Oklahoma, Where the Woke Comes Screeching To A Halt!

Oklahoma bans first 13 companies from state business for ESG policies

As the federal government becomes more and more authoritarian while simultaneously becoming even less competent (hard to believe!), the last great hope of a return to American Exceptionalism, or even just a return to a more sane country, seems to be in the statehouses of red America.

The only pushback against the Leviathan and its incestuous relationship with corporate and NGO America is happening in Oklahoma City and Tallahassee and Austin and Helena and Charleston and Nashville, not in the United States Congress! And that’s because congress has ceded its power to the executive and to the regulatory state. All the hearings in the world, complete with blustering and thundering congressman carefully sculpting their anger for the soundbites they crave, will do nothing to stop the advance of progressive evil. But a bunch of part-timer legislators in Oklahoma have managed to stick their collective thumb in the eyes of woke corporations whose most fervent desire is to have a high “ESG” score and get social credit from the progressive cabal. Never mind that those policies will gravely injure America…it’s the cocktail parties in Kalorama that count!

Oklahoma’s battle with financial companies that boycott energy companies entered a new round this week as Treasurer Todd Russ listed 13 companies banned from doing business with the state.

But don’t look for any action soon. Those 13 companies have 90 days to tell the state it has stopped boycotting energy companies. And if they haven’t stopped their boycott, the law grants the state six months to divest itself of 50% of investments with the financial company and a full year to divest 100%.

The restrictions are based on a law passed by the Legislature in 2022 that requires the state treasurer to divest Oklahoma from any financial institutions that boycott the energy industry.

That’s how it is done. Take away their business with the state, and all the social credit in the world isn’t going to pay for those corporate jets and full-page ads in the Washington Post extolling the virtues of a diverse workforce and the millions of dollars paid to progressive NGOs hellbent on the destruction of the greatest market economy in history.

And while the bloodthirsty part of me wants Oklahoma to use Eminent Domain to evict these companies from their Oklahoma offices and demolish them to make way for coal-burning power plants, the less satisfying but politically astute plan is to give them a chance to moderate their behavior. Will that work? Eh…maybe…maybe not. But it is smart. And if it doesn’t work and Oklahoma stops using national banks and other vendors and starts using regional or Oklahoma-based companies, that will be good for the people of Oklahoma. And isn’t THAT a novel concept!

And what can we do? Exactly the same thing, writ small. Take your business away from InBev (Anheuser-Busch), Disney, Marvel, and all the other woke corporations whose business plans very carefully exclude the bedrock of America. You know…real Americans who buy their products.

If InBev and Marvel want to cater to trannies, let them! I am sure that the vast and growing (groomers!) population of transsexuals will pick up the slack buying Bud Light and all will be well. And Marvel’s ticket sales will soon explode! Really! Those folks are itching to spend their money where it will do the most good for woke corporations that support their lifestyle. Besides, how many frat-boy types are there in America who have stopped drinking Bud Light. It can’t be more than 10,000,000! And based on the ads produced by corporate America there at least that many trannies and their enablers!

So all is well with Woke corporate America!