The Fly In The Ointment…The Turd In The Punchbowl…The Wrench In The Works? That Should Be Us!

Oh look! Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) claims that “… injunction on mandatory “storybooks” with sex workers, kink, drag, gender transitions would cause “significant disruption,” stigmatize children, violate federal law.”

Even though Maryland law says that parents can opt out for any reason. And I recall some old and musty document from more than 100 years mentioning something about the free exercise of religion. But I’m probably misremembering it…since the modern interpretation seems to be that the state can establish its own religion as long as the object of worship is homosexuality/transgenderism/pederasty.*

But this is an out and proud proclamation that the children of America belong to the teachers. it is amazing that the school district is claiming blanket control over the children of Montgomery County…spitting in the faces of the parents who want simply to raise their children as they see fit. But the parents are doing it exactly correctly. This is civil disobedience, with the added deliciousness of the protection of state law!

School district bans opt-out from LGBTQ lessons because too many families opted out

MCPS “cannot plausibly claim that an opt-out policy that is both required by state law and was willingly followed until March 2023 could somehow harm the public interest if followed for the duration of this case,” the parents’ June 12 memorandum in support of a preliminary injunction states.

Maryland law requires districts to honor “family life and human sexuality” curriculum opt-outs “for any reason,” and MCPS policy directs schools to “accommodate requests” from students and parents for classroom content “they believe would impose a substantial burden on their religious beliefs,” the memo also states.

In addition, the storybooks go beyond “basic civility and kindness toward all,” explicitly encouraging children to “question sexuality and gender identity, focus on romantic feelings, and embrace gender transitioning,” the memo reads.

Pre-kindergarten students, for example, are required to read Pride Puppy, which “promotes pride parades as family-friendly events without cautioning about the frequent nudity and sexually explicit conduct that many parents find objectionable –especially for children.”

“Pride Puppy?” In a time when our children’s education is catastrophically bad; when kids can’t read and count; when they know nothing of our country’s history; these education-school scumbags insist on indoctrinating our children in their own peculiar brand of society-destroying leftist nonsense? How about teaching pre-kindergarten kids how to read and write and count, and let their parents worry about the other stuff. You know…that’s called freedom.

Force the wheels of the police state…the indoctrination industry…the grooming schemes…the corporate DEI mania…to grind to a halt. Boycott! Pull your kids from the offending classes! Vote out the enablers and groomers on school boards and town councils! Force a confrontation at every turn…at every change in policy…at every meeting where anti-freedom fascists and groomers after your children speak their evil!

Our founders guaranteed our right to fight tyranny with arms, but they also guaranteed our right to fight tyranny with words. And that’s what the people of Montgomery County are doing, and it looks like they are doing it quite well!

*Oops! I forgot The Sustainable Organic Church of the Carbon Apocalypse.