The Morning Report 9/12/23

Good morning, kids. It’s somewhat of a miracle of modern medicine that Joe “Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants” Biden, whose rate of loss of brain function is progressing geometrically, is still able to stand and speak in front of an audience. Of course what comes out of his maw besides flecks of spittle and half-digested Maypo is becoming more and more disjointed and incoherent as each day passes. And no amount of medication let alone censorship/obfuscation by an obliging propaganda industry can hide it.

Worse for them, the policies that they instituted are so destructive across the board that rock-solid leftist constituencies are getting exactly what they voted for, good and hard. And they’re not liking it. Most dangerously for the Junta, it’s not just affecting the vegetable-in-chief but the rest of the party, most notably Alexandria “Titty-Caca” “Donkey Chompers” Ocasio-Cortez who even her own low-information constituency isn’t buying her line about inflation and who is to blame for the fact that the value and buying power of a dollar is shrinking to that of about a dime, and falling.

Not that she even ventures to Corona or the Bronx these days, but all over town, people have had it with the disaster of “sanctuary” policies, so much so that this eye-popping poll should be cause for alarm for the Dems.

41 Per Cent of New Yorkers Want US-Mexico Border Wall to Curb Illegal Immigration

While the poll is reflective of the entire state, the Rotten Apple’s population is not an insignificant portion of that total. That said, call me when a plurality call for the deportation of all illegal aliens as far south of the border to the Ross Ice Shelf as you can get. 

Still, it’s one thing to “Imagine” that John Lennon’s lyrics are a solid, practical plan to order society instead of a godless, nihilistic illusion, until the reality of crime, disease, economic collapse and general dissolution after you try and implement it hits you right in the face. Naturally, Democrat stooges like Eric Adams will blame anything but their own policies for the catastrophe. But as I said, more and more people across the political landscape aren’t buying it. Whether the scales fall fully from their eyes and recognize who and what is responsible is the big question, and that’s always in doubt. One of the most difficult things anyone can do in this life is to admit to themselves that they were wrong, especially when it comes to their politics and general world view. Still, it happens, if not to the degree that we would like to see. Maybe it takes a total collapse to bring that about. 

Speaking of total collapse and Psaki-psircling back to Biden, his brain farts got so bad that Karine Jean-Pierre actually had to give him the hook and cut off his mike at that disastrous Vietnam “press conference.” Yet it didn’t stop him from debasing the memory of 9/11. He boycotted the ceremony, or more accurately, was prevented by his handlers from making an appearance for obvious reasons, and instead sent the cackling sword-swallower posing as VP in his stead. Perfect, considering she and Adams are feuding over the migrant crisis destroying what’s left of NYC. Made for some interesting optics. Meh, she too ankled early in the middle of the traditional reading of the names of the victims, just like Biden did last week before the conclusion of that Medal of Honor ceremony. Class acts, those two.

Of course, Biden was there 22 years ago the day after the towers fell. At least that’s what he claims. He was there to help rescuers search for his late son Beau, whose heroism in holding up the South Tower with his bare hands let dozens of people escape certain death before it collapsed in on him and took his life. You know, they say a coward dies a thousand times but a hero dies but once. Funny how Beau seems to have died a thousand times as well. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, the Challenger explosion, the Titanic, D-Day, in the Bermuda Triangle, in a car accident and from cancer. What a guy. What a father, right?

It is to laugh, but it’s deadly serious.

From the moment Joe Biden — infirm, incontinent, mentally challenged (even in the best of times), crotchety, cranky, boastful, and mendacious, a lifelong pig sucking at the teat of government — took office and immediately decided to “rule” by executive order, the Constitution has been under explicit attack from those who abjure its existence and wish to see it nullified in nearly every particular. Democrat opposition to the nation-as-founded didn’t start with Biden, of course: during his term in office, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson’s first vice president, murdered Alexander Hamilton and hatched his plot to sell out the United States. Burr was arrested and charged with treason in 1807 under the clause in the Constitution that reads: 

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

. . . Owing in large part to specificity of the Treason Clause, Burr was acquitted at trial. Ever since, anti-American rogues have skated. Woodrow Wilson had little or no use for the Constitution and subverted it as often as he could, including his constant odes to “democracy” instead of republican democracy — now the norm on the “progressive” left. Franklin Roosevelt invoked both the Depression and presidential wartime powers to get around many of its pesky provisions, eventually browbeating the Supreme Court into submission. . .

. . . You know we’re in trouble when a sitting governor — a Democrat, of course — can announce with a straight face that “no Constitutional right is absolute,” and that her own order declaring an “emergency” gives her “additional powers” to suspend the law of the land. But hey, why shouldn’t she think that? Thanks to the supine final year of the Trump presidency, the unelected bureaucrat Anthony Fauci did just that, and has paid absolutely no legal or financial penalty for his effrontery. Indeed, the pestiferous midget is back in the public eye once more, trying to resurrect the Covid Hoax.

As friend and friend of the blog Michael Walsh also notes in that excellent essay:

Finally, just today, the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks Biden did his country yet another disservice by announcing his support for international terrorism in the form of $6 billion Iranian assets in the U.S. now being unfrozen as part of a “prisoner swap”.

$6 billion dollars to a regime that is arguably the largest single source and exporter of terrorism that if it did not have a hand in 9/11 certainly cheered it on and perhaps killed at least as many innocent people at home and abroad in the 44 years of its accursed existence. 

It’s one thing to look at the source(s) of global terrorism, 99.999% of it Muslim-inspired, yet the insanity of foreign policy from Foggy Bottom and the complete ineptitude of law enforcement and national security left us totally exposed on that day and many days since. I give you the FBI:

The Terrorist Screening Center, in Vienna Virginia, was established in 2003 to “consolidate the government’s approach to terrorism,” The TSC is administered by the FBI, with support from the Intelligence Community, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Treasury, and Department of Defense.

The impact of 9/11, Wray explained, “profoundly shaped the way we do our jobs, the way we collaborate and communicate with partners, and the way we tackle challenges. Really, it all comes down to one thing—keeping people we will never know, and families we will never meet, safe from harm.” Wray did not put a number to “the people who died that day,” and the only casualties he named were two FBI agents.

“Because of that terrible day, we’ve transformed the bureau in ways that have made us stronger and better, and our country safer. Those transformations have proven critical over the past 21 years—and will remain critical in the face of a continuously evolving terrorist threat. As we carry on this mission to protect Americans from terrorism, we bring to our work the same sense of purpose and resolve that we felt on 9/11 and in the days that followed.”

And so on, with a few significant omissions. The FBI failed to prevent the attack of September 11, 2001, and also slipped up on the prequel.

In 1993, the FBI failed to prevent Islamic terrorists from bombing the World Trade Center, which claimed six victims. The lessons went unlearned. For all its money, power and resources, the FBI failed to prevent terrorists from hijacking airliners and crashing them into the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

“Domestic agencies” such as the FBI “never mobilized in response to the threat,” The 9/11 Commission Report concluded. “They didn’t have a plan,” and “the public was not warned.” The FBI Inspector General contributed to the report, so FBI incompetence was doubtless worse than indicated. No word about any FBI bosses being disciplined, demoted or discharged over the failure, which continued. . . 

. . . For Christopher Wray, the Terrorist Screening Center is “a prime example of the strides we made following the attacks, developing new capabilities and working in concert with our partners to keep people safe. It demonstrates the ingenuity, the dedication, and the spirit of collaboration we’ve brought—as a collective law enforcement and intelligence community—to the fight against terrorism.” Evidence of those strides at Fort Hood, Boston, San Bernardino and Orlando is hard to find.

The Terrorist Screening Center is like a screen door on a submarine. The FBI does not protect the people and does not keep the nation safe from terrorism. The struggle against FBI failure is the struggle of memory against forgetting.

While the estimable Lloyd Billingsley catalogs the abject failures of that agency to detect and prevent attacks from everyone from Nidal Hassan to Omar Mateen and the Boston Marathon bombing, he does not go into any details about how the FBI creates entrapment scams to boost its image and budget as well as its use as a weapon of political repression against the American citizenry. That is, citizens who are out of favor with the Leftist/globalist agenda.

As Joey Biden might say, “Happy 9/11 day!”


  • Michael Walsh: “How much more contemptuous can this [junta] get? But none dare call it treason, even though we’re all watching it unfold in real time. ‘If you can keep it?’ It is to laugh.” A Dictatorship, If You Can Keep It
  • Lloyd Billingsley: “The Terrorist Screening Center is like a screen door on a submarine. The FBI does not protect the people and does not keep the nation safe from terrorism. The struggle against FBI failure is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” Beyond FBI Failure on 9/11


  • There is a “tell-all” book coming soon, without question, an “Emperor Has No Clothes” moment, a “Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain” reveal, one that will cause the objective world to say, “Aha! Knew it all along!” (What if every publishing company refuses to publish it? – jjs) Biden is a Gold Mine
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  • “Weiss sent an April 28, 2022, column in The Hill to four colleagues at the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office, the internal email shows. The column, written by conservative legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy, argued for a special counsel to oversee the Hunter Biden case after Garland testified it would not be necessary.” Top Hunter Biden Prosecutor Sent Colleagues a Column Criticizing Merrick Garland’s Handling of the Case





  • On the broad finding by the lower court that the Brandon regime violated the First Amendment with its capricious, ad hoc censorship campaign, particularly around the suppression of “COVID misinformation” (which largely turned out to be actual information) . . . But, in the weeds, the judges chiseled away at the originally quite robust blanket ban, which included a huge swathe of government agencies and individuals.” Fifth Circuit Partially Upholds Temporary Ban on Biden Censorship Regime, Pares Down Order
  • “Monday marks 22 years since 9/11, but prior to our 9/11 in the United States, September 11th, 2001, there was another 9/11,” Hasan said in his segment, talking about how Gen. Augusto Pinochet led a military coup against President Salvador Allende. (Something that saved tens of thousands of lives and prevented Chile from become another Cuba – jjs)MSNBC House Polliwog Mehdi Hassan Wants You to Know That America is the Real Villain of 9/11
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  • “. . . Biden and his cackler henchwoman, Kamala Harris, will run on ‘Bidenomics.’ And they will ask you not to believe your own lying eyes — to believe that the turd sandwich they are offering up is actually a tasty filet mignon. You just have to squint hard enough.”‘Bidenomics’ Push Reveals POTUS’s Impotence in Lead-Up to 2024









  • The kissing incident caps off a series of bizarre moments during Biden’s overseas trip. While giving a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, Biden in a moment of confusion shuffled through is notes saying, “I’ll just follow my orders here. Staff, is there anybody that hasn’t spoken yet?” When the media began shouting additional questions, the [so-called quote-unquote “president”] angrily snapped, “I ain’t calling on you.” WEIRD: Watch Biden Smooch John McCain Memorial
  • He was digging through the rubble to look for Beau Biden’s body, who held up the collapsing South Tower long enough for dozens to escape, right? – jjs Watch: Joe Biden Falsely Claims He Visited Ground Zero the Day After 9/11
  • In the piece, titled, “Why is Joe Biden So Unpopular?” [Ross Douthat] cited potential reasons — persistent inflation and a far-left activist core of the Democrat Party pushing socially conservative minorities away — before settling on the issue of Biden’s age and lack of vigor.NYT Columnist: ‘Decrepit-Seeming’ Joe Biden Is So Unpopular ‘He Could Easily Lose to Donald Trump’
  • Biden’s approval rating dropped to 39 percent, a two percent decline from July, while a majority of Americans, 73 percent, are concerned about the 80-year-old president’s age, according to a CNN poll, conducted by SSRS Research, an independent polling company. The recent polls show where the president has weaknesses, giving the White House a reason to have some concern, Brad Bannon, a Democratic strategist, told the Caller. Dem Strategist Says White House Should Be Worried About Low Approval Ratings, Bad Polls
  • The majority of Republicans have an unfavorable impression of McConnell at 56 percent, with 29 percent having a “very unfavorable” impression and 27 percent answering “somewhat unfavorable.” DATA: 3 in 4 Republicans Want Mitch McConnell Out
  • “It’s Thune or Cornyn. I think McConnell world prefers Thune but Cornyn is a better fundraiser and legislator so I wouldn’t count him out,” another former Senate aide told the Caller. (I say Thune because Cornyn’s record and rhetoric are known. Thune is relatively silent but he’s a Globalist/Uniparty lackey – jjs) No-Shit-Sherlock Dept.: GOP Insiders – The Race To Replace McConnell Will Be ‘Rigged’
  • The press release from West’s campaign described Daou as a “respected activist, adviser, writer, and musician” with more than 20 years of “national political experience.” Cornel West Hires Former Marianne Williamson Campaign Manager
  • “The former Harvard professor is one of the nation’s most prominent progressive intellectuals [oxymoron], and he’s seeking the Green Party nomination for president. If he gets it, polls say West will take enough votes from Joe Biden to hand the White House to the GOP.” Why Democrats (Rightly) Fear Cornel West in 2024


  • Some 60,000 Ukrainian women are already under arms on a voluntary basis, with over a hundred of them confirmed dead. They have faced significant problems with equipment and health issues in the field, and in some cases bullying and sexual harassment. One female platoon sergeant has alleged a senior male commander was intimidating servicewomen into having sex with him, threatening that he would start “sending their husbands who were also in the brigade to their deaths” if they refused him. Zelensky Orders All ‘Medical Women’ to Register for War Service


  • “As Biden releases $6 billion to Tehran, its weapon capacity expands.” Iran Can Produce 10 Nuclear Bombs in 4 Months, Watchdog Says
  • “The US Treasury stated that the Suez Rajan attempted to hide the origins of the oil through an elaborate scheme including ship-to-ship transfers and falsified documents. They also allege that the illegal sale would have specifically funded the Quds Force, which is an elite unit within the IRGC that operates in the Middle East.” 1 MILLION Barrels of Iranian Oil Allegedly Heading for China Seized by US
  • “The comments come against the backdrop of many allegations of bribery and corruption involving Biden, his son Hunter, and a vast swathe of Congressional Democrats and Republicans and their links to the Chinese Communist Party.” Biden: I Don’t Want To Contain China
  • “The nomination of Kurt Campbell to be Under Secretary of State is a terrible choice and conveys appeasement.” Biden’s Continuing Failures of Policy and Men
  • “Xi’s desire for total control doesn’t seem to square with launching a risky war over Taiwan, but before we let down our guard, it’s a perfect fit for Beijing’s growing imperial ambitions in the western Pacific and Southeast Asia, plus a huge arc of nations stretching around the Indian Ocean from Australia through South Africa. It might well be that not even Xi knows exactly what kind of country he wants China to be. It might be that Xi is, in the end, mostly improvising in the international sphere while keeping his eye on his true goal, which is purely domestic. That’s keeping the CCP in 110 percent control of China and Xi 110 percent control of the CCP.” What the Hell Kind of Country Does China Want to Be?
  • “Should Israel, which does not have a written constitution, form a constituent assembly and get itself one?” Israel’s Constitutional Dilemma
  • “And the worst part is the public’s disposition.” German Official Accused of Writing Viciously Anti-Semitic Leaflet Denies Having Ever Been Anti-Semitic





  • “The image is interesting also because of its lack of foreground stars or background galaxies. Its location in the sky explains this, as Hubble was looking at right angle to the Milky Way’s galactic plane, essentially looking directly into the vast emptiness between the galaxies.” A Galactic Cloud


  • “Hopefully, this school district’s actions, including the massive settlement, will be a double-edged sword: a warning to other school districts and their administration not to operate behind parent’s backs, and also encouragement to other parents to be involved in their children’s schools and stand firm against harmful progressive agendas.” California Forced to Pay Out $100,000 to Mom for Secretly Transitioning Daughter at School
  • “A new study claims to find that sex-trait modification improves mental health. It does not.”All Appearance, No Substance
  • “What the single women of social media get wrong is that at no point do parents want to wake up on a Saturday hoping their kids aren’t there. Pretending on social media that you’d rather make soup for yourself than for your family is an obvious survival technique for single women who don’t want to be alone.” Yes, Women Would be Better Off as Housewives. The Numbers Don’t Lie



  • Sean Davis: “Everyone came together in the days after the attacks, but in hindsight 9/11 looks like the moment when everything started to fall apart.” Was 9/11 the Beginning of the End of the American Empire?
  • An old saying among the holders of our nation’s classified secrets sums it up: “You can lead policymakers to intelligence, but you can’t make them think.” Enter [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden. A president who has taken more vacation days to recover from fewer hours worked than any president in living memory. A man who is the barely breathing role model for the 4-day 32-hour work week that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is now advocating. A man who, in rambling, almost incoherent appearances with other national leaders, keeps referring to his aides as the people telling him what to do. . . The Lesson of 9/11 Is a Warning That Biden’s Declining Physical and Mental Ability Could Get People Killed

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