The Morning Rant

Oscar Wilde may or may not have said this, but it seems apropos to say that one would need a heart of stone not to laugh at the predicament of the good people of Alameda County, California! That’s Berkeley and Oakland and a bunch of unfortunately located communities that are nonetheless on the left side of the political spectrum. And lest you think that they vote left locally, but are saner in other respects, I leave you with two names: Barbara Lee and Eric Swallwell. Yes…Alameda County gets what it votes for…good and hard!

Soros-Funded DA Facing Recall Says Families of Murder Victims Are Unable to ‘Appreciate the Work we Do’

YU: In your pursuit of achieving equity, it is favoring perpetrators over victims. Is that correct?

PRICE: It’s absolutely not true. Often, what studies have shown — and it’s true in Alameda County — many times, people who are perpetrators … are labeled as perpetrators were actually victims.

That’s a perfect encapsulation of the leftist mind-set. The thugs, the murderers, the rapists, the robbers; all of them are simply victims of systemic racism, economic fascism, rampant capitalism. Everything has conspired against them except for the leftist policies that have been ascendant for years.

Should we laugh and point? Yes…absolutely. There is very little correlation between the results of one election and living conditions, no matter what lunacy is elected. But over generations, when leftist after leftist is elected to almost every position of political power, the correlation approaches “1.”

And that is the current situation in the East Bay, and for that matter much of coastal California. I have no sympathy for these people, whose reflexive voting has resulted in death and destruction on a massive scale. There is lawlessness that is almost incomprehensible to most Americans, yet these ardent Democrat/Socialist voters have become inured to it. And when their duly elected representatives do exactly what they promised, and crime and chaos increase, and it becomes noticeable even in the comfortable suburban enclaves of relative calm, NOW they want action?

As the saying goes, a Republican is a Democrat who has been mugged. Except these people have been mugged for a generation…at least…and they show no signs of moderating their voting patterns.

So sit back, grab a big bowl of popcorn, and watch the inexorable slide of Alameda County farther into the sewer of progressive governance.