The Morning Rant


The real “Great Reset” is not some pie-in-the-sky economic plan from the fascists at the World Economic Forum, pimped by that inbred idiot King Charles III.

No, it is a reset of the view of the future and the role of government. It is absolutely amazing that with inflation roaring, small business are having difficulty filling job openings! What the hell are people thinking?

Well…they are thinking that the great sugar daddy on the Potomac is going to make everything better…that’s what! The Biden junta is going full blast in their attempts to pay off the trillions of dollars that America has pissed away on increasingly worthless and pathetic college educations. Couple that with the equally stupid and financially disastrous transfer payments during the recent (and soon to return?) Wuhan flu insanity, and we have a growing cohort in America that sees personal financial hardship as a problem to be solved by government.

Small-Business Optimism Falls as Inflation Persists, Companies Struggle to Find Workers

“With small business owners’ views about future sales growth and business conditions discouraging, owners want to hire and make money now from strong consumer spending,” NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg wrote. “Inflation and the worker shortage continue to be the biggest obstacles for Main Street.”

Too many of our so-called “elite” politicians and government functionaries do not understand that the real danger of inflation is the uncertainty. Business cannot plan when the cost of money and inputs is constantly changing. And add a fickle supply of labor (that’s an input) caused by the government shifting people’s expectations from work = money to government = money, and we have a perfect storm that will suppress economic growth.

Which is perfectly fine with the progressive movement that is ascendant in American government. They WANT Americans to be dependent on government for everything, because that is where the power is!