The Morning Report 9/4/23

Good morning, kids. Hope your Labor Day holiday weekend has been restful so far. No rest for the weary nor for the degeneration and destruction as the usual panoply and plethora of links indicate. In any case there are a couple of things jumping out at me that I think risk getting lost in the sauce and for sure buried by the usual gaggle of hacks, propagandists and thugs because of the outrage they could and should generate.

First up, from up north in the Peoples Republic of Canada, which courtesy of Justin “Castreau-cescu” Trudeau and his minions has devolved into even more of a neo-first world/third world banana republic than the nation formerly known as the United States of America, this revelation:

Canada was rocked two years ago by reports of hundreds, or even thousands, of these alleged “unmarked mass graves” of Native American children at residential schools, which were funded by the Canadian government and run by Catholics and other Christians. So far, not a single body has been recovered. 

Reports from this summer indicated that there could be the remains of 60 children on the premises, and then ground-penetrating radar found 14 “anomalies” in the basement of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows church, which sits beside the former Pine Creek Residential School. Like the dozen other reports before this one, the media suggested these “anomaly” detections were likely the bodies of children who were apparently killed or neglected to the point of death and then secretly buried in these “unmarked graves.” Wanting answers, Chief Derek Nepinak of Pine Creek First Nation helped commission an excavation, which started on July 24 and lasted about four weeks. In August, the chief announced that the team from the University of Brandon found no human remains. 

“The archaeological team we hired from the University of Brandon, which is the same archaeological team relied upon by regional police agencies when doing archaeological excavations, found no conclusive evidence of human remains in their excavation of the ground under the church basement,” Chief Nepinak said. . . 

. . . University of Montreal history professor Jacques Rouillard pushed back on the narrative, saying more excavation work needs to be done. “I don’t like to use the word hoax because it’s too strong but there are also too many falsehoods circulating about this issue with no evidence,” he said, according to the Daily Mail. “This has all been very dark for Canada. We need more excavations so we can know the truth. Too much was said and decided upon before there was any proof.”

. . . Chief Nepinak fretted over the excavation findings advancing “denialism.”

“We know from our observations of the public at large, that our work will feed into a denialist narrative of what happened to our families in residential schools,” he said. “The results of our excavation under the church are a unique and specific example which should not be compared to other initiatives currently being pursued around other residential school sites across the country.”

It’s funny how the Chief frets about one instance where no remains were found of innocent Indian children would “debunk” what can only be described as a blood-libel against Canada’s Christians and white people. And yet where was this guy when the initial unverified report of just one instance of dead/abused Indian children buried under a Christian school was just cause for Leftists to initiate a wave of firebombing and other attacks against churches across the Great White North? If I said passed out under his teepee from too much firewater, would you hold it against me?

Ditto if I posited that if they dug up the basements of every single Christian Indian school across Canada, the odds of them finding anything more than dirt let alone the mass remains of abused Indian children would be slim to none? Because that’s what I believe. 

But let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment. Let’s assume that the digging results in remains of one child found in one basement. Hell, let’s assume the worst, in that the remains of dozens or even scores of children are found all across the country. Does that justify the firebombing of churches and physical assaults on Christians? There is of course only one acceptable answer to that, and yet an alarmingly large percentage of the population, there and here would not concur. In fact, it is they who are strident in their belief that their answer is the acceptable one, and that speaks volumes to the state of our society as it is.

To be honest, there is no denying that the history of this nation and indeed the continent is replete with incidents that are both horrendous and regrettable. But there are several things to bear in mind. First, whatever happened in the past happened in the past. That doesn’t mean you whitewash or try to forget it. In fact, the way in which we have dealt with our problems and have attempted to solve and move beyond them has been and should be the way in which we define ourselves as a nation, society and culture. Of course, political expediency and the will to power dictate otherwise as we have experienced all to well in the recent past when we thought we had moved forward. 

That brings me to my second point, and to me it’s axiomatic, which is whatever ills, problems and disasters have befallen this country are either the absolute fault of or horribly exacerbated by the American Left, Democrat Party and so-called “progressive” movement. 

So, if indeed the bones of Indian children are dug up – be it the remains of just one or many – it’s a tragedy and should be investigated. Does that either damn the church, Christianity and Christians to the point of condemning them today and worse justifying physical attacks on them? Never. But of course, the Left is at war with us so that’s right out the window. And the narrative of white Christian genocide against innocent indigenous peoples, or the evils of slavery is just too powerful to let go, the truth of the matter be damned. * * * * *

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, we are this close to “getting our hair mussed,” as General Buck Turgidson might say:

Russia has on Friday announced its Sarmat ICBMs are on “combat duty”. RIA has quoted the head of the country’s space agency Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, to confirm: “the Sarmat strategic complex has been put on combat duty.”

The nuclear-capable Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile system was previously touted by President Putin as being capable hitting “any target on Earth” – and is widely believed to be by far the longest-range missile in Russia’s arsenal (or in the world for that matter). It’s been nicknamed by NATO the “Satan II”. 

The Sarmat, which is in a “superheavy” class of missiles, has a short initial boost phase which gives it better ability to elude all conventional anti-missile defense systems, given this results in a much smaller window of time to track it. . . 

. . . Without doubt, the timing of Friday’s announcement is also meant to spook Western leaders, as nuclear rhetoric related to the Ukraine war continues to rise, particularly in the context of Moscow having recently positioned tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory.

The reason it’s meant to spook western leaders is because western leaders have all but declared war and sent boots on the ground (for all we know, they already have) to fight alongside Ukraine and in essence touch off a Third World War. And the biggest guilty party in that regard is Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants and the globalist neo-con stooges on the mythical other side of the aisle such as Lindsey Graham, among others. This is just absolute madness.

I really hate to link to it because the parties involved include Ron Paul, Zero Hedge and worst of all, the execrable Max Blumenthal, the rabid self-hating Israel-hating Jew and spawn of the equally anti-American Clinton-connected Sidney J. Blumenthal. And yet, he, Max, is right on the money – sort of:

Blumenthal said that in Ukraine, Washington continues “wasting the lives and bodies of over 150,000 men, and that’s according to the Pentagon.” Citing recent studies on the immense numbers of Ukrainians who have lost limbs after a year-and-a-half of fighting (which could be surpassing WWI rates), he said the true Ukraine casualty count could be closer to 500,000 – which marks a monumental tragedy and disaster.

The GrayZone journalist then said of today’s Congress that “this chamber” not only “reeks of blood” but.. “they have wasted Ukrainian society on the mantle of anti-Russia hysteria” – as lawmakers in lockstep with the Biden administration continue to sink billions into Kiev.

Beltway liberal elites, Blumenthal asserted, still think Russia must be punished given they see Moscow as having brought the “bad orange man” to power in 2016. This is a big ideological aspect to what motivates the hawks, he said.

Further, Blumenthal explained that what’s happening here is that the US ruling class has “militarized the culture wars while depicting Ukraine as the ‘woke side’ vs. Russia as backwards and oppressive.”

But more importantly, the real “victors” are the major US defense contractors and their appendages like the K street neocon lobbying firms. Blumenthal highlighted that these, and the Biden administration, are operating with the bigger vision in mind of turning Ukraine into Europe’s “big Israel”. 

It’s hideous how this filthy Jew-hating pole-smoker injects Israel into this equation, in order to push the buttons of his fellow travelers who view support of the Jewish state as America’s worst ongoing foreign policy position. You can just smell the Goebbels-ian venom oozing out of his pores. And yet, when you erase that part of his speech, the little bastard is spot on. 

Feh. And feh.



  • “Fulton County DA Fani Willis has evidence exonerating Republicans she’s targeting in her 98-page Georgia indictment.” (this filthy slag should be de-frocked, disbarred and banned from any courtroom – except as a defendant – jjs) Fani Willis Possesses Evidence Exonerating Georgia’s Alternate Electors
  • “I think that many of these prosecutions against Donald Trump are outright, downright politicized persecutions through prosecution that set an awful precedent for our country. I do not want to see us become a banana republic where the administrative police state uses police force to eliminate opponents from competition. That is not the way it works. I will pick who I believe the best next president should be.” Ramaswamy: Trump’s Indictments Making U.S. a “Banana Republic”
  • Clarice Feldman: “The media and the judiciary double down on the hoax prosecutions of Donald Trump and the J6 protestors.” Law and Order: The Post-Constitutional Episode
  • William Jacobson: “Judge finds ‘no standing’ to sue. Are the attempts to get judicial decisions keeping Trump off the ballot over? Of course not, but this is another sign that such attempts are likely to be unsuccessful. Hence the urging for state and local election officials to go rogue on their own, which of course then would be the subject of more lawsuits.”Florida Federal Court Throws Out 14th Amendment Challenge to Trump Appearing on Ballot
  • “As the 2024 election nears, anti-trump RINOs and radical anti-constitutional Democrats have become birds of a feather, who now share a common philosophy.” Anti-Trump RINOS and the 14th Amendment


  • Robert Spencer: “As if to assure his readers of his continuing ideological purity, Kessler also quotes deputy White House press secretary Andrew Bates, who told him, presumably with a straight face, that Biden ‘has brought honesty and integrity back to the Oval Office.’ That’s what the sinister authoritarian corruptocrat in the White House and his minions want us to believe, and so that’s what Kessler tells us. Nevertheless, Kessler’s piece introduces WaPo readers to what will be a foreign concept to most of them: Old Joe Biden may not be entirely honest. In that, Kessler has done a valuable service.” Even WaPo’s ‘Fact-Checker’ Has Had Enough of Biden’s Constant Lies




  • “Total household debt climbed to a new high in the second quarter of 2023, reaching $17.06 trillion, with credit card debt exceeding $1 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. As interest rates stay high, costs continue to rise for expenses like housing and cars, and student loan payments resume, the amount of debt may rise, according to economists who spoke to the Daily Caller News Foundation.” Americans Are Getting Crushed By Debt — And It May Just Get Worse
  • “In nearly every country in the world, youth unemployment is much higher than general unemployment.” Civil Unrest Fears Grow As Youth Unemployment Accelerates




  • “These 12-15-year-old kids may be children in the eyes of the law, but they’re the favorite age group for gang hitmen. Soulless, conscienceless killers are not going to be swayed by a curfew. Other kids out that late have no respect for the police, the law, or their parents. And that might be the biggest change in the last 50 years.” (There are no parents; not since these little beasts were spawned and weaned – jjs) Washington, D.C., Imposes Teen Curfew. It Could Have Gone Better
  • “As a war on drugs voter, I want to hear how a presidential candidate would use executive power to curb the flow of drugs into this country, because tackling demand alone will never be sufficient.” On Drugs, Vivek, War is Love


  • “’Fauci admits that masks don’t work for the public at large but still absurdly claims masks work on an individual basis. More subterfuge,’ Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a political nemesis of Fauci, wrote on X, formerly Twitter. Fauci, 82, stepped down from his post as chief medical adviser to the president and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, last year.” Fauci Roasted as “Fraud” and “Liar” After Being Confronted with Damning Study on Masks






  • “Soros on June 6 posted a photo with the [spurious] vice president on Twitter, where the progressive billionaire frequently shares pictures of himself hobnobbing with members of the Biden [junta] and other Democrat luminaries. While the purpose of Soros’s latest visit is unclear, he and Huitema joined seven other Democrat heavyweights at the Harris residence.” Kamala Harris Hosted Soros Scion and Supermodel ‘Roommate’ at Private Residence
  • “The judge in the case has already approved a $290 million settlement by JPMorgan with the Jane and John Does who have claimed they were trafficked by Epstein. There is also a $75 million settlement by Deutsche Bank. This latest case may well be settled without anyone having to put their cards on the table. If not, the public may get a chance to see for themselves how Epstein’s dirty money game was played.” Will Jeffrey Epstein’s Sex-Trafficking Clients Be Named?


  • “Compared to Trump’s 59 percent support, DeSantis garnered only 13 percent, putting him only barely ahead of the rest of the GOP primary field. That figure represented a collapse of support for DeSantis, which was 24 percent in April.” WSJ Poll Shows Trump Dominating the GOP Primary Field: “No Formidable Challenger”
  • “Vivek Ramaswamy like so many former Democrats, Trump included, may have found a home in the modern Republican party through the wave of populism that crashed into the GOP from the Tea Party years. . . if he continues on his current path of uniting disaffected MAGA Republicans eager for a future to their movement, and can continue to intrigue dedicated libertarian activists like myself with his calls to rein in the Deep State . . . Ramaswamy himself may help bring about that “libertarian moment” many of us have been looking for since Ron Paul 2008.” Vivek Ramaswamy Could Inherit Trump’s MAGA Movement
  • “Between 2023 and 2024, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan will hold elections for several seats on their supreme courts, which have the final word on matters of state law regarding abortion and gerrymandering, among others. These seats are likely to be highly contested as partisan groups seek to bring litigation to change the law on these issues, political strategists and academics told the DCNF.” Here are the Supreme Court Elections to Watch in Critical Swing States
  • Thad McCotter: ” . . . Furthermore, who are they?” Are Swampy Political Consultants Mucking Up GOP Populism?
  • “In 2022 the Republican wave never occurred but the Republican wins were waiting in California that made [Kevin McLuntz] Speaker. . . The same scenario is likely in 2024.”Elections in One Key State Could Make or Break GOP Control of the House in 2024
  • “Report from the sausage factory known as the California GOP.” No Trump Card When the Deck is Stacked
  • “I think one of the things that’s so interesting about Joe Biden is that he has these insecurities that govern a lot of the ways in which he moves through the world. And so, one of his primary insecurities is that he doesn’t want to be perceived as stupid because he had this plagiarism scandal back in the 1980s. So when he walks into an interview or walks into a press conference, he wants to have mastery of what he’s discussing. So his prep sessions can go on for long periods of time.” Author of Tell-All Book Says Joe Biden is Insecure About Being {Perceived as Stupid”





  • “. . . Biden last month flew directly over East Palestine on his way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for an event promoting ‘Bidenomics,’ his economic agenda.” (When he’s not on vacation, he’s napping. The rest of the time he’s trying not to sundown while railing against the American people – jjs) Biden: “I Haven’t Had the Occasion to Go to East Palestine”



  • “This flight was SpaceX’s 61st in 2023, which matches the record it set last year, doing it in only eight months. With four months still left to go in the year the chances of SpaceX meeting its goal of 100 launches in the year still remains a possibility.” SpaceX launches 13 satellites for the Space Force
  • “For India, this was the seventh launch in 2023, which ties its previous annual launch high achieved in both 2016 and 2018. The country however has three more launches tentatively scheduled for this year, though none has as yet a specific launch date.” India successfully launches its first solar observation satellite




  • There’s a line from “Son of a Son of a Sailor” that has resonated with me: “Where it all ends I can’t fathom my friends / If I knew I might toss out my anchor.” Jimmy Buffett never had to toss out his anchor, and now he’s sailing into eternity. At least we still have the music and the memories. Farewell to the Pirate: Jimmy Buffett, 1946-2023
  • “Al-Fayed’s son, Dodi Al-Fayed, was famously the partner of Princess Diana and the pair died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. Mohamed Al-Fayed, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1929, moved to London in the 1960s and became influential in the business world. He bought The Ritz hotel in Paris in 1979, Harrods in London in 1984, and was the owner of Fulham FC from 1997 to 2013. Al-Fayed had five children and was known for his colorful personality and commitment to his various ventures.” Mohamed Al Fayed Dies at 94

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