The Morning Rant

It’s easy to assume some vast conspiracy when seemingly every decision, statement, indictment, trial and conviction orchestrated by the Department of (In)Justice is so obviously politically motivated and designed to protect the Democrat political apparatus and destroy any political challenge to its hegemony.

But no conspiracy is needed; no grand orchestration controlled by some mad behind-the-scenes conductor is needed when the entire bureaucratic focus is designed to further those goals without central direction. That is a result of 100 years of that bureaucracy building itself in its own image. When everyone understands the goal, when all hiring and promotion is to facilitate the consolidation of the bureaucracy’s power and influence, when only the Democrat party is a reliable partner, then no conspiracy is needed.

DOJ Rot Goes So Much Deeper Than Merrick Garland

But if the blame — and punishment — for the DOJ corruption revealed by whistleblowers stops with Merrick Garland or even Joe Biden, it will happen again.

That’s because the Justice Department’s pattern of shielding the Biden family from the law wasn’t masterminded by either man. It happened because of career officials and bureaucrats, whose names most Americans don’t know, and whom Americans will never have the chance to vote out. They didn’t have to be told what to do.

Before the investigation into Hunter Biden was even opened, the Russia-collusion hoax orchestrated against then-candidate Trump in 2016 offered more evidence of rank-and-file DOJ corruption, such as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page‘s conversation about their plan to “stop” Trump from becoming president. While that op occurred under a Democrat president, it relied on individual hacks in Justice Department cubicles, not just on Obama-appointed political operatives like then-FBI Director James Comey.

The problem of a bureaucracy so bloated that the people’s elected servants in Congress and the White House can’t keep track of, let alone shut down, its mischief is not unique to the DOJ. But the Justice Department’s role as arbiter of how — or to whom — the law applies makes its rule-by-pencil-pusher especially dangerous.

This is the corporate culture of the Leviathan. It has been part and parcel of the administrative deep state for generations, and it is peeling off its camouflage because the Democrat administration is enthusiastically supportive of everything it does, so there is no reason to pretend to be impartial…to pretend to do what it is supposed to do in a functioning republic.

The chaotic Biden junta pumps more money into the DOJ and provides increasingly insane direction: transgender rights over all others, bald-faced racialist policies, hysterical media support for the kangaroo-court January 6th persecutions. That provides them with the legal cover to pursue the administration’s enemies in a Kafkaesque display of the power of an out-of-control central government. So why would the deep state bite the hand that feeds it?

Merrick Garland is the titular head of the DOJ, but they would act very similarly no matter who was in charge. He is merely the result of a logical progression whose culmination is a rabidly partisan and unapologetic despot who uses every bit of the coercive power of the state to further the consolidation of power in Democrat Washington D.C.

L’état, c’est nous.