The Morning Report 10/17/23

Good morning, kids. While we’re all focused on what’s going on in Gaza, half way around the world, a somewhat milder form of barbarism occurred in its spiritual sister city:

A disturbing video circulating on social media shows a group of young Chicagoans attacking a Tesla while police watch nearby during a weekend “street takeover.”

The clip, which has garnered more than 20 million views on X as of Monday, captured a group of presumed teenagers punching and kicking the vehicle, which appeared to be trapped in an “out-of-control street takeover,” reported the New York Post. 

The video shows the unruly teens posing on top of the white Tesla while flashing hand signs to the camera. The driver then lurches forward, sending the group off of the hood of the car and into a fury. They respond by beating the body of the car with their fists and feet.

The camera then pans to show other members of the large group committing dangerous drifting stunts in other cars off to the side, burning their tires on the pavement in the middle of traffic.

The scene that the camera pans back to is utter chaos. Screams can be heard as the electric vehicle attempts to escape the crowd, sending teens running and some to the ground. The cameraperson follows as members of the group run after the driver, who can be seen recording through the window.

Completely blocked in by other cars while teens rip off the side mirrors, the Tesla driver is forced to slam into other vehicles to get away from the danger.

Another angle of footage from the event shows that while police were on the scene, little was done to quell the crowd of troublemakers.

“Back up!” one officer can be heard telling people as they attempt to chase the Tesla on foot as it clumsily speeds away.

Aside from the fact that there’s no information as to why these “youths” took over a Chicago street, or an excuse as to why they were allowed to take over a street (we know the reason), you might ask what all this has got to do with what’s going on in Gaza. All I have to do is say “BLM” and I’m sure you can get the picture. Take it a step or so further and alarm bells should be going off like crazy. Here’s a bit of backstory to help connect the dots:

James Pastor, author of the new book You Say You Want a Revolution: A Compelling and Cautionary Tale of What Lies Ahead, was part of a Chicago police unit investigating the first American citizens plotting to commit terrorist acts in their country on behalf of a foreign government in exchange for money.

The foreign government was that of Moammar Gaddafi’s Libya and the Americans were members of the Chicago-based El Rukn, Arabic for “cornerstone”  or “foundation.” Gaddafi offered the gang $2.5 million to shoot down airliners, bomb buildings and assassinate American politicians.

Pastor’s police unit, in collaboration with the FBI, succeeded in stopping the plot. The author believes the case is relevant to what is now going on in America, but El Rukn leader Jeff Fort, also known as Abdul Malik Ka’bah and Chief Prince Malik, remains little known to the public. . . 

. . . In conversations with the Libyans, the code for Gadaffi was “the young friend” and “the old man” meant the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran. “Apples” and “potatoes” meant explosives. The plot failed, but the players have counterparts on the current scene.

El Rukn finds an heir in Black Lives Matter, a favorite of the Democrat Party. El Rukn supported Gaddafi while BLM backed Fidel Castro, Cuba’s white Sado-Stalinist dictator. “We must push back against the rhetoric of the right and come to the defense of El Comandante,” BLM proclaimed in 2016. There is no record of BLM dealing with Castro to commit acts of terrorism but BLM definitely wants a revolution, already in progress.

For Pastor, the 2020 riots were an armed insurrection, with 26 people killed, 2000 police officers injured, and $2 billion in property damage,. This violence and hatred of America flowed from the racist theories of the left, which has replaced class struggle with racial conflict.

Like El Rukn, Black Lives Matter is also worshipful of the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan. A recently completed BLM mural in Greenburgh, New York, includes Farrakhan among black leaders. Farrakhan’s racism has a counterpart in Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project and such. . . 

. . . Jeff Fort, 75, is serving a term of 168 years at the federal ADX “supermax” prison in Florence, Colorado.  According to “The Making of Jeff Fort,” a 1988 feature in Chicago magazine, Fort is “the first man in the United States to be convicted of terrorism.” Things are radically different now.

Anyone less than worshipful of the addled Joe Biden is a domestic terrorist, including pro-life activists and parents who resist the racist indoctrination of their children. The FBI, which helped take down Fort, now targets Americans who seek to preserve their constitutional rights and peacefully protest the Biden Junta’s steady demolition of the United States of America.

With this article written exactly a year ago by the estimable Lloyd Billingsley, the support by Black Lives Matter, which is in fact a terrorist organization, of the Hamas butchery of Jews comes sharply into focus. In particular, it was the Chicago chapter of BLM that put out the communiqué of support within minutes of the first Jewish baby to be beheaded.

What is it about American blacks and Islam? Despite what we’ve all been force fed by the likes of Howard Zinn’s “People’s History” bromide and the 1619 Project, the African slave trade was run – and is still run to this day! – by Arab Muslims. And yet, these idiots are hot and horny to become converts to a “religion” whose opinion of them makes the KKK look like the NAACP in comparison. Dumb.

Psaki Psircling back, and speaking of Chicago, remember this golden oldie? And I don’t mean “25 or 6 to 4.”

Born in Brooklyn on October 18, 1970, Jose Padilla is an American citizen and a Muslim convert who was arrested in May 2002 and was thereafter detained by the U.S. government for three-and-a-half years as an “enemy combatant” who aspired to contribute to the worldwide Islamic jihad by killing large numbers of Americans.

In his early teens, Padilla joined a mostly Puerto Rican gang called the Latin Disciples. He went on to compile a rap sheet of both juvenile and adult crimes — offenses ranging from aggravated assault to unlawful weapons possession to attempted theft. He was also involved in a violent assault and shooting where his victim later died from the injuries that Padilla helped inflict.

In the early 1990s, Padilla became a working member of the Benevolence International Foundation, a charity that had close financial ties to the al Qaeda terrorist network, the Abu Sayyaf Islamic rebels in the Philippines, and 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. . . 

. . .Jose Padilla left Pakistan on April 5, 2002, spent a month in Egypt, and then traveled to the U.S. to carry out his mission. When he arrived at Chicago O’Hare Airport on May 8, 2002, he was immediately interviewed and arrested by FBI agents, who were first tipped to Padilla’s al Qaeda connection by Abu Zubaydah, who had been captured in Pakistan and delivered to American custody in March 2002.

In June 2004 the Justice Department released a declassified document showing Padilla’s plans and al Qaeda connections in detail. The information therein comes not only from Padilla’s own admissions, but also from a number of additional al Qaeda detainees who independently confirmed the details that Padilla gave, particularly about the plots to detonate a “dirty bomb” and to blow up apartment buildings.

Just like the sub-literate droogs of BLM who’ve had their minds stunted on the poison of the Great Society and “authentic” blackness, Jose Padilla is as American as chicharrones and mofongo. Or shawarma and suicide belts. What do they have to do with what’s going on in Gaza? Only everything because what’s happening in Israel will not stay in Israel. And if you’re worried about the psycho Jew- and America-haters of the “Squad,” take a gander over here:

“There are so many of these people who want to be free from this terrorist rule. They want to be free from all of that. And America’s always been sympathetic to the fact that you can separate civilians from terrorists. And that’s what we have to do.”

You’ve got half of them at the time that I was there didn’t want to be under Hamas’ rule. They didn’t want to have terrorists overseeing them,” Haley told host Jake Tapper “State of the Union” on Sunday. “The other half supported Hamas and wanted to be a part of that.”

Totally clueless. Whether the Gazans want to be ruled by Hamas, despite having enthusiastically voting for them that one and only time, or not, they sure as hell are unified in their feelings about Israel and Jews.

Is this dusky dimwitted dilettante really proposing importing God knows how many thousand savages who cheered on and likely participated in the rape, murder and torture of Israeli citizens?! We already have had an open border where thousands of military age males from Islamic nations have been confirmed to have slipped in completely undetected. Nikki Haley was a non-starter ages ago but this is just the bitter end.

Reminder to her and everyone else who doesn’t get it; this is not about Israel or “””Palestine”””. It’s about Islam and the civilized world. 



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  • “Federal law is clear that any alien who ‘endorses or espouses terrorist activity or persuades others to endorse or espouse terrorist activity or support a terrorist organization’ is inadmissible and must be deported. Swiftly removing and permanently barring from future reentry any foreign student who signed onto or shared approvingly the anti-Semitic letter from the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee on October 7 would be a good place to start,” Cotton wrote in the letter. Sen. Cotton Demands DHS ‘Immediately Deport’ Foreign Nationals Who Express Support For Hamas Attacks
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  • Daniel Greenfield: “Will they go on being useful idiots for a movement that they know wants to kill them?” (Yes. It’s easier to offer up their heads to the rusty hacksaw of Islam than admit that their entire worldview is not only wrong, but catastrophically wrong – jjs)Jewish Anti-Israel Leftists Struggle With Left’s Support for Hamas Murder and Rape










  • “The scene that the camera pans back to is utter chaos. Screams can be heard as the electric vehicle attempts to escape the crowd, sending teens running and some to the ground. The cameraperson follows as members of the group run after the driver, who can be seen recording through the window.” (Wait until Hamas/ISIS sleeper cells here start recruiting these goons – jjs) Video: Chicago Teens Attack Tesla During ‘Street Takeover’ While Police Watch
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  • “President Peter Salovey of Yale has written five paragraphs that will forever stain Yale, its author, the supine Yale Board of Trustees, and ore than 5,000 faculty members.” The Stain Yale Can Never Erase
  • Jon Huntsman Jr., a Penn alumnus and former U.S. ambassador with an estimated net worth of $1 billion, sent an email to Penn President Liz Magill condemning the university’s “silence” regarding Hamas’ attack against Israel, the outlet reported Sunday. He accused the university of taking new and troubling ideological directions in recent years.  Penn Loses Billionaire Donor Over ‘Silence’ Regarding Israel

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  • “Israeli defense firm Rafael revealed Iron Beam at the Singapore Airshow in 2014. Its job is to defend at ranges too short for Iron Dome — and for a lot less money, too. Firing a laser beam and an incoming projectile costs just $2,000. Cheap at twice the price!” Finally, Some Jewish Space Lasers?


  • “What we have witnessed since [Chinese] COVID-19 is the complete authoritarian takeover of every institution but none more so than the medical industry. If you aren’t scared yet, you should be. The Constitution is meaningless to the beast that is child protection services in collusion with hospitals. They can seize your child without a warrant, isolate them, and even adopt them out on the word of one malicious social worker or doctor and never need any evidence that you did anything wrong.” Over 70 Families Say They Lost Their Children to False Munchausen by Proxy Allegations Levied by One Doctor


  • “The ‘cryovolcanic’ comet called 12P/Pons-Brooks will make its closest approach to Earth in 2024, according to LiveScience. And the enormous space rock (some 18.6 miles in diameter) just violently exploded for the second time in four months.” (May it hit Davos and Mecca – jjs) Enormous Comet With Volcanic ‘Horns’ Is Barreling Toward Earth
  • It now appears my [April] prediction was right on the money, and worse, my first prediction might be closer to the truth, that while the federal government doesn’t want to come right out and say, “No more launches from Boca Chica!”, it is imposing so many delays and requirements there that it makes the location impractical for SpaceX to use it as a launch test site. Update on Starship/Superheavy: Lots of work, no sign of FAA launch approval
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  • Mark Goddard, 87, known for his portrayal of Don West in the 1960s CBS sci-fi series, “Lost in Space,” passed away Tuesday in Hingham, Massachusetts due to pulmonary fibrosis, Evelyn Pezzulich, the actor’s third wife, confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. (RIP – jjs)Lost In Space Actor Mark Goddard Dies at 87

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