The Morning Rant:


Race baiting has become ubiquitous…so much so that it seems to be click-bait more than anything even remotely substantive. And the most integrated part of our country…sports…isn’t immune to it.

Wait…did I say “integrated?” Whoops! That’s not correct. Whites and Asians are woefully underrepresented in some professional sports, and yet there is no national conversation about the obvious racism among every single football and basketball general manager and coach. How else can one explain the huge disparity between the American population and the racial makeup of those sports?

The reality of course is that the people who make the decisions in college and professional sports don’t have any interest in the color of their players. In fact they have very little interest in the criminality and character of their players, judging by the number of thugs playing these sports at the college and professional level. Hell, if the latest mass-murdering psycho could hit a high fastball or shed a double-team block he would attract some attention from the GMs.

That sports is almost 100% post-racial grates on the professional race-baiters and the hack journalists who are desperate for attention, so any chance to create some artificial racial strife is just wonderful for them.

And here is the quintessential hack doing just that!

Oregon’s Dan Lanning Calls Skip Bayless Comments ‘Classless,’ Praises What Deion Sanders Is Doing For College Football

“I’ve tried to tell you guys for two weeks there is a deep-rooted, venomous vengeance that is starting to manifest itself against Deion among white coaches. And I’m not gonna say they’re all white because we saw what Jay Norvell did just two weeks ago. It’s deep-rooted and seeded because Deion (Sanders) didn’t pay any dues that they all had to pay,” Skip Bayless said Monday morning.

Never mind that talking sh*t about the opposing team and the opposing coach has been part of athletics since the first time Man decided that physical competition outside of the battlefield was a good thing.

Here are Deion Sanders’ comments after the game:

“A good, old-fashioned butt kicking. No excuses,” Sanders said about the game. “Their coaches did a good job preparing their team. Obviously, we didn’t.”

Apparently Sanders didn’t get the memo that it was all a KKK plot to undermine him and cast aspersions on his success as a black coach. Maybe Deion is a crypto-white-supremacist!

Or…Skip Bayless is an obnoxious blowhard without anything original to say about the game, so he fell back on the tired and increasingly irrelevant trope about structural racism. It’s pathetic, it’s boring, it’s creating an artificial controversy, and it detracts form the achievements of the athletes on the field.

One of the most insulting things in American professional sports has been the elevation of Jackie Robinson to some sort of racial icon. Yes, he was the first black player in Major League Baseball. He got there because he was a marvelous athlete and one of the greatest players of his generation, but that is lost in the mess that MLB has made of his legacy.

Every time race is injected into sports it diminishes the marvel that is athletic achievement. There is no substitute for talent, and no way that pressure groups and protests and affirmative action can hide the undeniable fact that some people are better than others at hitting a baseball or driving to the basket or running a route and catching a football.

Athletics is the last bastion of pure merit, and weasels like the miserable, grating, talentless Skip Bayless want to change that.