The Catastrophically Misplaced National Security Focus Of The Biden Junta

Actually, the idea that a border dispute between two regional kleptocracies is of any importance to the security of the United States is too stupid a thought to entertain for more than a few seconds, unless you are a highly placed official in ersatz president Biden’s inner circle. In which case the interests of America are unimportant…the only thing that matters is keeping the graft flowing freely.

Once the Russian armed forces were exposed as being mediocre at best, the war became a garden variety war of attrition, without sufficient superiority on either side for a decisive campaign. Whether that remains in effect is a question for experts on the Russian military, but it makes no sense to assume that had Putin been capable of a fast and decisive military campaign he would not have done so.

Ukraine Conflict Could Now Last DECADES, According to Biden Govt Insiders.

Joe Biden’s government is now planning for the Ukraine conflict to last years – “perhaps decades” – with no clear victor, according to insider claims.

POLITICO – a German-owned outlet the “intelligence community” often uses to plant information – spoke to a number of current and former officials “granted anonymity to describe sensitive issues” who believe Ukraine could become a frozen conflict.

“We are planning for the long term, whether it looks frozen or thawed,” said a source the report described as a “U.S. official familiar with the Biden administration’s discussions on Ukraine.”

The new claims echo a warning made by National Pulse editor Raheem Kassam on Steve Bannon’s War Room in December 2021. Kassam said at the time: “If Americans thought Afghanistan was a debacle and took decades, and trillions of dollars, then let me tell you this as a matter of fact: if you get into a hot war with Russia over Ukraine, you will be there for 50 years, and tens of trillions of dollars. This is no small altercation you’re talking about, and not a short altercation you’re talking about.”

We have the current version of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Korea, Iraq…a huge and deep hole into which America pours its treasure, but hopefully not its blood….yet. Until we get a populist president in the White House this never-ending war will continue to be financed by the people of America, for no other reason than to maintain the graft, and to deflect our attention away from the monumental domestic problems that are probably the first 50 on most American’s lists of issues before you hit Ukraine.

But the senile drooler-in-chief has powerful allies in the media who are content to lie about Ukraine’s importance in the geopolitical dance. Never mind that China is by far the more aggressive adversary, and by far the greatest national security threat we face.

What is it going to look like? Just like a dozen other low-intensity conflicts, only with modern missile defenses and anti-aircraft systems that make air superiority a pipe dream. And that costs…a lot! Ukraine isn’t running out of rifle ammunition…it is running out of complex and expensive weapons that have no robust supply chain and manufacturing capacity that can be ramped up at a moment’s notice. So we are depleting our own stocks to prop up the Ukrainian klepotcrats so that they can lounge and shop on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and Bond Street while their own people suffer…a little bit.

Just wait until next year’s military budget when the Joint Chiefs tell Congress that we are down 50% from our planned stocks and we must jump start the already bloated and wealthy military-industrial complex with a few hundred billion dollars to get their assembly lines rolling faster. Too bad Eisenhower isn’t around to point it out (having done nothing about it!).

All for a war that means nothing to our security, and even very little to Europe’s security. Russia isn’t going to invade Poland or Romania or Slovakia…they have demonstrated that they can’t conduct a successful war on their own border, much less project force.

And coincidentally, China is the biggest buyer of Russian oil. I wonder if there is any connection?