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Beginning in 1979 with the overthrow of the Shah, the Mad Mullahs of Iran have been actively fomenting and financially supporting terrorism across the globe. Their desire to be the preeminent Shia power in the world as a counter to the Sunni powers of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey and others has largely succeeded, using a combination of terrorism, direct arms shipments, and support of proxy armies.

The West has pushed back against Iran, using sanctions that have limited their ability to transfer funds, which has limited their ability to fund terrorists around the world.

But the man whose epitaph should be the quotation from former president Obama: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,” has stayed true to his instincts, and pushed through the release of $6 billion dollars from South Korea to Iran, in exchange for some Americans being held in Iran. But don’t worry! According to Antony Blinken, the equally stupid Secretary of State, the funds will only be used for humanitarian purposes!

President Joe Biden Bows to Iran on 9/11: Pays $6 Billion for Five Prisoners

The deal, according to the Associated Press (AP), entailed the Biden administration issuing a blanket waiver for international banks to transfer $6 billion in frozen Iranian money from South Korea to Qatar without U.S. sanctions. The money would then be held in Qatar’s central bank for Iran to use, reportedly for the purchase of humanitarian goods.

In addition, the Biden administration agreed to release five Iranian citizens held in the U.S.

According to the AP, Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed off on the deal late last week, but Congress was not notified of the deal until Monday, which was also 9/11, the 22nd anniversary of the U.S. suffering terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists.

That money will be used to offset other expenses of the Iranian regime, so of course the suggestion that it will not fund terrorism is insanely stupid and insulting. Iran will use the money to strengthen its terrorist proxies around the world, and people will die: very possibly Americans, including our soldiers and sailors in harm’s way in the Gulf and the horn of Africa.

There is no rational reason to release these funds, especially since there is a small possibility that with the correct support, the Iranian regime can be weakened from within by the many groups within the country that are actively pursuing the overthrow of the Mad Mullahs. But that cash will buttress the kleptocratic lunatics in Tehran, and the opposition will suffer.

The stupidity of the administrations reckless pursuit of an accomodation with the murderers who have been running Iran for 45 years is hard to explain. There is no geopolitical goal that can be accomplished other than an increase in terrorism and increased pressure on Israel and Trump’s Abraham Accords that have done so much to ease tensions in the Middle East.


Yeah…this is a not-very-subtle attack on president Trump’s wonderful legacy in the Middle East, coupled with significant support for Israel’s main antagonist in the world. The Biden/Kalorama junta is willing to accept an increase in terrorism in the world just to stick another pin in their Israel voodoo doll. Their most fervent hope is that Iran can become a counterbalance to Israel’s power and influence in the Middle East, for reasons that are opaque, but seem to be based on little more than good old-fashioned Jew-hate!

Well, I might be a bit unfair, since it is entirely possible that their real hope is a nuclear-armed Iran that will launch against Israel the day their engineers put their first atomic weapon on a missile.

If I weren’t convinced of Biden’s creeping dementia, I might be confident of his true desire to see a nuclear exchange, since it seems as though that is what the administration is pushing for. Confronting Russia by pushing NATO eastward is aggressive and stupid. Funding Iran, with its significant nuclear weapons program, is aggressive and stupid.

What’s next…lighting a fire on the India-Pakistan border? Telling China that it’s okay to take just a little bit of Taiwan?

I shouldn’t give them any ideas!

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  1. As if goading a real nuclear power into war wasn’t enough, Joe is funding the lunatic fringe to come to the party. If he was aware he could be the anti-Christ.

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