The Morning Report 9/15/23

Good morning, kids. Here’s wishing our MOT readers L’shana tovah for a blessed new year ahead. 5784. That means for about 2,000 years we had to suffer with no Chinese food during Christmas. All seriousness aside, there are a couple of big stories this morning that will hopefully segue into and have relevance to the gravamen of my discourse.

First of course is the news that Hunter Biden has been indicted on felony gun charges, for whatever that’s worth.

Hunter Biden was charged with one count of false statement in the purchase of a firearm, one count of possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and one count of false statement related to information required to be kept by federal firearms licensed dealer.

Hunter could potentially face prison time. . . 

. . . Weiss’s indictment did not include any Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) or tax violations.

Weiss charged Hunter Biden in the U.S. District Court in Delaware after his deal with the president’s son collapsed upon judicial scrutiny. . . Thursday’s charges are unlikely to be the last, ABC News reported.

There is no way in hell Hunter Biden nor any Biden is ever going to see the inside of a prison cell. That last sentence though, coming as it does from a reliable propaganda organ of the Junta means that whoever is running the show wants Biden the hell out of there for 2024. 

Whether it’s the dementia and the inability to stage manage his public appearances so he doesn’t act like a doddering drooling pervert in front of the entire world or if Biden has become Pinocchio and is in a tug of war with Geppetto on the other end of the strings or if the media can no longer provide air cover to quash the corruption revelations is anyone’s guess. Meh, the disaster area that has become the United States might trump (heh) all of that. The bottom line is he has become a political liability and so he’s got to go.

We shall see if he pardons Hunter and even ultimately himself out the door before noon on 1/20/24 or God forbid four years later. He should only live so long, right? That too would be brought with all sorts of political liabilities for the Party but then again, it presupposes that our totally corrupt criminal justice system tries and convicts either or both of them, primarily Hunter in this case. And the odds of that are about the same as Trump being acquitted of the charges that collectively mean 624 years behind bars. 

Now that that’s out of the way here’s the titanic story that could have potentially major political and societal repercussions in both the near and far term:

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union will go on strike against all of Detroit’s big three automakers at the same time for the first time in the union’s history, after General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis failed to reach a labor agreement with the union before their contracts expired Thursday night. 

“Tonight for the first time in our history we will strike all three of the big three at once,” UAW president Shawn Fain said on Thursday. They are prepared to strike at midnight, according to Fain. . . 

. . . Roughly 150,000 American auto workers are represented by the UAW union. President Joe Biden’s green agenda is a major concern for autoworkers whose jobs are being eliminated by Biden’s rapid push for a transition to electric vehicles (EVs), which require less workers to produce than gas-powered vehicles. As Breitbart’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour reported, “While autoworkers are seeing their wages slashed due to the EV adoption, the Big Three executives have enjoyed a windfall thanks to the EV tax credits in Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).”
. . . As Breitbart News’s Economics Editor John Carney put it, “the looming strike by the United Auto Workers is as much a protest against Bidenomics as it is the policies of General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Stellantis” . . .

While all Americans have been hard hit by the surge of inflation tied to Biden’s deficit spending, Detroit’s autoworkers have had it far worse than most of their fellow Americans. The place we once called the Arsenal of Democracy was ground zero for Bidenflation’s destructive explosion.

The promise of low inflation was broken by the bloated fiscal policies of the Biden administration and the loose money policies of the Federal Reserve.

It only made matters worse that the Democrats time and again sought to downplay inflation or pass the buck onto the greed of corporations or Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As recently as this month, Democrat leftist stalwart Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York was circulating the idea that inflation was just “propaganda.” Even when Democrats admit inflation has been problematic and linked to excessive fiscal and monetary expansion, they act as if it were a sacrifice necessary because of the pandemic. Never have they mentioned that the sacrifice was borne more heavily by some than others, much less acknowledged the prices paid by our autoworkers.

“We don’t want there to be a strike. We’re ready to work until the deadline,” Ford CEO Jim Farley told CNN Thursday. “We’d like to make history by making a historic deal, not having a historic strike”

Out of the side of his ass that actually leaked truth along with flatus, Farley emitted this:

“There’s a fine line here that we won’t go past, which is, we want everyone to participate in our success. But if it prevents us from investing in this transition to EVs and in future products like the ones we have now like a new F-150, the best-selling vehicle in the U.S., then everyone’s job’s at risk if we don’t invest. So, there’s a line. The line isn’t for us to go bankrupt. The line is somewhere in the middle, and the only way to resolve that is to actually negotiate.”

In other words:


On second thought, maybe it should be:

GLOBALISTS TO AMERICAN PEOPLE: DROP DEAD – and hand over all your valuables before we shove you into a mass compost heap, to save the planet!

If I were UAW prexy Shawn Fain (weirdly ironic homophone for Sinn Fein), I would deliver my response to that electric vehicle bullshit with 50,000 of his constituents. Carried on a pitchfork, with torches in their other hands, and personally delivered to the Ford board room. Rhetorically speaking, of course.

Do the rank and file of the UAW not understand with whom they and for sure many of their leadership have hitched their political wagons and their futures to? A future that at long last is looking like an abyss? Not that I ever want to hear or see the likes of Michael Moore, a.k.a. Tubby Riefenstahl, but the clock is ticking as to his reaction to this strike. I can almost guarantee you that there will be nothing but radio silence from him. Meh, if he says anything, it will be to blame capitalism and conservatives and not the crony fascism and big government and big union greed that destroyed American manufacturing as well as the legitimate aspects of the American labor movement. 

Note to Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis and anyone else who is not a phony poseur. Get thee to the UAW picket lines with Al Sharpton’s bullhorn and set up a local campaign HQ, stat. But I digress.

Hold that thought for a moment as we slide over to a not unrelated item:

Congressman Eric Sorensen (D., Ill.) can’t stand how dumb his constituents are, and he isn’t afraid to say it.

The freshman representative frequently takes to X, formerly Twitter, to sound off on the intelligence of his constituents, or lack thereof. A former meteorologist who made history in 2022 by becoming the first openly gay member of Congress from Illinois, Sorensen has claimed the residents of his Western Illinois district can’t spell names properly and are too ignorant to understand climate science. He’s said they know less than his European friends about politics in Washington, D.C., and that they have more in common with the electorate of Alabama—a state he once said was populated by anti-LGBTQ bigots.

Sorensen’s blunt attitude about his constituents could come back to haunt him in 2024 as Republicans look to flip his seat. Sorensen already faces a tough reelection campaign, after scraping by with a 4-point victory in his purple district in 2022.

The Illinois Democrat delivered his most recent jab against his voters in a tweet Saturday suggesting Americans needed his help locating Morocco on a map of Africa following the deadly 6.8 magnitude earthquake that killed at least 2,900 on Friday. . .

. . . In April, Sorensen bragged on a podcast interview that his European friends are much more knowledgeable about domestic and foreign affairs than his constituents in Western Illinois, whose ignorance he attributed to “collectively a societal thing.”

“Whenever my friends from Europe come here to Illinois, they know a lot more about what’s going on in the world,” Sorensen said. “They know a lot more about what’s going on in our country and Washington, D.C., than probably most people here do.”

Minutes later on that same podcast, Sorensen said the makeup of his district “looks a lot like” Alabama. But in May 2019, a heated Sorensen took to the air and railed against Alabamans for being anti-LGBTQ bigots after Alabama Public Television pulled an episode of the children’s cartoon Arthur that featured a gay wedding. . . 

. . . Sorensen’s apparent poor opinion of his constituents stretches back to long before he retired as a meteorologist to run for office in 2022. More than a decade earlier, in November 2010, he stated bluntly that Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R.) could never replicate her reelection victory as a write-in candidate in his state because “Illinois voters wouldn’t have gotten your name spelled right.”

The Illinois Democrat also expressed bewilderment that Americans love to set off their own fireworks on July 4 and take their Second Amendment rights so seriously.

This fucking guy. I think he insulted himself since how stupid can they be if they elected you in the first place, Sorensen (answer: incredibly)? Unless you lied to them on the campaign trail. Oh noes! Maybe, Sorensen, your constituents are poorly educated because teachers for the most part are incompetent, ideological hacks more concerned with fleecing taxpayers for brainwashing their kids with Marxist claptrap. Maybe your stupid constituents are more concerned with desperately scrounging to make a living in an economy that you and yours have taken a blowtorch and ball peen hammer to like it was Paul Pelosi’s noggin. 

Then again, playing Devil’s advocate here, maybe this filthy degenerate is on to something. Maybe his constituents are stupid. Stupid for electing the same people and the same party over and over and over again expecting their lives and futures to be better instead of getting worse and worse and worse decade after decade after decade. 

Hello, UAW.

Hello, black America.

Hello every liberal fleeing the crime, filth, miserable economy, taxation and general dissolution of every blue shit-hole – which you voted for every 2-4 years – for the relatively saner pastures of red state America.

The question is, will you lather, rinse, repeat and turn your new found sanctuary (pun?) into the same wasteland you fled or will you finally wake the fuck up, deprogram yourselves and stop the circle of insanity? 

In other words is this Sorensen creep right? Are you actually stupid enough to keep voting for him and his ilk time and again even after laughing in your face and instituting policies that are killing you and your children?

Look, you don’t have to love Trump, or DeSantis or the GOP. But you have to take to heart the imploring of Oliver Cromwell to Charles I:

“. . . Think it possible you may be mistaken.

When the progressive woke revolution took over traditional America, matters soon reached the level of the ridiculous.

Take the following examples of woke craziness and hypocrisy, perhaps last best witnessed during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution.

The Biden [junta] from its outset wished to neuter immigration law. It sought to alter radically the demography of the U.S. by stopping the border wall and allowing into the United States anyone who could walk across the southern border.

Over seven million did just that. Meanwhile, Biden ignored the role of the Mexican cartels in causing nearly 100,000 ANNUAL American fentanyl deaths.

Then border states finally wised up.

They grasped that the entire open-borders, “new Democratic majority” leftwing braggadocio was predicated on its hypocritical architects staying as far away as possible from their new constituents.

So cash strapped border states started busing their illegal aliens to sanctuary blue-state jurisdictions.

Almost immediately, once magnanimous liberals, whether in Martha’s Vineyard, Chicago, or Manhattan, stopped virtue-signaling their support for open borders.

Instead, soon they went berserk over the influx.

So now an embarrassed Biden [junta] still wishes illegal aliens to keep coming but to stay far away from their advocates—by forcing them to remain in Texas.

That means the president has redefined the US. border. It rests now apparently north of Texas, as Biden cedes sovereignty to Mexico. . . 

. . . One of the loudest leftist voices to defund the police, and decriminalize violent crimes in the post-George Floyd era, was Shivanthi Sathanandan, the 2nd Vice Chairwoman of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

She was recently not shy about defunding: “We are going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Say it with me. DISMANTLE.”

But recently the loud Sathanandan was a victim of the very crime wave she helped to spawn.

Four armed thugs carjacked her automobile. They beat her up in front of her children at her own home, and sped off without fear of arrest.

The reaction of the arch police dismantler and decriminalizer on her road to Damascus?

The now bruised and bleeding activist for the first time became livid that criminals had taken over her Minneapolis: “Look at my face. REMEMBER ME when you are thinking about supporting letting juveniles and young people out of custody to roam our streets instead of HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.” 

. . . The common theme of these absurdities is how contrary to human nature, impractical, and destructive is utopian wokism, whether in matters of energy, race, crime, or illegal immigration.

There are two other characteristics of the Woke Revolution.

One, it depends solely on its advocates never having to experience firsthand any of the nonsense they inflict on others.

And two, dangerous zealots with titles before, and letters after, their names prove to be quite stupid—and dangerous.

Whether or not, as Victor Davis Hanson illustrates, Leftist leaders realize the errors of their ways or merely create new pretzel logic narratives to place the blame anywhere but on their policies and shibboleths (make book on that) is not necessarily the issue. 

The issue is will ordinary people, like the rank and file of the UAW who have voted reflexively for Democrats for generations realize that this is not their grandfather’s Democrat Party? Not that that was any bargain either since that party begat the hell on earth we are devolving into as we speak. That goes for the GOP as well as we all too well know.

Politics as usual is a myth that has been exploded. We as a society are on a California high speed train – in cattle cars straight for a gate that reads “Hope and Change” which in reality is another way of saying”Arbeit Macht Frei.”

Wake up, libs.

Have a good weekend. See you tomorrow for the hobby thread. Be there. Aloha.







  • “UAW members feel abandoned by the Democratic Party,” former UAW President Bob King told Politico this week, noting the Democrat majority’s continued support for job-killing free trade as well as Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which is handing out billions in taxpayer subsidies to auto companies and their top line. “I think there’s a segment of the Democratic Party that sees itself as serving corporations rather than the common good … we’ve had a lot of disappointments,” King said. UAW to Strike All Big Three Automakers at the Same Time for First Time in History
  • “Even former President Obama, in his 2006 book The Audacity of Hope, admitted that illegal immigration threatened the wages of America’s working class.” (He “evolved” on that issue too – jjs) Congressional Witness: Liberals Siding with Corporations to Keep Wages Down via Mass Immigration




  • “Maybe leftists shouldn’t have caved to demands to defund police or vilify law enforcement.” Newsom Spending $267 Million to Tackle ‘Organized Retail Theft’
  • “Already the left’s online vanguard, some of them even sexual assault victims is laying the groundwork for their next push against basic morality human dignity.” The Left is Trying to Decriminalize Rape
  • “The so-called Vault 7 leak, orchestrated by Schulte, exposed the CIA’s hacking of Apple and Android smartphones for overseas spying operations. It also revealed efforts to turn internet-connected televisions into listening devices. In his position as a coder at the agency’s headquarters in Virginia, Schulte had helped create these hacking tools. A mistrial was declared in Schulte’s original 2020 trial due to jurors deadlocking on serious counts such as illegal gathering and transmission of national defense information.” Ex-CIA Employee Guilty of Child Abuse Image Possession


  • The interview raises the question of what Trump would do in the event of another pandemic if elected to a second term next year. Given his lack of repentance — or lack of awareness about the damage caused by mask mandates, lockdowns, and vaccines, it seems that we could very well see a repeat of Fauciism, with another “expert” bureaucrat telling us how to run our lives and raise our children. That’s rather troubling, to be honest. Megyn Kelly Grills Trump on Chinese Covid Response. His Answers Don’t Exactly Inspire Confidence.
  • “The strong rebuke should end the government’s commitment to ‘treatments’ that make its bureaucrats money, but only if the American people wise up.” Fifth Circuit Rebukes FDA for Banning Ivermectin for Chinese Covid-19
  • “As summer turns to fall, the mask-aholics are attempting a comeback.” More Mask Hysteria
  • “What if I told you one in 50 people who took a new medication had a ‘medically attended adverse event’ and the manufacturer refused to disclose what exactly the complication was — would you take it? . . . The push is so hard that former White House [Chinese] COVID coordinator Ashish Jha and CDC head Mandy Cohen are making unsupported claims the new vaccine reduces hospitalizations. long COVID and the likelihood you will spread [Chinese] COVID. None of those claims has a shred of scientific support. The Real Data Behind the New Chinese COVID Vaccines the Junta is Pushing






  • “Pretending like millions of pro-life Democrats like myself don’t exist isn’t a strategy. The right to life must be protected at every age, everywhere,” she said. “And that is why I am running for president of the United States.” Pro-Life Dem Launches Presidential Bid Outside Abortion Clinic Where Activists Were Arrested
  • “David [Ignoramus] Ignatius’about-face provides a unique insight into the mind of the intelligence behemoth behind the curtain.” The Deep State is Through with Joe Biden
  • “’I should have spent my last day in office pardoning the January 6 protestors. Some of those fine people are still languishing in jail today. No speedy trial. Terrible conditions. Political prisoners of the corrupt Biden family. I will pardon every last one of them on my first day back in office. And I will find and prosecute the FBI agents who instigated the violence.’ That’s a guy I would crawl over broken glass to vote for in the primary.” Did Trump Learn Anything From the Mistakes That Cost Him the White House?
  • Examining South Carolina Republicans’ views on some specific issues, the pollsters found 49 percent believe “Whites losing out due to preferences for Blacks and Hispanics” is a bigger problem than “Blacks and Hispanics losing out due to preferences for Whites,” compared to 22 percent who hold the opposite view. Fifty-eight percent believe abortion should be illegal. Trump Dominates in South Carolina, DeSantis in 4th
  • “Ramaswamy is only sucking up to Trump now because he knows it will help his poll numbers. . . The real reason he’s running for president is because it is a good business decision for him.” Vivek Ramaswamy is a Fraud
  • “[Mao groupie and Gorn-boffer] Anita Dunn, a top White House adviser, disclosed details about the upcoming speech to Democratic donors on Wednesday in Chicago, the chosen location for the party’s 2024 convention.” Biden Plans McCain Institute Speech After Next GOP Debate

* * * * *



  • “We’ll spend $6 billion however the Islamic Republic wishes.” (I guess that’s Farsi for “LOLGF!” – jjs) Raisi Mocks Biden
  • “Even the Islamic Revolutionary Guard can’t stop the activists.” (Instead of wasting billions on Ukraine, a microscopic fraction in arms and materiel supporting the Azeris could work geopolitical miracles – jjs) Azerbaijani Protesters Becoming Uncontrollable Problem for Iran
  • “U.S. policymakers should stop fooling themselves about their ability to control international events. America should return to a foreign policy fit for a republic.” Failed Empire
  • “I want to see China succeed economically.” Biden and China-Appeasement
  • “The only migrant residence on [Lampedusa] has a capacity for 450 people, leaving authorities with the obligation to transfer them elsewhere, including the mainland. It is unclear at this point what progress, if any, has been made. The press and others on social media were quick to criticize Republican Italian President Georgia Meloni, whose campaign relied heavily on her strict stance to combat illegal immigration and secure Italy’s coasts.”Shocking Video Footage Shows 6,800 Illegal Aliens Storming Island of 6,000 Residents in Italy
  • The CGI was first launched by the Clintons in 2005 and claims to convene “global leaders to create and implement solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, inclusive economic growth, and health equity.” (As well as fleece disaster relief funds while raping third world children – jjs) Pope “Fiction” Francis, Tony Blair, and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Join Clinton Foundation Event Promoting Globalism
  • “Never embrace the ideas of socialism. Never allow yourselves to be seduced by the siren song of social justice. Don’t get caught up in that terrible concept that where there is a need, there is a right. But that can’t happen on its own. We have to be prepared for this, and wage a cultural war every single day and we have to be careful because they have no problem with getting inside the State and employing Gramsci’s techniques: seducing the artists, seducing the culture, seducing the media or meddling in educational content.”Argentine Presidential Candidate Tells Tucker Carlson What Advice He’d Give Americans, Donald Trump








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  1. So inflation is going back up, oil at $90 a barrel and the UAW wants a 50% pay raise with a 20% reduction in hours – and a return to classic defined benefit pensions. This is the world on drugs. As for the auto workers, the car manufacturers have 60 days inventory on the lot, expect at least a 30 day strike. Joe is going to have a bad early Fall.

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