The Morning Rant


The traditional trade-off for robust job protections and generous pension packages for government workers has been the gap between private-sector salaries and public sector salaries.

That has disappeared, as government salaries have increased to ridiculous levels…cops making $400k/year, life guards on Los Angeles beaches making $500k, teachers with Ed.Ds (a doctorate for making dioramas?) making $250k, and bureaucrats in bloated state governments, doing work that just a generation ago was done by clerks, making similar salaries.

But…or so the argument goes…we need to pay these people well otherwise we would lose their skills to the private sector! You know, like the functionary in Hawaii whose chaotic personal politics may have been responsible for the deaths of many people.

What we have in Hawaii is the perfect storm of generations of Democrat hiring practices, which are nothing more than political payoffs, coupled with the stark and obvious inability of these politicized civil servants to…you know…DO THEIR JOBS! They are far more interested in pushing the latest Woke nonsense, and of course protecting the precious environment that they themselves devastated with their awful and short-sighted policies controlling fire mitigation and water use.

And then they lie about it! Here is the Maui Times editor on the media blackout concerning the Maui “wildfires” and the government’s total clampdown on information.

Hell, the last time I checked there were a few military bases in the Hawaiian Islands, and my guess is that the United States Marine Corps could help out a little bit…if they were asked by the governor. But he hasn’t. All he has done is asked the Coast Guard to monitor environmental impacts, because that is obviously more important than the lives of the Hawaiian people.

But rest assured, the pedophile-in-chief is on the case!

What is that…a little political theater? Although it is up to the governor to ask for federal help, so the responsibility is the state’s.

There are 850 people still missing, and while some of those people are undoubtedly safe, the death toll will climb…probably by a lot. And it is the fault of the state and local civil servants who simply did not do their jobs.

The utter and complete failure of government is on full display, and it is a culmination of years of effort on the part of the progressive movement in America. They have converted the civil service into a money-making, hyper-politicized arm of the Democrat party. Get a cushy gig, contribute to the party, then hire more like-minded people to keep the horrid cycle going.

The function of government is no longer to support society in times of need…it is to fund the progressive rot.

I guess that is one thing they do quite well.