The Morning Report 8/4/23

Good Morning, kids. Well, it’s official. Joe Rogan has declared that the country under Biden has indeed degenerated into a banana republic. Good of him to notice what has been blazingly self-evident to many of us for the past three years. I suppose I shouldn’t be hard on him, and in fact, given his reach, I take it as a positive sign that many who have been ignorant of it or refused to see it can no longer escape the cold hard reality. 

Aside from the in-your-face persecution of political enemies from Trump all the way down to ordinary citizens viewed as enemies of The State that make the national headlines (albeit spun and twisted to favor the junta), there are other telltale signs that are no less troubling, and in fact even more so. Not if, but when the day comes that the shit hits the fan. 

Why on earth did the NYPD cop-block a Post reporter from interviewing the migrants camped this week outside Midtown’s Roosevelt Hotel?

Yes, the public campout was a huge embarrassment for the Adams administration. But that doesn’t qualify as “exigent circumstances”, the BS excuse the cops gave to stop reporters from speaking to the migrants themselves. 

“You don’t have to be here, you want to be here,” bluffed one officer. 

Wrong: We do have to be there!

A massive throng of illegal migrants gathered in the commercial nerve center of America’s largest city as they await processing by a slapdash, jerry-rigged system that can in no way accommodate them is the definition of newsworthy. 

That Gotham’s crisis is a direct result of federal policy only makes it more so. 

Cracking down on our reporters’ First Amendment rights in response is beyond unacceptable. . . 

. . . What were the cops (or whoever told them to do this) hoping to achieve, anyway?  That they could somehow make this obvious mess go away if no pushy journalists got to stick their noses in? 

The fact that no one from the department brass has owned up to this proves that the cops recognize it was a blunder. The Adams administration played dumb as well, with Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom saying: “That seems strange, I’ll follow up. And that’s even as a private contractor the city hired to deal with the migrants crisis, DocGo, has allegedly been pulling similar shenanigans with New York Times reporters, blocking them from speaking to migrants in an Albany hotel. 

Policy solutions to our migrant crisis do exist. But banana-republic tactics against the press simply aren’t among them. 

The link goes to Murdochs’ NY Post but most of it is here as is the crux of the biscuit. The last line though says it all, despite the Post’s Editorial Board’s ridiculousness. First, the migrant crisis IS the policy and the banana republic tactics are being used because we are a banana republic. 

And even though I escaped New York a year ago for Wisconsin, this shit happened right here in what I thought was my sanctuary (no pun):

When Watertown, Wisconsin police arrested Marcus Schroeder for reading the Bible at an “all ages”  Saturday drag event, the news stunned conservatives. Now, less than a week after his arrest, Schroeder has changed the tone from one of shock to one of hope.

Marcus Schroeder, the young man arrested for reading the Bible at a drag queen event in Watertown, Wisconsin, preached the gospel to the city council and residents concerned about the Nazi presence at the event.

— Ben Zeisloft (@BenZeisloft) August 2, 2023

The Christian protester stood before the Watertown Common Council on Tuesday. There he used the headline grabbing Nazi presence at the drag queen event to give an example of what leftists and Nazis have in common.

“I know a Nazi group showed up at the event Saturday, and people were talking about that. And I just wanted for all of us to really think about this: what’s wrong with Nazism?” Schroeder asked. “Imagine for a moment that there is no God above us, no hell below us, no heaven to live for, as John Lennon wanted to imagine. If we are truly the result of evolved stardust and our ancestors were fish and we’re the descendants of monkeys, then where do we find our value as human beings? What’s wrong with Nazism, unless you understand that the God of Scripture says that we are made in His image, and so to murder innocent people is a violation to God’s commands?” . . .

. . . He also clarified that he did not share his side of the arrest to conjure pity. Instead, he used his testimony to shed light on the connection between pride celebrations, Christianity, and crime.

“You see, as we become more and more tolerant of sexual immorality in our culture, we become more and more intolerant toward Christian morality. The more we become intolerant toward Christian morality, the more we’re going to see lawlessness in our streets. The more we become intolerant of Christian morality, the more we’re going to see Nazis. The more we’re going to see people who don’t hold to a Christian worldview who think that everybody is a result of animals, and therefore, if we are animals, why can’t we just act like animals?”

All well said, and for sure ample fodder for further discussion. But what I want to draw attention to, and as I, a number of the cobs and many of you have spoken about is whither law enforcement, specifically the beat cop, national guardsman or even soldier when things really get hairy? 

As the above two links have shown, as well as the actions or lack thereof of law enforcement when Antifa and BLM go on a rampage or during the lockdowns when orthodox Jews decided to worship God in defiance of Bill DeBolshevik, all the way back to Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian massacre and on and on, it seems that the well known motto of “To Serve and Protect” means to follow orders and protect one’s job and pension.

Make no mistake; the velvet glove illusion of “justice” and “democracy” has an iron fist inside it. We can rail, and rightly so, against the horrid, naked criminality and lust for power of the political class and their immediate underlings, as well as the apparatchiks and technocrats in the bureaucracy and elsewhere who, as true believers, follow orders or take the initiative independently to repress us. 

But more horrendous by orders of magnitude is the attitude of people like us, our fellow citizens who wear a uniform and swear an oath to uphold the law, yet go along to get along and “just follow orders.” 

What was Michael Byrd thinking and feeling when he gunned down Ashli Babbitt? Ditto the agents of the regime when they beat Roseanne Boyland to death? Or Lon Horiuchi when he pulled the trigger on Randy Weaver’s wife and son? And that was 31 years ago when the nation was not on the brink of turning into what was happening concurrently in Yugoslavia.

As for what is happening to Donald Trump and by direct extension all of us, regardless of who you support in 2024, Mark Levin states:

“The fact is that this kind of legal warfare against a presidential and possible, if not likely, opponent to the present president, is not only unprecedented in the history of our Republic, it will destroy our electoral system for all time,” Levin argued further.

“It is not something that should be let to the various district courts or local courts to sort out in the course of regular judicial proceedings. In fact, that is part of the intended strategy by the prosecutors, who are engaged in this assault on our electoral system. They must not be rewarded for their behavior,” he said. . . 

. . . “It is the process that’s the killer here, and they know it. And they’re playing the process by unloading all these indictments, by taking Trump off the campaign trail, by depleting his resources, by influencing [voters],” Levin said.

He continued: “I want to publicly encourage the Trump legal team to seek an emergency hearing before the United States Supreme Court, not to resolve legal disputes, but to at least temporarily halt the abomination of this legal warfare that is unfolding in front of us, where Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans are unashamedly celebrating the use of the courts by the Biden administration and Democrat district attorneys to further their political wishes as the rest of the nation watches in shock.”

“This unprecedented legal warfare requires an unprecedented response by the only constitutional body left that can do something about it.”

“This would not be the Supreme Court interfering in the political process,” he said. “This would be the Supreme Court defending the Constitution.”

Bless Levin’s heart but the electoral system and the Constitution are essentially dead already. Yet he is correct insofar as we are living in Zombie America and there are avenues to attempt to pursue immediate redress. Yet, given the nature of the court and the absolute political divide of our citizenry, what do you think a 5-4 decision (assuming Julia Roberts votes the right way) to toss Hack/Jack Smith’s bullshit indictment will do?

Ace highlighted yesterday evening Biden’s infamous declaration that Trump will not be allowed to serve regardless of the election results. And then there is the abject rabid hatred and delegitimization of the Supreme Court in it’s Dobbs and Affirmative Action decisions. If things do get sporty, either spontaneously or with a little help from the 1st Ray Epps Glowie Airborne Division, the question is what will the beat cop do when/if martial law is declared?

Remember: Smith and this Judge Tanya Sue Chutkan are the bastard children of Roland Freisler and Dean Wormer. At the behest of Moloch Garland they are going after potentially thousands of people for merely showing up to DC on 1/6/21, let alone the ones duped into entering the Capitol. 

We are a banana republic. Given the deviancy and perversion running rampant, as well as Obama’s love of chocolate bananas, a banana in the tailpipe republic.

If you can keep it.

Have a good weekend. See you tomorrow for the hobby thread. Be there. Aloha.




  • “This is nothing more than the latest corrupt chapter in the continued pathetic attempt by the Biden Crime Family and their weaponized Department of Justice to interfere with the 2024 Presidential Election, in which President Trump is the undisputed frontrunner, and leading by substantial margins,” Trump’s campaign said in a statement at the time of the indictment. Trump Pleads Not Guilty In DC To Charges From Third Indictment
  • Victor Davis Hanson: “To retain power at all cost, and to destroy a political rival, leftwing Democrats are systematically dismantling the constitutional foundations of the United States as we once knew them.” Two Sets of Laws for Two Americas
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  • David Harsanyi: “And you don’t have to be a Trump supporter to see it.” Jack Smith’s Jan 6. Indictments are an Attack on Political Speech
  • “The fact is that this kind of legal warfare against a presidential and possible, if not likely, opponent to the present president, is not only unprecedented in the history of our Republic, it will destroy our electoral system for all time,” Levin argued further. Mark Levin: Trump’s Lawyers Should Ask SCOTUS to Stop Unconstitutional Prosecutions

* * * * *

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  • “The discovered asteroid is 600 feet long, large enough to pose a real threat should it ever hit the Earth. Fortunately, the data says that though its orbit can take it as close as 140,000 miles there is no impact likely in the foreseeable future.” (tease, tease, tease – jjs) New software detects its first potentially dangerous asteroid
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