They Lie. They All Lie. They All Lie All Of The Time.

[6/30/23 in Suburban Northern New Jersey]

They think we are stupid and can focus on a topic, no matter how intense and infuriating, for a finite (and very short) amount of time. They think that we will fall back into our comfortable patterns in consumption — shopping and viewing and reading — and will resume the funding of their society-destroying manipulation of everything traditional, religious, spiritual, masculine…

All of this erosion of our soul as a country is in service to a larger mindset whose bedrock is power, no matter how they obfuscate. And not just power, but centralized power. Governmental, corporate power over everything we do. That the lines between corporations and governments are blurring is not a coincidence. and the progression from a free people to an enslaved one will go through that evil cabal doing each other’s bidding: the corporation pushing the latest culture-eroding policy in exchange for some tax or regulatory relief, and restocking the revolving door with a few corporate board positions and directorships.

All of this is not part of some grand conspiracy, but rather the confluence of like-minded people who share a common goal, and know how to work toward it. It’s a wink and a nod, and I doubt it is ever spoken. But it exists everywhere where men have power over other men.

And their greatest tool is the simple lie. “Gender Affirming Care” is a lie. “Diversity, Equality, Inclusion” is a lie. “Pride” is a lie. “Equal Opportunity” is a lie. “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” is a lie. “Reproductive Health Care” is a lie. “Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act” is a lie. “Voting Rights Act” is a lie. “Body Positivity” is a lie.

The technique is simple and powerful…degrade the language, make everything relative, hide the true intention behind a mass of anodyne sayings and misdirection, so previously clear and unambiguous ideas are blurred. “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano” (A sound mind in a sound body) has been shifted over the last two generations into an insane belief that no matter how unhealthy one’s life is, that it should be celebrated by society…on pain of government action!

You weigh 350 pounds and have multiple health issues? Wonderful! Let’s put you on the cover of a beauty magazine! Because how YOU feel about yourself is more important than the reality. But that is a lie.

You are a 15-year-old girl who feels awkward and out of place in society? We have a cure for that…we’ll cut your breasts off, build a Frankensteinian ersatz phallus, and give you powerful drugs so you can pretend you are a man. But that is a lie.

Government spends $2 trillion in response to a foreign-manufactured virus, driving us farther into a debt we cannot repay, and they tell us that it will improve the economy? But that is a lie.

A generation ago, many of us were reflexive in our support for many of the things that our government and corporations did. “The War On Terror,” “The Patriot Act,” “Back The Blue,” shifting manufacturing to low-cost countries with the promise that it would make us stronger, and on and on. And cultural shifts were even more profound: gay marriage, the move away from traditional education, embracing social media at the expense of normal human interaction…the confluence of all of these seemingly disparate shifts have conspired to untether our society from its bedrock of family, religion, patriotism.

But recently the curtain has been pulled back ever so slightly from the machinations of that evil cabal…and the senescence of our great country and culture — American Exceptionalism — has been slowed.

Will we continue to pay attention? Will we continue to call them on their monstrous lies? Will we continue to push back about the most evil lie of them all…”For The Children?” Because that is what finally caught the attention of a sleepy and passive America; when we finally noticed the evils perpetrated in our names on our children…in their schools and physician’s offices.

Will that be the final overreach of the globalists who seek to destroy everything we have built over the last 400 years? They are going after our children, and that is simply too much to bear!