The Morning Rant

It’s not really news, because everyone with two synapses to rub together knows that the Mad Mullahs are desperate to develop or acquire nuclear weapons. Their peculiarly psychotic brand of Islam foretells the arrival of the 12th Imam, who will usher in a world-wide caliphate. And how to hasten that? Well…destroy the great Satan and the little Satan…otherwise known as America and Israel.

Luckily for the robed kleptocratic murderers in Tehran, America is rushing blindly to give them exactly what they need to build their own nuclear weapons: access to embargoed cash, easing of inspections, and a relaxation of trade restrictions. They need hard currency and industrial supplies to speed things up, and the Biden junta is just pleased as can be to help them out.

Why? Why help lunatics get nuclear weapons? Lots of reasons, but it boils down to a few. The first is the desire of all right-thinking globalists to diminish the idea of super-powers running the world. They would much rather have regional powers that compete, rather than America as (up until recently) the world’s sheriff.

But there already is a regional power in the Middle East…Israel! And we come to another reason…the rabid anti-Israel and anti-Semitic traditions of the United States Department of State. They cannot stand Israel, they are historically antipathetic towards Jews (see their vile behavior before and during the Holocaust, and their current support of Palestinian terror), and now they have fellow travelers in the White House!

So any expectation that the administration will look at the actual data about what Iran is doing and what Iran’s intentions are is simply a pipe dream. They will manipulate and obfuscate in service to their goal, which is a nuclear Iran that can challenge Israel.

Foreign Intel Agencies Say Iran On Cusp of Testing First Nuke

Iran continues to pursue illicit nuclear weapons technology across Europe and is on the cusp of testing its first nuclear warhead, according to intelligence estimates from three separate countries.

“The Iranian regime has consistently sought to obtain technology for its illegal nuclear program and ballistic missile apparatus,” according to a summary of separate intelligence products published by the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden during the first half of this year.

With American support for Israel and its battle with the genocidal maniacs waning, Israel will have to look for other sources of support on the world stage, so it is not surprising at all that they are looking to the east.

Report: Netanyahu to Visit China, a Broadside to Biden

An Iranian nuclear weapon is an existential threat to Israel and, to a lesser extent to several of the gulf nations. There is no love lost between Iran (Shia) and the Saudis (Sunni), which can partially explain the thawing of the Israel-KSA relationship. The rest of the explanation is of course President Trump and his level-headed and rational approach to calming the tensions in the Middle East.

But without solid American backing, Israel must look elsewhere for friends to blunt the Iranian threat and remain approximately neutral if war is inevitable to stop the Mullahs. And that elsewhere is everywhere…China of course, but also India and Russia.

This is an attenuation of an important strategic alliance for America. Israel’s technological prowess is legendary, and its intelligence gathering and cyber-warfare capabilities are unmatched. And the Biden junta is carefully rejecting that relationship in furtherance of its own destructive world view.