The Morning Report 5/2/23

Good morning, kids. Well, it looks as if Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants’ Depends-changers and ice cream and word salad spoon-feeders over at Kalorama have evidently “caved” on the debt ceiling budget negotiations, at least insofar as they’re willing to consider cuts in exchange for raising the debt. Perhaps their calculus is letting their propaganda machine go into overdrive with “wheelchair bound granny off the cliff” and “taking away Social Security!” agitprop out the wahzoo, hoping the GOP’s propensity to cave will rule the day once they actually sit down at the table. Of course, there’s talk of “officially” being in a recession just as the 2024 election season gets into full swing. Aside from begging the question, what the hell do you call the nightmare we’re in now, I guess the calculus will be to blame Republicans for the mess, but then again, Biden did agree to whatever “cuts” there will be so they’ll be spinning that during the debates. If there are any.

Meh, it’s all kabuki-bukkake theatrics, as we all know. Spending never decreases. For all the Kurts, Karens and clueless low information folks who might have stumbled their way here, and refuse to believe that, let me put you some knowledge:

There are not now, nor have there ever been any spending cuts. The only thing that has ever been “cut” is the rate at which spending increases.

All one has to do is look up the chart for US federal spending, either with budgets (how quaint) or for the past nearly 20 years of “continuing resolutions” and debt ceiling raises and it’s all there in bright, blood red ink with the curve almost going vertical. No grannies, children, illegal aliens, women, blacks or other convenient props the Left trots out from Central Casting will be or ever have been “hardest hit.” With the possible exception of the most vulnerable and abused minority in history: the taxpaying American citizen. And we all know how they feel about them. In any case, we’ll see if this is the new Kevin McCarthy who released the J6 tapes or if that was a one off and he reverts to being Frank Luntz’s houseboy. Optics is optics so I guess it’s something to give him kudos for. For now.

Meanwhile, I want to totally switch gears and get into something that has been bugging the crap out of me ever since this Janet Prostitutkawitch or whatever the hell this fat Maoist shmoo in judge’s robes won a state supreme court seat here in Wisconsin – and now tilted the balance of the court 5-4 in favor of the Left. That and this subject no doubt have monumental implications here and nationwide come November 2024. 

I’ll back into it with this story that I found rather amusing, via friend and friend of the blog Christian Toto:

Dee Snider doesn’t fit into any neat political boxes. 

He rails against GOP hero Gov. Ron DeSantis and has spent decades defending free speech. He couldn’t sustain his ’80s-era fame with Twisted Sister, but he’s remained in the spotlight via his bond with former free speech hero Howard Stern and by weighing in on culture war spats.

He did just that this weekend and the reverberations could be profound. And he did so by rallying beside a fellow rock legend.

Paul Stanley kicked over a hornet’s nest, and then stomped all over it, via Twitter over the weekend.

The KISS mainstay said parents should wait until their children are 18 before approving life-altering, irreversible surgery to “affirm” their preferred gender. Stanley’s note wasn’t vicious or blunt. He spoke eloquently of his beliefs in a way that hardly screamed rock ‘n’ roll.

“Some adults mistakenly confuse teaching acceptance with normalizing and encouraging a situation that has been a struggle for those truly affected and have turned it into a sad and dangerous fad.”

Snider agreed.

You know what? There was a time where I “felt pretty” too. Glad my parents didn’t jump to any rash conclusions! Well said.

Snider led the gender-bending aesthetic during the ’80s glam metal days and, apparently, that carried over from his teen years.

Snider elaborated on his beliefs in subsequent Tweets after followers raged against his opinion.

Elle. Parents need to be less reactionary; Right and Left. No need to steer the child in either direction. Let the kid figure it out for themselves knowing their family is supportive. I had a vet/cop hardass dad who, while he shook his head A LOT…let me do my thing.

That’s why you’re a confused asshole, Dee. Contra Chris Toto’s assertion that Snider “doesn’t fit into any neat political boxes,” he sure as hell does. Leftist. Check that: Snider is more likely a liberal of the old school who, like so many others, still thinks it’s the 1980s or even 1960s where hippies/counter-culture good and mom/apple pie/America as founded bad. And yet our old friend cognitive dissonance rears its head when the part of Snider’s brain suddenly fires a synapse of sanity as it looks around like Alec Guinness in the last scene from Bridge on the River Kwai and recognizes child mutilation and rape for what it is.

I can’t speak for Paul Stanley (although we have met on a couple of occasions due to a mutual acquaintance) but I suspect that he is, if not a conservative, then certainly not a dyed in the wool lefty like Springsteen or Bon Jovi. If he is, he’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut and not alienate half his audience. As for Snider, you vote for this and so let your kids and you get it “good and hard.” 

This is such a winning issue, assuming elections have any real positive consequences for our side, that if a clueless lefty stooge like Dee Snider can see this is insane, there are a hell of a lot more out there who aren’t nearly as clueless as he is who can see it.

I’m talking in particular about the so-called suburban moms and housewives. Psaki-psircling back to newly black termite-tented Wisconsin judge Janet Prostitutkawitch, she got that gig because, abortion!!! 

Nancy Mace, who is rapidly devolving into the Renee Ellmers of Liz Cheneys is insisting that the GOP essentially embrace baby-killing lest we lose another election.

Well, I want us to find some middle ground. As a Republican and conservative, constitutional conservative who’s pro-life, I saw what happened after Roe v. Wade because I represent a very purple district, as purple as this dress, and I saw the sentiment change dramatically. And as Republicans, we need to read the room on this issue because the vast majority of folks are not in the extremes. And we just saw, you know, a fetal heartbeat bill signed in the dead of night recently in Florida. There are – in my home state of South Carolina, there was a small – a very small group of state legislatures that filed a bill that would execute women who have abortions and gave right – more rights to rapists than women who have been raped.

That is the wrong message heading into ’24. We’re going to – we’re going to lose huge if we continue down this path of extremities. And finding that middle ground, the vast majority of people want some sort of gestational limits, not at – you know, not at nine months, but somewhere in the middle. They want exceptions for rape and incest. They want women to have access to birth control. These are all very common sense positions that we can take and still be pro-life.

Wait one fucking second, saccharin-tits. Why is it that WE have to find a middle ground on this when it’s the Democrats who have basically declared outright that it’s completely kosher to kill the kid at any time “without apology?” 

When the poor thing is born alive and even survives the abortion procedure to kill it, they say no!

IIRC Obama’s own science adviser, John Holdren, once postulated that you could kill the kid up to two years after birth because it wasn’t even at that point a fully formed human being! (not time to verify but some psycho Democrat Mengele in a lab coat is on record as saying that)

The issue is letting these people frame this debate, the language and who is good and evil. One guess as to who plays those roles. 

Can not one person on our side turn the tables for once and demand someone on the left answer the question “At what point is abortion murder?” “At what point is a fetus a human being?” 

Nancy Mace and other frauds and cowards of her ilk just want to surrender on this. I do not. I am not God. I cannot answer the question of when life – which “settled science” even tells us begins at conception – becomes human. But the cavalier attitude of abortion on demand and without apology is a non-starter in the extreme for me. Now, the ramifications and tactics in terms of the law are another matter, but no less crucial for us to take the high ground and hold it in terms of messaging and holding feet to fire.

Whether he realizes it or not, the devaluation of human life, of humanity, that’s got Dee Snider and others freaked out is no less horrendous here as it is in transsexualism. He may beg to differ but I stand by that assertion.

The Netherlands will become the second European country that will allow children as young as one-years-old to be killed under the guise of “euthanasia,” a recent announcement by the Dutch government on “Late Maternity Abort and Life Termination [of] Newborns” asserts.

The Dutch government will expand pre-existing euthanasia rules first introduced in 2002, effectively expanding post-birth abortions at the discretion of medical staff and healthcare providers.

The amendments were added to the “Law Termination of Pregnancy and Life Termination of Newborns Regulations (LZA/LP),” which permitted the “termination” of children “suffering hopelessly and unbearably,” and who are “expected to die in the foreseeable future.” The law, which was restricted to up to one year, now permits children of all ages in what effectively amounts to post-birth abortion. . . 

. . . According to the new rules, doctors need only consider previous cases in conjunction with the patient’s history, to determine whether “euthanasia” is suitable.

Belgium was the first country to remove the age restrictions governing access to state-sanctioned murder in 2014. Belgian law only requires children to be able to “understand” what the procedure is in a wider context, to be suffering from “chronic pain,” and have the consent of the parents.

Canada, too, is currently debating the introduction of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) for “mature minors” in its “Report of the Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying.”

Unlike either Belgium or Netherlands, however, Canada’s new laws may only require parental consultation “where appropriate,” because the decision of a mature minor “ultimately take(s) priority.”

In response to these proposals, Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition argued: “The recommendations being put forth by [the committee] would give Canada the most permissive euthanasia law in the world. Given the current state of Canada, where vulnerable people continue to be pressured to euthanasia on a frequent basis, it is inappropriate for the government to consider these radical expansions to the euthanasia law.”

To all the suburban women out there who still shriek about “muh ‘borshinz!” think on this, long and hard. Meh, if you still vote Democrat and you get raped by a thug who had a wrist slap from a Soros prosecutor, just lie back and think of Roe v. Wade



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  • “. . . even though SpaceX will likely be ready to launch in two months, as Elon Musk says, I expect it will be forced to sit on its hands, either in court or in the swamp in Washington. Such delays will make impossible the development of Starship/Superheavy in a timely manner. It might even make it impossible altogether, as long as SpaceX plans to continue testing it at Boca Chica.” Environmentalists Sue FAA Demanding it Shut Down Boca Chica and Starship
  • “EVs can often weigh thousands of pounds greater than comparable gas-powered vehicles, with the 2023 Hummer EV pickup clocking in at 9,000 pounds, with its 2,900 pound battery — which weighs more than an entire Honda Civic — helping make it roughly 3,000 pounds heavier than the 2023 GMC Sierra, Axios reported. Aging infrastructure, particularly parking garages, may not be ready for the significant deployment of EVs, while the added weight of vehicles may pose a significant threat to pedestrians in car accidents.” Massive EV Battery Packs Could Exacerbate ‘Fatality Crisis’ On US Roads, Experts Warn
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  • “The new law isn’t just an attempt to control how qualified counselors and mental health medical professionals deal with patients; it’s an attempt to chill the speech of religious and rational voices who oppose the radical alphabet agenda’s reach. HF 16 means the end of free speech and the free exercise of religion for anyone who wants to fend off an identity crisis.” Minnesota Democrat Signs Bill Banning Free Speech for Therapists of People Struggling With Sexual Distress
  • “Claim it will lead to banning of drag shows and ‘attacks’ on transgender people.” (forget abortion; if we can’t win on this madness, then what’s the point of running? – jjs) Colorado: 27 Democrats Vote Against Making Flashing Kids a Felony
  • “Darren Glines, who goes by Rachel but has not undergone transgender surgeries, was charged with public indecency in December 2022 after three reports that Glines exposed his genitals on three separate occasions while using the women’s facility between 2021 and 2022— one of which underage girls were present.” (this is how you get vigilantes – jjs) Trans Woman ‘Not Guilty’ Of Indecent Exposure Charges After Using Women’s Locker Room, Court Rules
  • “I’m suing,” Zephyr said in a tweet on Monday. “The recent actions violate my 1st amendment rights, as well as the rights of my 11,000 constituents to representation. Montana’s State House is the people’s House, not Speaker Regier’s, and I’m determined to defend the right of the people to have their voices heard.” (go to hell – jjs) Transgender Lawmaker Sues Montana Over Censure
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FINALLY . . . 

  • Gordon Lightfoot, Canada’s legendary folk singer-songwriter known for “If You Could Read My Mind” and “Sundown” and for songs that told tales of Canadian identity, died on Monday. He was 84. . . In the 1970s, Lightfoot garnered five Grammy nominations, three platinum records and nine gold records for albums and singles. In the more than 60 years since he launched his career, he performed in well over 1,500 concerts and recorded 500 songs. He toured late into his life. Just last month he cancelled upcoming US and Canadian shows, citing health issues. Canadian Folk Singer Gordon Lightfoot Dead at 84

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