The Morning Report 9/13/23

Good morning, kids. So Kevin McCarthy pulled the trigger, or appears to be about to pull the trigger, and instigate the impeachment process against spurious “president” and genuine kohlrabi-in-chief Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants. While he is probably the most corrupt individual to occupy the White House (if you exclude the Clintons) with crimes that go beyond mere graft but literally selling out the national security of the nation to its greatest geopolitical enemies, I’d bet every last dime I have – losing value almost as fast as Joey is losing brain cells – that neither he, nor anyone in his family will ever have to face a judge let alone do one second of serious prison time. If there were any real justice in this world, he’d have a date with the hangman for what he’s done. And the hangman would be a busy boy because the Bidens would have plenty of company from the D.C. set.

Alas, that’s a dream. Back down here on Earth, we’re talking impeachment which is only a political process at the end of the day. It was supposed to be a very rare and solemn procedure but given the debasement and corruption of our government, it’s merely a sort of clown show/kabuki theater, really. That said, this process has become quite instructive and eye-opening regarding the GOP. Not for anyone who is a regular reader and commenter at this site, of course. For this alone, it’s good that McCarthy is moving forward.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) cautioned House Republicans not to pursue an impeachment inquiry of [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden, which he sees as “unlikely to be successful in the Senate,” while House Minority Whip John Thune (R-SD) indicated he was not keen on an impeachment investigation being tied to negotiations around government funding. . . 

. . . “Since they got the majority, they got the chairmen of the various committees, they could do all of that now without going to a formal inquiry,” Cornyn told the Hill. “Members of the House don’t really care what I think. All I can tell you, it’s unlikely to be successful in the Senate.”

“Rather than doing something they know is unlikely to end the way they would like, maybe they want to emphasize other things,” he added. 

While Thune did not advocate against an impeachment inquiry, he indicated he would be opposed to one being tied to talks around government funding as a shutdown looms with funding set to expire on September 30. . .

. . . One leadership member who was vocal in backing McCarthy’s move is Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), who chairs the Senate Republican Conference. He told Punch Bowl News Tuesday he supported the House’s effort to “untangle this web of corruption that we’ve seen coming out of this [junta] and specifically the Biden family.”

John Barasso hasn’t exactly been a stalwart defender of the Constitution and a fierce warrior against Leftism but he’s right. Regardless of the uselessness of the proceedings in either truly punishing Biden or removing him from office since even if Biden were impeached, the Democrat majority in the Senate would not vote to convict (wouldn’t it be funny if the brain damaged Fetterman and Feinstein voted with the GOP?!), at least the proceedings would get the crimes out in the open. That is of course if the media even carries the hearings. Meh, they’d have Banjo Boy/Intern-Killer Scarborough and his concubine Mitzi Baryshnikov yelling over the video of the hearings.

Psaki-psircling back, the reaction by the GOP is the real story here. Much as I loathe the Democrats, the only thing I am envious about them is their absolute lockstep opposition, regardless of if they are on the winning end of things or not. Meh, what’s to be jealous. What this also demonstrates is that the GOP is NOT an opposition party. They are a sham party of corporatist/globalist stooges. Cornyn and Thune are the supposed successors to glitching Mitch McChi-Com. Cornyn though is a known commodity, mostly for his repulsiveness and so the likely heir will be Thune. He’s a nebbish nobody except for the fact that he is a lockstep bootlicker of Yertle, and will no doubt continue to pretend to oppose the dismantling of America to ensure his and his allies place at the trough. They can all drop dead as far as I’m concerned.

Friend and cob CBD sent me this sub stack article about my new home state and it resonates with what’s going on on the national level.

The Wisconsin Republican Party, even in my relatively short period of closely tracking politics, has transformed from being an effective, grassroots-driven political machine that brought about some positive reforms, such as many of Scott Walker’s policies, while coexisting with the Southeastern Wisconsin establishment, to a downtrodden group of Trump-hating establishmentarians who say one thing, but do another.  With Robin Vos, Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly, in the most powerful Republican statewide position since Tony Evers took over the governorship in 2019, the party has had its ass handed to it by Democrats on multiple fronts.  It appears to specialize in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Yes, you may be thinking the same thing I’m thinking.  Why would a party oppose the man who is the only presidential nominee from that party to win their state since 1984?

Deep down inside, you know the answer.  That is because it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it, and neither are your choices for any positions of influence within your wing of the Uniparty, whether that comes down to Adam Steen, Tim Ramthun, Leah Vukmir, James Tesauro, or anyone else in the Badger State who is tired of the same old nonsense. . . 

. . . While I had mentioned former Governor Walker in a positive light at the beginning of this piece, he also had a few key fumbles in his tenure as Wisconsin’s chief executive.  Not only did he limp away after Milwaukee worked its overtime magic in the 2018 gubernatorial election with nary a fight, he also signed a bill that created the Wisconsin Elections Commission in 2015.  Wolfe became the administrator of that radioactive organization in 2019, and presided over the 2020 debacle, which showed a stout Trump lead for the duration of the actual Election Night, which faded away gradually before imploding in one massive 3:45 AM ballot dump that went 85% for Joe Biden, and oh, what do you know, no more votes to count, have a nice day!

Wisconsin was called for Biden when America woke up November 4, 2020, along with neighboring Michigan, which fell in the same manner.  As predicted, with Wolfe’s reign now in jeopardy, the regime-defending media have circled the wagons.  Democracy Docket, realizing the game is up, magnified the voices of Democrat leadership, who not so surprisingly oppose the move and in strokes of irony, decry it as illegal, as if those who suffered blatantly illegal pushes for mail-in ballots in response to a man-made pandemic should suddenly find a conscience and back down.

All politics, as they say, is local. And the club that we ain’t in reaches all the way from the grassroots right to D.C. The author does go on to give some hope that Wisconsin might actually turn the tide or at least have a shot at resisting what is likely to be a repeat of 2020 in that the national election here will be stolen yet again in 2024. And with this Janet Prostitutkovich now giving the state’s supreme court a leftist majority, perhaps we have no shot at all unless there is an overwhelming turnout to beat the cheat. But even still, with the rule of law now a banana republic farce, any cause for hope is probably a pipe dream.

Well, if voting won’t do the trick, voting with one’s feet just might. Although . . .

Yesterday, Bloomberg published a report highlighting new details (and therefore additional fallout), of the years-long drastic population shifts from blue hellscapes to red havens; from the article:

Rural America is booming, but the population growth that’s boosting local economies is also putting a strain on everything from schools to housing and roads.

The influx — which started during the pandemic — has continued even as Covid restrictions have lifted. The latest government data released just last month points to a second year of increases in 2022 after years of declines.
…The number of people living in non-metro areas outgrew the urban population for the first time in three decades in 2021, and the rural population expanded again last year.

For the first time in 30 years, more people are living in “rural” areas than in “urban” areas… and we all know exactly why.

The modern Democrat party has itself undergone a dramatic transformation; having abandoned all pretenses of being a patriotic and pro-American apparatus, its politicians now openly scorn the ordinary people they once claimed to represent. The “green” agenda of the Democrats demands the destruction of the oil, coal, and natural gas energy sectors and poof! There goes millions of American jobs. They beat the little guy into enslavement with exorbitant taxes and burdensome regulations. They pour hundreds of billions of dollars into Ukraine’s coffers, and toss pennies at Maui. They turn away American children from public school to make room for the masses of illegal aliens—honestly though, this betrayal is just as well.

The writers of the article note that the relocation of denizens from the city to the country is “putting a strain on everything” but especially, the people forced to absorb these blue refugees. They write that the “trend is sparking resentment as house prices rise” stating that the “top 10 rural counties” that have experienced the highest influx of blue refugees have seen home prices soar by “more than 40% over the past three years.” But, it’s also fostering animus in another way too: these blue refugees are bringing their blue politics with them . . .

. . . We’ve been told that the people fleeing the Democrat strongholds of California, Illinois, and New York are conservatives, but I’ve long argued that that’s not quite the case. As a general rule, these blue refugees fall into one of two camps. They’re either hardcore and impressively empty-headed leftists who can’t understand why homes have become so unaffordable or traffic so bad; or they’re traditional conservative Democrats, who just aren’t radical leftists. But they are not, as a whole, solid and principled constitutionalists, and when they arrive at a place with a functioning society and civic sanity, it provides them with the latitude to still vote Democrat.

Ugh. I live in a mid-sized burg that I used to consider solidly blue-collar and working class, yet in just the year since I moved (I’ve been coming here for many years for holidays and such), I’ve noticed a marked increase in the number of BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and other luxury-type vehicles gaining on the usual GM models and pick-up trucks that are “normal” for this area, at least in my view. The idea that I left NYC only to land in a town destined to become another Madison or Chicago is something much too frightening to even consider. And yet, the possibility exists. 

I kind of groaned a bit at this latest piece from Dennis Prager but maybe he’s on to something:

The greatest reason for the existential threat to America posed by the woke/the progressive/the Left is that liberals vote for them.

If liberals voted for their values, the Left-wing destruction of every American institution — the American Medical Association and medical profession generally; the universities, high school and elementary schools; and the military, among many others — could not happen.

This is the American tragedy in a nutshell: The Left votes its values. The Right votes its values. Liberals do not vote their values. Liberalism has almost nothing in common with leftism, yet virtually every liberal votes for the Left. . . 

. . . One is that the average liberal has no idea what the Left is doing to the country. Whenever I relate a left-wing action or position to liberal friends or relatives, they almost all say, “That’s crazy,” and thereby dismiss the action or position as that of a handful of weirdos. Most liberals have no idea what leftists are doing to deprive children of their sexual innocence: Ask any liberal in your life if they know what “Drag Queen Story Hour” is, or that professors have to take oaths committing themselves to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in order to obtain or retain employment. In fact, I suspect few liberals even know what “DEI” stands for. Liberals read only The New York Times or The Washington Post or some other major urban newspaper and they only watch CNN and listen to NPR. Therefore, liberals know almost nothing about the Left.

The second reason is most liberals have chosen to believe that the Democratic Party is still the party of John F. Kennedy. They are fooling themselves. It is the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, George Soros and teachers unions.

The third reason is liberals have been brainwashed from their youth to believe that Republicans represent “the rich” and that “Right” is synonymous with “fascist.” The opposite is true: it is the Democratic Party they reflexively vote for that represents the interests of the wealthy and that is stealthily and steadily imposing fascism — the merger of state and corporate power.

I think he actually makes some valid points here. Many people who are not totally brainwashed Marxists are stuck in the past and in an old way of thinking where the stereotypes Prager points out are accepted beliefs, almost to the point of being articles of faith. That’s why the Democrats put Biden up there instead of Bernie Sanders. Most Dems look at Biden and think it’s the 1970s or 80s. Yet, when all this radicalism causes the world to crash in on them, they still blame Trump and the rest of us. If the minds of people that you think are at least somewhat reasonable are unreachable, then we’ve got big troubles, my friends.

Then again, maybe unlike with past waves of “locusts,” the times and situations causing them to flee are different; exponentially worse at every level than before. Is it putting hope over experience? Probably. But I need some small shred of hope to cling to to stop me from slitting my wrists.


  • Jack Posobiec: ” . . .Danelo Cavalcante is a perfect microcosm of the anarcho-tyranny that reigns in Joe Biden’s America, where criminals can crabwalk out of prison in full view of their captors, where vigilantism has replaced the underfunded and underappreciated police, and where our so-called “leaders” have more sympathy for convicted murderers than they do for their butchered victims and the traumatized children left in their wake. If there can be said to be an upside to this stabbing enthusiast remaining at large, therefore, it is this: the longer he remains free, the more knives will be out for the policies – and party – that turned him loose on this country.” Danelo Cavalcante is a Symbol of Biden’s America
  • “Government-sanctioned fake news might just paralyze you in the shower.” The CDC: Fantasy, Make-Believe and Lies
  • “Some speculation exists that Democrats would ignite a major war with Russia to impose martial law and suspend elections.” Will Democrats False Flag Us into a War with Russia?











  • Scream it from the top of a mountain: “Given that only responsible gun owners are likely to abide, much less recognize your ban, it is unclear how this action will lead to a measurable decline in gun violence in our community.” New Mexico Democratic Attorney General Won’t Enforce Gov’s Gun Carry Ban
  • The “solutions” from Gov. Abbott and the Texas legislature are misguided. Unnecessary shields will end up in a storage closet collecting dust. People with pistols on a campus without appropriate training are liabilities, not assets. The best thing HB 3 will do is let would-be murderers know there is someone with a gun nearby, and maybe that is enough.Hold Your Horses: Texas Mandates a Gun at Every Public School





  • “Mr. Speaker, we told you how to use the power of the purse. Individual, single subject spending bills, that would allow us to have specific review programmatic analysis that would allow us to zero out the salaries of the bureaucrats who have broken bad, targeted President Trump or cut sweetheart deals. You have not put us in a position to succeed. There is no way to pass all the individual appropriations bills now. And it’s not like we didn’t know when September 30 was going to show up on the calendar. I must be better. You must be better. And this house must be better for it is the last best hope for 10s of millions of Republicans.” “Out of Compliance”: Matt Gaetz Slams McCarthy On House Floor, Threatens Motion To Vacate the Chair
  • “The House comes back in session Tuesday with a shutdown looming. Could McCarthy’s gavel be up for grabs?” Recess Is Over
  • “Nobody trusts the leftist legacy media that they’ve corrupted and destroyed.”Increasingly, Democrats Begin to Fear the Suck
  • “Amid the gaffes, concerns about the 80-year-old president’s ability to serve as the leader of the country have increased: just 26% of Americans think Biden has the stamina to serve as the [fake] president, according to a September CNN poll, conducted by SSRS Research, an independent polling company. Around 49% of Democrats believe that Biden has the sharpness to effectively be the president, a 14% decline since March.” Biden Comms Team Forced to Do Cleanup Yet Again as Unforced Errors Pile Up
  • “The IRA is creating mostly nonunion jobs.” Trump Can Win the Union Vote in 2024
  • “The advanced age of America’s senior politicians has been increasingly questioned, with figures such as Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (81), President Joe Biden (80), and California Senator Dianne Feinstein (90) showing obvious signs of ill health. The 83-year-old Nancy Pelosi also announced this week that she will run for re-election next year.” DATA: 70% of Americans Want Term Limits for Congressmen
  • “Kristi Noem? Elise Stefanik? Joni Ernst? Who’s the lucky lady?” (None of them. They all suck to one degree or another – jjs) Trump’s Ideal Female Running Mate
  • “California RINOs are out to completely gut the state GOP’s platform, stripping out all conservative and moral distinctions.” Report from the Sausage Factory
  • “Conservative establishmentarians are becoming bolder about showing their revulsion for the populist Right.” The Empire Strikes Back
  • “RFK Jr. abandoning the Democrats would all but ensure a defeat of the Brandon entity — and a brutal, landslide one at that — in 2024, which can be nothing but good news for all Americans, even delusional, loyal Democrats who don’t understand their own self-interest.” (Dao-Min Yen disagrees – jjs) RFK Jr. Telegraphs Threat to Vacate Democrat Party Plantation



  • “The flooding was caused by heavy rain brought on by Cyclone Daniel, which has proven to be the deadliest Mediterranean storm on record. Daniel battered much of the eastern Mediterranean for roughly a week and killed several dozen people across Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey before dissipating over Egypt on Tuesday.” Thousands Killed In Libyan Flash Floods After Tropical Storm

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