The Morning Rant

This lunacy is a glimpse into the chaotic fever dreams of the academic no-nothing desperate to publish, an AWFL (affluent, white, female, liberal), and a media frantically covering for their illogical, ahistorical blather.

There is no difference between trying to pretend to be the opposite sex (there are two of them, no matter what these barking-mad idiots say) and pretending to be another race. They are both indicative of psychological issues, and are appropriately treated with therapy or just good old parenting (which seems to be vanishing in America).

But hold on! The “experts” have spoken! Race is not genetic! Really!

Inside the online world of people who think they can change their race

Experts agree race is not genetic. But they contend that even though race is a cultural construct, it is impossible to change your race because of the systemic inequalities inherent to being born into a certain race.

David Freund, a historian of race and politics and an associate professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, corroborates the idea that a “biological race” does not exist. What we know today as “race” is a combination of inherited characteristics and cultural traditions passed down through generations, he said.

In addition, Freund said, the modern concept of race is inseparable from the systemic racial hierarchy hundreds of years in the making. Simply put, changing races is not possible, because “biological races” themselves are not real.

If Freund is correct (of course he isn’t), then how can a man become a woman if he/she/it doesn’t have the systemic sexual hierarchy coloring his/her/its being? Isn’t that what the feminists have been claiming forever?

But there’s more, and it’s delicious! Here is a media hack covering for his race by throwing under the bus the other lunatics who want to swap sexes!

Tiq Milan, a Black transgender activist and writer, said it is a disservice to transgender people to compare the two. Race historically emerged as a social construct to establish a racial hierarchy with the white race at the top, whereas variances in gender identity have existed for thousands of years, he said.

“When it comes to who we are as racialized people, it is how we present to the world, but it’s also how people treat you,” Milan said. “It’s not just putting on the hair and the makeup and talking and walking [in] a kind of way. That is fetishizing, and it’s objectifying, and it reduces the beautiful and complicated cultures of people of color.”

So becoming the other sex is merely a function of hair and makeup and a hip-swinging walk, and it’s actually a fetish and objectifies women and men? Who’da thunk it!

I am 100% in on this idiot’s interpretation. In fact, the cracks in the facade of this post-modern, society-killing insanity is exactly what we need to claw back our culture from those who would destroy it. We WANT the feminists and the trannie groomers and the race-baiters to fight. We want them to fracture

As they pile up the craziness; the profound illogic of changing race and sex on a neurotic whim, then more and more Americans will see the truth behind it; that it is an attempt to make Man fungible…merely widgets to be manipulated with drugs and surgery and some inventive cornrowing. That’s socialism with a heavily made-up face, and we should reject it every time it rears its ugly, cruel society-killing head.