The Morning Rant


American Exceptionalism…the result of 2,500 years of development of Western Culture, is being subsumed in an invasion of people whose world-view is alien to all of the concepts that drove the success of America. Self reliance, independence, entrepreneurial spirit, intelligence, and most of all, a healthy suspicion of government.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 changed the course of our history by shifting immigration away from the idea that it should mirror the current makeup of the country, and toward a radically different source of immigrants: countries that had no history and culture of freedom, autonomy from government, or even a spirit of independent work, free from the control of government.

Fast forward 60 years and even the minimal controls over the border that were assumed by Americans have become laughable. Millions of illegals pour over our borders every year, encouraged by the lawlessness of whichever political party happens to be in control. These poorly educated, government-loving criminals suck up huge amounts of government transfer payments in the form of welfare, medical care, and cost our society billions in criminality.

But the payoff is clear; it has shifted huge swathes of America into reliable Democrat-voting areas. Never mind that unbridled illegal (and legal) immigration has created the conditions for chaos in our society…a breakdown of civil culture and a dismantling of the structure of society that created the greatest economic and social powerhouse the world has known.

But is there a solution? Or is this simply shoveling shit against the tide?

Governor Abbott Deploys New Texas Tactical Border Force

Governor Greg Abbott today announced the deployment of the new Texas Tactical Border Force to the Texas-Mexico border to respond to the growing border crisis at Austin Bergstrom International Airport in Austin. With President Joe Biden ending Title 42 this Thursday, the Governor is enhancing Texas’ unprecedented border security efforts with the tactical deployment of hundreds of Texas National Guard soldiers to join the thousands already deployed as part of Operation Lone Star and serve on the new border force for targeted responses as the nation braces for an expected spike in illegal immigration.

Sounds great, but it’s just more theater from Abbott. Until Texas can deport the illegals crashing the border, and those already in the state, they are just playing Whack-A-Wetback.

As J.J. Sefton wrote a few days ago, the solution to our illegal immigration problem is clear, simple and impossible to enact. Seal the border, end legal immigration for 10 years, enforce existing law, end benefits to illegals, tax remittances at a high rate (90%), end sanctuary policies, end bilingualism, streamline deportation of ALL illegals (including their children), and create significant criminal penalties for employing illegals. I would add one more…end the anchor baby scam.

But before we can do these things we need a majority in congress that actually cares about Americans more than they care about the next cocktail party and their bank accounts, and a president who is willing to go to the American people and explain why this is the only way to save our country. And then we need three or four terms of presidents like that.

Can anyone imagine that happening? Sefton and I spoke about the border crisis in the current CJN Speaks, and my conclusion is that absent about 20 years of hardnosed conservative leadership willing to do the tough and unpopular (with the media) things, our country is doomed.

It’s difficult to see any other outcome…