The Morning Report 7/21/23

Good morning, kids. Having politics being a pretty important interest only very late in life, I can’t seem to recall any or at least many Congressional hearings before let’s say the near high-tech lynching of then SCOTUS nominee Clarence Thomas being as ridiculously partisan as the IRS whistleblowers testifying against the Biden Crime Family and Pedo Ring as well as the weaponization of government hearings. It could be that I really wasn’t paying all that much attention to them but the Thomas hearing sure perked my ears up.

Yes, of course it’s natural for each party to be more antagonistic towards opponents and sympathetic to fellow travelers, but the levels to which the Democrats and their propagandists have gone in their desperate attempts to whitewash the decades-long graft that enriched the Bidens at the expense of our national security and interests is breathtaking. 

In parallel, of course, is the complete projection and then some of their high crimes and misdemeanors onto President Trump who, say what you will about his style, personality and character foibles, is arguably the least corrupt individual to ever serve as president in nearly a century. The way in which this government is bringing the entire criminal justice system to bear on him in an effort to not only destroy him but the very movement of national revival he has engendered is horrifying beyond my capacity to describe it. 

Joey “Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants” Biden on the other hand has a half-century record of not only being dead wrong about every major domestic and foreign policy issue, on top of being an outright fabulist and thuggish, lowlife goon, but as is finally coming to light to a much broader audience (the media’s efforts to ignore or whitewash it notwithstanding) a record of corruption and influence-peddling that is outdone only by the Clintons. 

The evidence is clear, unambiguous and massive in scope and detail, not only from Hunter Biden’s laptop which two and a half years later can no longer be excused as Russian disinformation, but from government whistleblowers who have shown the FBI and DOJ refusing to investigate the Bidens. I’m no legal eagle but aside from abrogating their oaths to uphold the law, in doing so they act as de facto co-conspirators after the fact. If not before, for all we know. And we know a lot, given so many other actions they have taken on a host of other issues from the J6 false flag set-ups to the targeting of parents at school board meetings to the refusal to investigate the firebombing of churches and pregnancy crisis centers, and on and on and on.

And yet, I present to you both laughing gas and ipecac in the form of some Junta house organ talking head from NBC. First, after this Ali Vitali clown calls the whistleblowers as “so-called whistleblowers,” referring to the release of the 1023 form by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) on the Bidens and Ukraine, she blows this moist cloud of flatus at the audience:

“This is pretty dense reading, and I’m sure that you guys went through this immediately, too. Because this is a document that we’ve really been waiting to see for a while here now, the long-fabled 1023 form that Grassley has long pointed to as a potential smoking gun implicating then-Vice President Joe Biden in the dealings with Burisma and his son Hunter. Of course, Democrats would be quick to point out that that’s not what this document does. And frankly, in reading it, there are even some things that could be lost in translation between the Russian that was being spoken by this informant with the sources that he’s referring to and the translation of that Russian. So, it’s not exactly a clean win or loss for anyone.”

Brilliant! The Willie Cicci gambit! “The Family had a lot of buffers!” Never mind a smoking nuclear Howitzer of bribes and extortion, “The meaning of the document could be lost in translation.” Well, at least he didn’t claim that going after Hunter Biden is an example of white supremacy or something. 

If anything merits a special counsel, it is the allegations buried by the FBI that a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch paid millions to bribe the “Big Guy,” then-Vice President Joe Biden, to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired.

The grave allegations contained in an FBI document released Thursday by Sen. Chuck Grassley came to light only because of a patriotic whistleblower.

It is an outrage that FBI Director Christopher Wray tried to hide this so-called FD-1023 document from congressional Oversight Committee members.

It is an outrage that Delaware US Attorney David Weiss buried it again when provided with the document in 2020 by Attorney General Bill Barr, after it had been vetted as credible by the US attorney in Pittsburgh.

Weiss inexplicably hid the FD-1023 from IRS and FBI investigators working the Hunter Biden criminal probe.

IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley has testified that the document would have “likely been material to the ongoing criminal investigation of Hunter Biden . . . As a result of the [informant] information being concealed by prosecutors from the IRS-CI and FBI investigators assigned to this investigation, we were unable to follow alleged criminal activity as would normally be completed.”

The Ukrainian American who reported the allegations contained in the FD-1023 is a trusted, long-term FBI confidential human source (CHS) to whom the FBI has paid more than $100,000.

Was no attempt made to investigate the allegations when the CHS first alerted the FBI in 2018?

Did the FBI even try to retrieve the 17 covert recordings of Joe and Hunter Biden and two “documents” that allegedly show that Mykola Zlochevsky, owner of Ukrainian energy company Burisma, was “paying the Bidens to ensure Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was fired.”

Despite Washington Post reports to the contrary, Shokin had been aggressively investigating Burisma, which was paying $83,000 a month to the crack-addicted Hunter to sit on its board from 2014 to 2019.

Zlochevsky put Hunter on the board to “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems,” the CHS attested in the FD-1023.
In February 2016, Shokin issued warrants to seize all Zlochevsky properties in Kyiv. The following month, VP Joe Biden successfully pressured the Ukrainian government into firing Shokin.

The story of the Biden family’s corrupt influence-peddling scheme, which netted tens of millions of dollars from Ukraine, China, Russia and beyond, is scandal enough.

But the coverup — from Big Tech’s censorship of The Post’s reporting from Hunter’s abandoned laptop, and CIA lies that it was Russian disinformation, to the burying of this FD-1023 — is bigger than Watergate.

Only when Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer threatened Wray with contempt proceedings did the FBI director grudgingly allow him to view the FD-1023 last month.
Most of the redactions only served to protect the Bidens. For example, all mention of the 17 recordings was redacted.

So was Zlochevsky’s comment that “Hunter Biden was stupid, and his [Zlochevsky’s] dog was smarter.”

I’d go so far as to suggest a firing squad and mass round-ups but as Miranda Devine states, let’s go for attainable goals like a special counsel. Oh wait, never mind.

Margot Cleveland, who has been a stalwart on this since the beginning highlights the equally idiotic spin from the Democrats that this NBC clown spouted. No doubt, as with virtually everything you hear in the media, the responses are identical. Mostly because they come from the same source.

A second prevalent tactic on display during Wednesday’s hearing was Democrats feigning outrage over Republicans’ complaints of a “two-tier justice system.” 

According to Democrats on the committee, that phrase belongs to the civil rights movement and may only be invoked to condemn systemic racism. Some representatives ran so hard with this theme that they spent their allocated time highlighting decades-old hate crimes rather than asking the IRS whistleblowers questions concerning their testimony. 

One representative even quizzed Shapley on his knowledge of the racial disparity seen in the prosecution of tax cases. Shapley said he was unaware of the statistic. The Democrat lawmaker then cited the relative percentages for the IRS agent, while remaining oblivious to the fact that Shapley was complaining of favoritism bestowed on the white, privileged Hunter Biden. . . 

. . . A sixth narrative Democrats pushed during the Oversight hearing was that there’s no evidence of misconduct or favoritism. But to paraphrase Shapley’s line, just repeating the same lie multiple times doesn’t make it true. And to say there’s no evidence of misconduct or favoritism is a whopper of a lie. 

The evidence of misconduct by the Bidens exists in the form of texts, emails, chat messages, bank records, suspicious activity reports, the FD-1023 report, and statements made by former business partners such as Tony Bobulinski. The public record is also replete with evidence of DOJ and FBI favoritism, including the extensive testimony of these two whistleblowers, parts of which a third whistleblower has already corroborated.

The Democrats may not like the evidence or want to talk about it, but to say none exists is about as believable as the Secret Service’s claim that they cannot determine whose cocaine was recovered in the White House. 

In parallel with the effort to protect the Bidens and destroy witnesses is the efforts to utterly stifle any voices of opposition. Were it not so equally horrifying as what is being done to Trump, the example of these Democrats going all out to censor RFK Jr. – regardless of how you feel about his politics – while seated on a committee putatively investigating government censorship is absolute farce. 

“A government that can censor its critics has license for every atrocity. It is the beginning of totalitarianism. There’s never been a time in history when we look back, and the guys who were censoring people were the good guys,” Kennedy replied.

“All of us grew up reading Arthur Koestler, Robert Heinlein, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, and they were all saying the same thing: once you start censoring, you’re on your way to dystopia and totalitarianism,” he added.

Democrats notably tried to censor Kennedy after his opening statement during the hearing, in which he defended his record on racism and antisemitism, and disputed claims by 102 Democrats in a letter that he had allegedly “spread vile and dangerous antisemitic and anti-Asian conspiracy theories.”

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who had used an earlier hearing to attack the practice of professional journalism itself, subsequently moved that the hearing be moved into “executive session,” ending the public testimony. She cited rule 11, section 2, of the House, which provides for an executive session if testimony “would tend to defame, degrade, or incriminate any person.” Republicans moved to table the motion, with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) later exclaiming: “This is a hearing on censorship that began with an effort…to censor Mr. Kennedy!”

Let me just say that for sure, RFK Jr. has had some horrible connections with Louis Farrakkkhan with which he has subsequently distanced himself from. You can decide for yourself on that one vis a vis his sincerity. His comments about the Chinese COVID vaccines in regards to Jews and Asians on the other hand, while perhaps sounding a bit loony, do have some basis in fact and I do not consider them anti-Semitic or anti-Asian. Neither does Naomi Wolf, but again, YMMV. 

His warning about government censorship on the other hand is a nuclear truth bomb. Hence, the reaction from mayonnaise/jism conditioner user Debbie Wasserman-Test. RFK Jr., like the whistleblowers, is an existential threat to the Bidens as well as the narratives and by extension the ability to control the citizenry. 

Will his presence in the race have an effect on their ability to effectively rig 2024, especially if either he and/or Cornel West go third party and not drop out? Who knows.

But, his presence does threaten the narrative and the hold on power outside of the normal electoral/political channels. Again, for the umpteenth time, I do NOT endorse RFK Jr. He is a leftist and his beliefs about global warming and other things would be equally as destructive to that of the Green New Deal of Biden et al. And he talks a big game about free speech but not so long ago, he himself called for the imprisonment of “climate deniers” and other political opponents.

Kind of an inconvenient truth right there vis a vis his new found channeling of John Peter Zenger. 

Meanwhile, we go once again to not so far away Fargo, ND where there’s more disturbing news about that attack that no one in the press seems to want to cover. Hmm, wonder why?

“It’s clear to me that this person was out to kill,” Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney said. “When you look at the amount of ammunition this shooter had in his car, he was planning on more mayhem in our community.”

In the week since the July 14 attack took place, authorities have resisted providing any specifics about the Muslim terrorist or his motive. Flag Family Media, a local radio station, had its request for information about Mohamad because it had already all been turned over to the FBI.

Mohamad’s neighbors in the Fargo housing complex claimed that he was quiet and refused to interact with them. “He didn’t want to be around you and of course that made you not want to be around him.”

Why then was Mohamad in America? As previously revealed by a Front Page Magazine investigation, decades of aggressive refugee resettlement has fundamentally changed the face of this quintessentially American city. 8% of Fargo is foreign born and Somalis, Iraqis and other Muslim refugees outnumber Hispanics in the school system. The nearby mega-mosque, blocks from where Mohamad carried out his attack, and Muslim businesses attracts other arrivals . . . 

. . . Gov. Doug Burgum had previously resisted ending refugee resettlement under Trump while claiming that the pipeline of foreign migrants showing up in the state had been vetted and were safe. Concerned North Dakota residents want answers after this latest Islamic terrorist attack.

While Mohamad’s terror attack was stopped in its tracks by his improvisation and the courage of an outgunned police officer, the next time Fargo residents and North Dakotans may not be so lucky.

“We really need a diverse population to be more like a normal American city,” Mayor Tim Mahoney had previously argued. After Fargo’s second Muslim terrorist and first major Muslim terrorist attack, does Mayor Mahoney feel that the city is diverse enough?

How many people have to die so that Fargo will meet its diversity quota?

Have a good weekend. See you tomorrow for the hobby thread. Be there. Aloha.



  • “A senior FBI official allegedly informed Twitter that the abandoned laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter Biden was real on the same day the New York Post broke news about the device’s contents in a story that Twitter went on to censor, according to newly-released testimony.” FBI Allegedly Informed Twitter The Hunter Biden Laptop Was Real On Key Date
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  • The form alleges that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden each received $5 million from Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma Holdings, after Joe Biden threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine until President Petro Poroshenko fired a prosecutor investigating Burisma. It also confirms . . . that the FBI’s informant document said that Hunter and Joe Biden allegedly “coerced” the Burisma executive into paying them $10 million in bribes, along with Grassley’s claim that the FBI informant said Zlochevsky kept 17 audio recordings of his conversations with Hunter and Joe Biden as an “insurance policy.” Document: FBI Knew About ‘Big Guy’ Joe Biden’s Ukraine Business Before Laptop from Hell Reporting
  • [Emma-Jo] Morris spoke Thursday about the Hunter Biden laptop story being censored in her opening statement at a hearing held by the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. She described a debunked letter by 51 former intelligence officials in October 2020 alleging that the Hunter Biden laptop was a “Russian information operation.” Ex-NY Post Editor Who Broke Hunter Biden Story Can’t Hold In Her Laughter During Hearing
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