be the catalyst for normalizing pedophilia, and here’s your proof. Minnesota Democrats clamoring to co-author this bill, and if this comes up for a vote, they’ll vote for this because none of them will want to go on record opposing adding gender identity as a protected class.

Forgetting for a moment armed transexual terrorists gunning down innocent children because they’re Christian. The FBI is targeting Christians and other believers. Jews have been getting the shit beat out of them in supposedly “liberal” bastions including the most Jewish city on the planet, New York in increasing numbers. Parents are being declared threats to national security for daring to speak out at school board meetings, and on and on and on.

Again, the culture war is the civil war. And it’s a war of annihilation, at least from the Left’s perspective. So maybe Mr. Lippincott should heed his own advice. To wit:

At some point, every political regime must put its foot down. Some people think cannibalism is wrong, others think that it is right. If the former are to prevail politically they must be willing to use force against the latter. In the end, this is what morality requires. This is what morality is.

Have a good weekend.

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