The 2nd Amendment Is The Hill Upon Which The Left Will Die: They Will Do Anything To Gut It, And They Will Never Stop

It doesn’t matter to the left how they ban guns. They will go after them with onerous purchase regulations. They will try to confiscate them using “Red Flag” laws. They will increase costs with ridiculous registration and purchase fees, and increased fees levied against retailers. They will restrict the right to carry weapons for self-protection to narrowly defined and useless places. They will demonize guns in the media…even anthropomorphizing them…as if guns were sentient and able to act on their own!

And when the American people resist those attempts, and the courts find them to be unconstitutional, the left immediately pivots to other attacks. Their playbook is long and dense and filled with untested theories and insanities, but they do not care. Because guns are the holy grail of the American left. If they can gut the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, they will be able to act with impunity in the destruction of our other rights.

Biden’s latest attack on our Second Amendment rights

Those who despise American gun ownership never seem to stop. Since they thankfully cannot ban firearms outright, politicians are now trying to ban cheap, commonly used ammunition and make hunting and shooting sports too costly for the average American. The Biden administration has proposed a ban on lead ammunition on eight national wildlife refuges in the eastern United States. Obviously, this small-scale ban is a first step and will expand to the entire federal lands system (about 650 million surface acres or 30% of the country) if taken to its logical conclusion. It is important to note from the onset that this has nothing to do with the 30-year-old ban on the use of lead ammunition for hunting waterfowl. No major pro-hunting or pro-gun groups are fighting to reverse that. Rather, what the Biden administration is proposing is a total ban on lead ammunition for any purpose on these federal lands, which, when expanded in the future, will destroy the hunting and recreational target shooting industry as we know it. This is the third attempt by politicians to completely ban lead on federal lands in the last decade.

Notice even pro-gun publications have accepted the click-click-click of the gun-banning ratchet! The ban on lead shot for waterfowl hunting is based on some sketchy research that is filled with wishy-washy words like, “seems,” and, “suggests,” and “points to.” So after 30 years of the ban, the gun-grabbers are ready to move onto the next step, which is a total ban on the use of lead shot, with the first step being on federal land. The obvious next step is a ban on all lead ammunition on federal land! How many shooting ranges are there on federal land? So no more lead bullets…which means no more .22LR plinking and, depending on the way the regulations will be written (and they WILL be), maybe no lead at all in ammunition! Anyone know how much lead-free ammo costs? Anyone feel like shooting a few rounds of skeet with steel or bismuth shot? Or spend an afternoon shooting pure copper ammo?

And then? A general ban on lead ammunition, because it is for the children and the cute ducklings and goslings! Are you such a monster that you would condemn our children to a slow death by lead poisoning? Even though it hasn’t been demonstrated that lead ammunition poses a threat to human health? It’s just common sense regulation, in an abundance of caution!

That innocuous first step: going after something that not all gun owners care about, is a classic leftist technique. Then an incremental increase in the scope of the regulation lands squarely in our laps, and it is too late. That’s why we all should fight the stabilizing brace ban, the bump stock ban, the magazine capacity restrictions, the insane increase in FFL harassment, and on and on and on.

The left knows that guns are America’s Rubicon. If they can take them, then they can take anything.