The Morning Report 7/11/23

ood morning, kids. In case you missed it, there was an horrific mass stabbing at a Chinese kindergarten the other day that left six dead, three of whom were children. 

Obviously, with everything else going on both here and abroad something like this, as terrible as it is, becomes only so much background noise before disappearing altogether as the news cycles spin and move on to something else. It’s worth noting, not only as a juxtaposition to the gun control stories over here but also because this is not a one-off crime. There have been a spate of mass stabbings at Chi-Com schools and a few other places going back at least 15 years if not longer. It’s a story that if it can’t be embargoed altogether by Chi-Com propagandists and their western “comrades” gets excused as a one-off mental health issue, or swept under the rug if at all possible – which is the exact opposite of what happens here when it involves a gun, a white heterosexual male, and a non-leftist. Preferably all of the above, but I digress.

No, there is something going on in China that the media do not want revealed. Again, horrific in the extreme as to the nature and victims of these attacks, there is an underlying cause beyond “mental health issues” not being reported: rage at the Chinese Communist Party. 

I distinctly remember a few years ago featuring a link (and damned if I can’t locate it) to a China expert who made a strong case that a mass stabbing incident at that time, and the majority of all the others to that point were individuals striking out at the regime. Many of these schools where the attacks occurred cater to the children of party members, be they local, regional or even national. Anger at the one child policy, economic reform dislocations, repression of Uighur or other minorities, etc. etc. Whatever reason, the perps seem to blame one target. But with no access to firearms, and no real avenues of protest or resistance since that lands you in a gulag or dead, desperate and barbaric as these attacks are, the children of the regime are shockingly vulnerable, even in a totalitarian police state, and so they wind up in the crosshairs.

Whatever the hell is going on both here and in the rest of the world, although the propaganda shows China set to take all the marbles, the disaster of One-Child, a tanking economy, and rampant government corruption that perhaps rivals the Bidens and Clintons could be a black swan event that might bring them down like a soggy eggroll. These stabbing sprees perhaps are anecdotal, but taken together they are an indicator that all is not well behind the Great Wall. Before you start cheering, remember that regimes that find themselves facing internal unrest usually strike out militarily to rally the people. Hello, Taiwan.

Of course, we all know that the shithouse we live in is about to go up in flames at any second, so I guess it’s a race to the bottom to see who collapses first. Friend of the blog Kurt Schlichter:

It’s undeniable that PINO – President-In-Name-Only – Joe Biden is massively corrupt in every possible way. From leveraging his position as vice-president for cash to covering up for his meth-addled, stripper-banging, scumbag son – who is currently spilling his Bolivian party powder all over the White House – this senile pervert is a one-man crimewave. And the ruling class simply doesn’t care. If anything, its members are happy about it. This is not something they merely excuse. This is something that they find a positive good. Grandpa Badfinger reset the corruption bar for all of them. Now they too can now freely line their own pockets without fear of shame or prosecution while sending us proles an unequivocal message – we can do whatever we want.

As the gang at the Ruthless podcast (who I’m scheduled to visit next month) observe, this is not about hypocrisy. We’re so far past “Imagine the scandal if Trump did that!” This is about hierarchy. This is to show you that they have power and there is nothing you can do about it.

But I’m unconvinced they are thinking this through. . . 

. . .Look at all the norms and the rules and the guardrails that have been bulldozed away and you might well wonder what the bottom of this slippery slope is going look like. But those of us with a glancing familiarity with history don’t wonder. We know the answer, and the answer is not particularly nice. In the short-term, America will stumble along under the New Corruption for a while, but over time this is unsustainable. These guys are running our country on the fumes of the empty gas tank of American democracy. They keep going because of inertia, running on the power of default. Normal people want to think everything‘s just going along as it always has, but they can sense that something is wrong. They are troubled when they see the persecution of Donald Trump and other dissidents, of pandemic shenanigans, of Wall Street bailouts and endless wars, but it’s comforting for them to assume that everything is working, that the system is fair and just, and that we aren’t living in a dictatorship of the Whole Foods bourgeoise. . . 

. . . How is this trend going to turn out? It’s too early to say. But it very likely will get much, much worse. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Republicans are going to nominate a man for president who the Democrats will throw in jail on trumped up charges – figuratively and literally – before the 2024 election. And then it’s going to occur to even the most unbased people that the rules don’t necessarily apply anymore. Oh, we’re not going to break into some sort of civil war because Trump gets hauled off to Leavenworth. That’s not likely for a number of reasons. But it is going to destroy the illusions of norms for the normals, and the illusion of norms matters. Norms are, in fact, the only real protection those currently engaged in eliminating the norms have.

I’ve often said that Trump is not our last chance but their last chance, and that remains accurate. A backlash is coming. It’s inevitable. Just look at history, which is a giant timeline of rebellions and reformations and revolutions. The idea that the mass of Americans is going to spend the rest of eternity being bullied by a bunch of people with the politics of a divorced Santa Monica wine mom simply goes against everything history teaches us. The question is not if they are stopped but how, and how hard.

I’d like to think a backlash is coming, but as the good Colonel notes it likely will not involve anything that even remotely resembles an ordered process, certainly not the “regular order” of elections or even of mass peaceful protests, since the former are no doubt set to be rigged and the latter will be distorted as and even prosecuted as sedition, insurrection or treason. 

What I have been fumbling around trying to characterize us as a nation and society – a “zombie state” where we live in an illusion of regular order – Schlichter manages to precisely define much more accurately as I highlighted above. But he is right that it cannot go on like this indefinitely. While he is sure about a backlash, we are dangerously close to also experiencing a ramping up of a clamping down by this regime. When have they ever respected any law or court decision or election that did not go their way? Do they lick their wounds, engage in a healthy dose of introspection and adjust their politics accordingly? No. They lash out, strike out and resist with even more fury than in the initial fight that they lost. Unlike, of course, the GOP. 

Now that we are further apart than perhaps any time since the Civil War and growing farther apart almost on a daily basis, the lashing out and the disobedience for example to these latest SCOTUS decisions will reach critical mass. Ironically enough, both the Union and the Confederacy still shared a number of common cultural, political and societal traits despite the massive bloodletting that left 700,000 dead in its wake. Today, we share nothing in common with the Left. Not even basic biological function that determines the nature of the sexes. That is a recipe for abject disaster and it’s cooking up in the oven right now.

It’s comforting to know that whoever goes first, we or the Chi-Coms, once the victor of that battle collapses in a heap on top of the vanquished, the Islamos will be there to sweep us all into a mass grave.





  • [Tucker] Carlson ran a number of segments on Tucker Carlson Tonight, which sought to highlight many of the inconsistencies around Ray Epps, such as the fact he was not arrested after video footage showed him shouting “we need to go into the Capitol” as well as boasting via text that he “orchestrated” the US Capitol riots. Ray Epps is Suing
  • . . . when Democrats and left-wing activists speak of “democracy,” they really mean “progressivism.” It is quite a sleight of hand. The victim of that sleight of hand, unfortunately and ironically, is actual American democracy itself. Democrats’ Assault on “Our Democracy”


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  • Robert Spencer: “Leftists have been using fear as a tool to sell their propaganda for decades. Their doomsday scenarios are designed to force us into accepting poverty and bug-eating while China cements its global economic hegemony. The real problem is the people who believe that these ridiculous and hysterical warnings are actually real.” Good News For Dems: UN Says South Will Be Too Hot for Humans by 2070
  • David Harsanyi: “More die from over-the-counter headache medicine overdoses.” Americans Have Never Been Less Threatened by “Extreme Weather”
  • As Steve Milloy of Junk Science pointed out on Twitter, “the claim that July 3 & 4 were the ‘hottest days in at least 125,000 years’ are based on biased computer model guesswork & incomplete satellite data. What satellite data is there for 125,000 years ago?” Hottest Independence Day Ever? Nope!
  • “How will the [so-called quote-unquote “president’s”] vision for clean energy square with his vision for conserving land?” Biden in the Wind
  • “UAW President Shawn Fain, as well as the union’s members in Lordstown, Ohio, are sounding the alarm on severe cuts to auto workers’ wages as a result of the Biden [junta’s] push to steer automakers towards EVs, enticing them with federal subsidies.” (come next year, no way the UAW doesn’t endorse the Dem candidate – jjs) United Auto Workers Call Out Biden’s Green Agenda for Cutting Wages, Showering Automakers with Billions









  • “While Biden enjoyed a formal welcome with honour guard, his visit to the United Kingdom was not a full state visit, which would have entailed a greater degree of formality, as well as a state banquet. 12 U.S. Presidents [including one fraud, Biden] have made presidential visits to the United Kingdom, but just three of those have made state visits: George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.” Video: King Charles Leads Confused Biden Around at Windsor Castle Ceremony
  • “Erdoğan on Monday compared Sweden’s attempt to join NATO to Turkey’s failure to join the European Union, according to The Post. The comments caused worry Turkey would prevent Sweden from joining the military alliance at the NATO Summit the same day.” NATO To Add New Member After Close US Ally Previously Blocked Expansion
  • “One of the bloodiest Chinese school attacks took place in Shaanxi in April 2018, when a man described as a former student killed nine students and injured ten other people with a knife. Seven of the slain students were girls. Local law enforcement officials believe the assailant was seeking revenge for being bullied when he attended the school.” (Horrible as these acts are vis a vis the victims, what is not being reported is that these are acts of people lashing out at the Communist Party – jjs) China: Six Dead in Latest Kindergarten Stabbing Spree
  • “Such a short-sighted move will surely trigger China’s strong opposition and result in regional countries’ heightened vigilance!” the Global Times shrieked. (fuck these savage commie Mongoloids to hell – jjs) China Balks as South Korea, Japan Leaders Plan to Attend NATO Summit
  • “The mobilization of digital domestic informants has proved an astounding success for the communist regime.” One Heart and One Mind: The Tyranny of Xi Jinping Thought
  • “And the minorities they disproportionately target.” Mullahs’ Executions




  • “In the United States, if an insurer won’t cover a particular treatment, patients can fight. They can appeal an insurer’s decision, lobby a complaint with state regulators or enlist the help of their elected officials. They can apply for free or reduced-cost medication through patient-assistance programs that drug companies offer. Patients trapped in government-run health-care systems can try to fight, too. But cost-conscious governments are unlikely to heed their pleas. They tend to be far more interested in equity than quality.” The Insane Progressive Push for “Medicare for All”


  • “It is unclear whether this decision is good or bad. If the money was to be spent buying these satellites from new Australian satellite companies, it could have helped jump start that nation’s satellite industry. If the plan had instead been to have the government design and build the satellites, then it likely would have merely been a government jobs program that would have cost a lot and accomplished little.” New Australian government cancels $1.2 billion program to launch four government satellites
  • “First some numbers. Both Malam Cavus and Layl Cavus are deep, about 12,000 feet, or about two miles. Malam is about 15 by 30 miles across, while Layl is about 22 miles wide. To get a rough idea of the scale, the inset shows only the top half of the descent into the canyon, about 5,000 feet or equivalent to the descent into the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. Yet, this is only halfway down. The inconceivable scale of Mars’ canyons



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