The Morning Report 5/31/23

Good morning, kids. Not that I really care, insofar as thinking it’s going to solve or at least make the beginnings of a dent in getting our fiscal house in order, but the vote on the debt ceiling “deal” is today. I assume it has the votes to pass but along with the stalwarts on our side who are standing firm and voting no, Titty-Caca Ocasio Cortez will be joining them, albeit for very different reasons as you can well imagine. 

That said, will she be able to drag a significant number of her fellow travelers to help torpedo this bullshit? We shall see. Some have postulated that should we default on the debt and suspend to a greater or lesser extent the activity of this corrupt, amoral bureaucracy, there will be some initial pain to the ordinary citizen but long term, the effect would be negligible if not salutary. Meh, they observe the Constitution only when it advances their anti-Constitutional agenda. When it doesn’t, they breach it altogether, their amorality only exceeded by those allegedly on our side who do nothing to stop them. Pleas from National Review to go on a cruise and the RNC to donate so we can have a majority in Congress to stop them notwithstanding. If the junta wants/needs money, they’ll get it one way or another, the law be damned.

And speaking of the lawless near-totalitarian junta hell bent on absolute power, supposedly Rep James Comer is going to hold jet-setting Gestapo chief Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over the evidence that implicates the Biden Crime Family in its generational scheme to sell off America’s national policy interests to the highest bidder. What that means in terms of actual punishment – for Wray, since there will be nothing even remotely resembling punishment for Joey and his bastard of a bastard-making son – is anyone’s guess. But, like those he’s protecting, it’s safe to assume that Wray is also untouchable. Pun intended.

Here’s a novel concept: The FBI is not above the law. In theory, of course, it’s true, as in no American is above the law. But is it really true in the sense that its leaders can be brought to justice if they break the law?  That’ll be the day. 

Ever hear of Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok? They were J. Edgar Hoover without the charm, spied on a presidential campaign without sufficient evidence, lied to the courts and never paid a price.  In fact, each got a lot richer thanks to the big shots who monetize the Hate Donald Trump fan clubs in cable TV and publishing houses. 

The unmistakable lesson is that crime, or something very much like crime, paid handsomely in their cases. If they weren’t above the law, they were certainly beyond its reach. So we must believe that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was speaking hopefully, not literally, when he told Fox Tuesday morning that unless FBI Director Christopher Wray turns over a document alleging Joe Biden sold his office as part of a $5 million bribery scheme when he was vice president, Congress will move to hold him in contempt. 

“I personally called Director Wray and told him he needs to send that document,” McCarthy said. “We have jurisdiction over this . . . And if he does not follow through with the law, we will move contempt charges against Christopher Wray and the FBI. They are not above the law.”  To which Wray effectively replied, go ahead, make my day, with the FBI later refusing to give up the document. Republicans can pass their contempt citation, but it’s up to the Justice Department to turn contempt into a prosecution. And anybody who thinks Attorney General Merrick Garland is going to prosecute Wray for shielding the Biden family hasn’t been paying attention.

Garland is the ringleader of the protect Biden club. If Wray is held in contempt, Biden would probably give him a merit raise. 

The document demand grows out of a whistleblower’s testimony before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, where GOP chairman James Comer has been banging the drum loudly about the Bidens’ decades-long grift. He used subpoena power to get bank records showing as many as nine members of the Biden gang got a cut of a big Chinese deal and recently revealed a complex web of bank accounts that Hunter Biden set up to receive and disburse huge sums from foreign paymasters. 

As Comer and others have noted, no legitimate business moves money around that way through shell company accounts. And what, they ask, was the actual product the Bidens were selling? In response to Comer’s demands and McCarthy’ threat, the FBI initially issued a boilerplate statement that sounded as if Wray might play ball:  

“The FBI remains committed to cooperating with Congress’s oversight requests on this matter and others as we always have, and we continue to be in touch with members of Congress regarding this request.”  That was a head fake, for late Tuesday, Comer said the answer he got was a hard no, adding the “FBI’s decision to stiff-arm Congress and hide this information from the American people is obstructionist and unacceptable.”  He added that although he and Wray would talk Wednesday, the panel “will now be taking steps to hold the FBI Director in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a lawful subpoena.”  Perhaps, but Comer has to know he can’t count on any Democratic votes. This will require Republican focus and unity — and thick skins to put up with the media abuse as it, too, protects the Bidens. 

The conflict comes at an important moment in the many House investigations. Other whistleblowers have also come forward, including more than 20 who told the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI is deeply politicized in favor of Democrats and the far-left.  They said it singles out pro-life groups, Catholics and parents attending school board meetings as a way of intimidating those groups. The whistleblowers also charged there is a pattern of top officials inflating cases beyond the evidence so they can be classified as domestic violence extremism, satisfying a favorite talking point of Democrats.  Three of the whistleblowers had their security clearances revoked as they prepared to testify, Fox reported.  Perhaps the most intriguing of those who came forward was Gary Shapley, the whistleblower who alleges the IRS has slow-walked the Hunter Biden case to avoid filing charges. . . 

. . . The lesson so far is that, no matter what McCarthy and Comer say, the White House and executive agencies believe they are above the law, and will protect the president and his family for as long as they can. Although it’s obvious that Joe Biden profited from and participated in the influence-peddling schemes, if justice comes, it will come despite the current leaders of federal law enforcement, not because of them.  That’s why the showdown over the document must result in either Congress getting the document or Wray being held in contempt. Only when the obstructionists pay a personal price will they begin to calculate whether they want to risk their careers and reputations defending a corrupt president.

“Risk their careers and reputations defending a corrupt president?” What Michael Goodwin and so many others fail to recognize is that their central responsibility in their careers IS defending a corrupt so-called “president.” That is, one who is firmly “down for the struggle” to destroy America as founded and supplant it with a regime firmly in the camp of the DC-Davos-Brussels-Beijing Axis. Meaning Democrats and RINO stooges who don’t stray far from the plantation. Naturally, lorded and over by the “elites” as they fancy themselves.

And if the power of their office won’t do the trick, they have government-approved (if not directed) street thugs to get your mind right, i.e., beat your brains in. (Warning: the photo is disturbing)

“The attack happened just before 10:30 a.m. at the clinic along North Howard Street, according to police. The two victims are both men, 73 and 80 years old,” KATV reported Tuesday. 

LifeSiteNews first reported on the incident Saturday. Local pro-lifer John Roswell told the outlet via email that Dick Schafer and Mark Crosby are the men who were allegedly attacked and seriously injured.  The pro-life outlet obtained photographs of what appear to be facial injuries. Roswell said that Schafer is “recovering at home” and Crosby was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“Detailing the extent of the injuries, Roswell wrote that Crosby’s ‘plate bone in his upper right cheek is completely fractured,’ and that he ‘is bleeding from some unidentified area behind his eye and the bone eye orbit is completely shattered and will have to be replaced with metal,”‘ according to the report. Dr. Jay Walton, the president of Baltimore County Right to Life, started a GoFundMe for Crosby’s medical expenses. Walton said Crosby was “brutally beaten…while he was praying in front of the Planned Parenthood in Baltimore City.”

. . . Police said the suspect was allegedly seen passing the men before turning around to engage with them, CBS News reported.  The suspect was allegedly seen “having a visibly aggressive conversation” with one of the pro-lifers before he became physical. “The suspect is then observed about to turn away but rushes [at Crosby] and tackles him over a large flowerpot,” police said. Schafer reportedly tried to help Crosby, but was shoved to the ground and cut his hand, according to local news reports. “Officers said the suspect then continued to punch and kick Crosby,” KATV reported.  Police are still searching for the attacker, according to the report.

Remember that the FBI and DOJ will send SWAT teams to your door to terrorize you and your family as they drag you away for thought crimes, like they did to Mark Houck, 

But pregnancy crisis centers and churches?

Or Supreme Court justices who don’t vote like they’re supposed to?

Leave us alone. We’re far too busy concocting entrapment schemes, peon!

Hot on the heels of the news that the Feds have downgraded terrorism charges against Sai Varshith Kandula from threatening the president and vice president to what amounts to a fender bender, comes a new warning from the Department of Homeland Security. As you may recall, Kandula, who had a Nazi flag with him, crashed a U-Haul into the barriers of Lafayette Square.

And as you know, the fact that the same government that has told us there is nothing to see in the Kandula incident has also been very adept at targeting pro-lifers, and Catholics, making sure that the J6ers serve as a warning to us all, and harvesting bank information. Oh, and it also gave us the “Pyramid of Far Right Radicalization,” not to mention the PREVENTS-OH seminar at the University of Dayton.

Now the DOJ is warning the country about a potential increase in domestic terrorism. Why? Because election season is ramping up. And of course, that means that we need to heighten our awareness. See something, say something. The caveat may be that doing so depends on who you see and what they are doing. Just the News has obtained a DOJ bulletin titled “Summary of Terrorism Threat to the United States.”

The United States remains in a heightened threat environment. Lone offenders and small groups motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and personal grievances continue to pose a persistent and lethal threat to the Homeland. Both domestic violent extremists (DVEs) and those associated with foreign terrorist organizations continue to attempt to motivate supporters to conduct attacks in the Homeland, including through violent extremist messaging and online calls for violence. In the coming months, factors that could mobilize individuals to commit violence include their perceptions of the 2024 general election cycle and legislative or judicial decisions pertaining to sociopolitical issues. Likely targets of potential violence include US critical infrastructure, faith-based institutions, individuals or events associated with the LGBTQIA+ community, schools, racial and ethnic minorities, and government facilities and personnel, including law enforcement.

The above-mentioned triangle and seminars address things such as PragerU, Quillette, Turning Point USA, The Heritage Foundation, and Republicans in general. And the bulletin cited examples such as the Covenant School shootings, and the recent shootings at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, done by a person who “held views consistent with racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist (RMVE) and involuntary celibate violent extremist ideologies.” It also mentions a white supremacist who tried to burn down an Ohio church that was planning a drag event and the white supremacists who attacked electrical substations in Maryland. . . 

. . . No civilized person wants to see mass shootings, arson, or attacks on electrical substations. But I’d have more confidence in this bulletin if there had also been a “Pyramid of Far Left Radicalization.” But I’m not going to hold my breath. And neither should you.

Meanwhile the Homo-Tranny brigades just made Target their target for backing down on selling pervert gear to toddlers. Kind of puts Wray and Garland in a bit of a pickle. Target is ultra-pro-Lefty and regime approved, yet so are the mostly peaceful (and fabulous!) terrorists. Maybe if they add glitter and Astro-Glide to their Molotov cocktails, everyone will be ameliorated.





  • Michael Goodwin: “The lesson so far is that, no matter what McCarthy and Comer say, the White House and executive agencies believe they are above the law, and will protect the president and his family for as long as they can. Although it’s obvious that Joe Biden profited from and participated in the influence-peddling schemes, if justice comes, it will come despite the current leaders of federal law enforcement, not because of them.” The Biden Family is Under the Protection of the Nation’s Top Lawmen
  • “The FBI’s decision to stiff-arm Congress and hide this information from the American people is obstructionist and unacceptable. While I have a call scheduled with FBI Director Wray tomorrow to discuss his response further, the Committee has been clear in its intent to protect Congressional oversight authorities and will now be taking steps to hold the FBI Director in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a lawful subpoena,” Comer said in a statement. House Oversight Committee Will Hold FBI Director In Contempt Of Congress, Rep. Comer Says
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  • The shortage is being most acutely felt in the generic drug market, which accounts for nearly 90% of U.S. prescriptions. The exact number of drugs being affected depends on who you ask — according to a Senate report at the end of last year, the U.S. reached a peak level of 295 active drug shortages, although as of March, the FDA claims there are 130. The American Society of Health reports 301 drug shortages as of the first quarter of 2023. (thank you, Chamber of Commerce, Big Pharma and Obamacare! – jjs) U.S. Faces Massive Shortage Of Prescription Drugs
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  • “PTA president in @MurraySchoolsUT, Jennifer Auwerda, has relentlessly bullied me and my family just because we don’t want Gender/Queer ideology in Murray School District, Utah,” Despain wrote in the tweet containing the video. “Today she ordered 7 Pride flags to be staked into our front yard without our permission.” (beat her to pulp with it and shove it up her nose – jjs) Utah School PTA President Allegedly Orders LGBT Flags To Be Staked In Yard Of Mom Who Opposed Gender Ideology
  • The lawsuit asks the court to declare the law “unconstitutional and void in its entirety” under the Nebraska Constitution. LB 574 includes its 12-week abortion ban, the Preborn Child Protection Act, in sections 1-6 of the bill, while banning “gender-altering surgeries” and restricting puberty blockers for minors in sections 14-20, the Let Them Grow Act. ACLU Sues Red State Over Law Banning Sex Changes For Kids
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  • “She was fearless and passionate, especially when reporting about repressive regimes around the world. Claudia was the only print journalist who witnessed the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989, dodging bullets to get the story out to the world (you can read her first-hand account here). She was also a fierce critic of the United Nations and is widely credited with exposing corruption in the international body. She received several awards for her reporting on the UN’s Oil-for-Food program in Iraq. In recent years she had traveled to Hong Kong to cover protests over the encroachment of China. She was also a foreign policy fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum.” Claudia Rosett, 1955-2023: One of the Most Courageous Journalists of Our Time

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