The Morning Rant

We’re shocked to learn that crime is out of control!

This is the same tired trope oozing from the lying maws of the leaders of every blue sh*thole in America. Never mind that the violence is simply accelerating and that more people are aware of it. It has been going on for a very long time, but every new administration needs to pretend that only they have the brilliant new programs (midnight basketball anyone?) to combat it. And never mind that the data are clear, especially from the biggest city in America, that simple, aggressive, zero-tolerance policing will fix the problem very, very quickly. Rudy Giuliani Raymond Kelly and Ben Bratton knew that, embraced it, and made NYC the safest large city in the nation.

But we must race-bait! We must blame “structural racism,” we must blame everything and everyone except for the true culprits. And we must never hold those people accountable for their actions! So decriminalize, stop arresting, stop putting people in jail, and focus on “outreach” and “diversion” and all of the other nonsensical terms the squishy left uses to describe letting animals run free in our cities.

Here’s Chicago’s New Mayor’s Reason for Why the Number of Shootings Are High

Poverty didn’t go away over the weekend. Like we understand that when communities have been disinvested in and traumatized, that you are seeing the manifestation of that trauma…

Ah, so it is poverty and disinvestment that causes homicide? Interesting that since the civil rights pushes of the 1960s, the murder and violence in inner city America has gotten worse. How could that be? Didn’t we begin to alleviate the very problems that are being blamed for today’s violence? And shouldn’t violent crime in black America have been far worse before the civil rights era?

Oh, but it gets even better and more Orwellian!

“There was a lot of activity going on, and that activity was safe, by and large. We had additional activity going on because of these community organizations all over the city, and they had many successful events engaging families and young people in particular. We didn’t see the significant incidents that we’ve had downtown for the most part, by and large,” the City Hall source said, without mentioning the shooting that closed North Avenue beach for a few hours on Friday afternoon. ‘Where we struggled was, obviously, on some of the shootings and homicides. And primarily we struggled between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. That’s something that we have to look at more closely,” said the source.

That is just perfect! everything was fine except for the murders!

This is the lunacy of the progressives that run most large cities in America. They have to reinvent the wheel, making it square and useless, all in service to their visceral hatred of traditional American norms of behavior, which include two-parent households, religion, upward mobility through education…you know…all the stuff that black America was doing fine with until LBJ’s execrable Great Society destroyed the family.

So Chicago is going to continue its descent into chaos, while its leaders jabber about imaginary causes and even more ridiculous solutions, none of which will work. And each day will bring more death and destruction, conveniently blamed on the boogeymen of white America. Which will fuel more resentment, more racism, more violence, until Chicago comes to its senses (unlikely), or becomes Detroit…a shadow of its former self.