The Morning Rant

I was cautiously optimistic that the new Speaker of The House, Mrs. Frank Luntz, would be more aggressive, and perhaps take a few steps toward actual conservatism, instead of being a GOPe shill for The US Chamber of Commerce. Why would I think that? Well, there was considerable pressure put on him by some actual conservatives in the house before they agreed to vote for him as speaker. And his first months were modestly successful.

But this ridiculous comment, equating the criminality of the Biden family and junta with the penny-ante crap that Nixon did is just so, so, typical of a cowardly Republican party that can never go on the offensive against its and America’s enemies without some wishy-washy equivocation accepting part of the blame for the existential mess that is America.

McCarthy compares Biden to Nixon, says congressional probe will rise to ‘impeachment inquiry’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy compared President Joe Biden’s alleged weaponization of government to that of President Richard Nixon, and the California Republican said he believes the Congressional investigation will rise to an impeachment inquiry.

McCarthy said Monday on Fox News’ “Hannity” that Biden falsely claimed he never received money from China, when in reality numerous payments were made by foreign nationals to his family and shell companies while he was vice president. Simultaneously, multiple credible whistleblowers have said the Biden family has been treated differently by federal investigatory agencies, he also said.

“We would know none of this if Republicans hadn’t taken the majority,” McCarthy said.

Nixon was a liberal Republican who was a mediocre president, but the idea that he weaponized the federal government on nearly the scale that the Democrat/progressive state has is laughable. Nixon tried to use the IRS against his enemies, and George Schultz (The treasury secretary) told him to pound sand. Compare that to the Obama/Biden/Kalorama regime!

As for him taking credit for exposing the 50 year record of the Biden crime family dipping its beak into every transaction and selling its influence to the highest bidder? That is a pathetic attempt to co-opt the yeoman’s work that has been done by dozens of dedicated journalists and bloggers in investigating and exposing the unbelievably craven and treasonous conduct of the current administration and its figurehead, the drooling, shambling wreck that pretends to be a president.

And the Republican party, in which McCarthy is an important cog, carefully sabotaged the 2022 mid-term elections because of their psychotic and anti-American desire to cleanse the party of all Trumpian influences. Had they simply done their jobs, the United States Senate would be controlled by Republicans, the House of Representatives would have a solid majority, and Joseph Robinette Biden could be impeached and convicted for his obvious crimes.

As he should be.

But we are going to be subjected to another round of Republican failure theater, in which the starring roles will be played by career apparatchiks without any philosophical dedication to conservatism and the rule of law. But they are dedicated to something, and that is money, so expect another barrage of fundraising appeals piggybacked on IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT!

Good luck with that. I will never donate to the Republican party apparatus, and I will never donate to any politician who has embraced their politics of failure. It is long past the time when business-as-usual is a rational idea, and the H.L. Mencken quotation at the top of this page is all the direction the Republican party needs to get back on track…which they will never do.