The Morning Report 10/26/23

Good morning, kids. Evidently some psycho went on a shooting spree in at least two locations up in Maine that has left 22 people dead. He’s also still at large. 

Insofar as it is a tragedy, given the loss of life (and that’s not meant to diminish any incident where there is even one victim), I offer prayers and condolences for the victims and their loved ones. Each life is precious, but at the risk of offense, there are much more urgent stories still unfolding that need the time and space to fully cover. 

Unfortunately, given the times we live in, the Left is sure to use this as a convenient distraction from their ideologically-driven incompetence that has given rise to a wave of Jew-hatred in this country never before seen and edging ever closer to becoming a pogrom, and a foreign policy in under three years has put the possibility of a third world war into view just on the horizon.

If I were a conspiracy nutter, I’d say the shooting was not just convenient but a little bit tooconvenient. Not long ago I’d have myself committed for even thinking that, yet with everything we’ve witnessed, to even suggest it is tragically well within the realms of possibility and sanity.

Two salient points: It seems that no one at any of the locations was armed, which allowed the shooter to gun down so many evidently unimpeded. I assume Maine’s gun laws lean towards the anti-2A side. Maine commenters please weigh in.The shooter’s mental health status meant he was denied permission to legally own firearms. And yet, here we are. There goes the argument for “common sense gun control laws” since apparently Maine already has them on the books. How’d that work out? 

UPDATE: From Maine commenter “Defenstratus”:

We are a constitutional carry state and have been for quite some time. The problem in this instance is that both locations served alcohol and CC is forbidden at those types of establishments. 

No doubt people that couldn’t care less about our little po-dunk state just lump us in with Massachusetts as far as political ideology goes – and while southern Maine has indeed been overrun with rabid leftists, it wasn’t so long ago that we elected Paul LePage – aka ProtoTrump. While the cities in Maine (if you can call them that) are die hard progressive, the rural areas are reliably republican (albeit with a case of welfare dependence). 

Again not to minimize the pain and suffering of all those affected, but we must move on.

* * * * *

As was all to predictable, as the start of a ground invasion of Gaza continues to be delayed, whether for reasons of pressure from Israel’s former ally, the former United States of America, or because of tactical reasons known hopefully only to the IDF or probably some combination of both, the transmogrification of Israel into perpetrator and the Islamic hordes in Gaza who identify as “Palestinian” as the victims is more or less complete. 

This pattern of course has happened in virtually every other time Israel had to take military action in retaliation. Except this time, as noted, America is not only no longer an ally but arguably firmly on the side of the real perpetrators of this flinging open of the gates of Hell and unleashing dark age barbarism and savagery on one of, if not the most liberal society on the planet. The perpetrators of course being Iran.

The other exception as I teased above is the unleashing of an in-your-face and frighteningly large global pogrom against Jews. Most notably here in America, and in places like New York City which has the largest population of Jews outside of Israel in the world. A place that, outside of the latter was the safest place on the planet for them. Now? Not so much:

A handful of Cooper Union’s Jewish students barricaded inside the university’s library Wednesday when pro-Palestinian protesters blew past security and aggressively pounded on the building’s doors.

A Jewish senior at the East Village institution recounted the terrifying moment she watched the demonstrators slam anti-Zionist posters against the window and shout “anti-Semitic rhetoric” just a few feet away. “When they started banging on the door, my heart started pounding. I was crying. I think if the doors weren’t locked — I don’t know what would have happened,” the student, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Post.

“I don’t want to speculate what would’ve happened. It just makes me too nervous. I was absolutely terrified in that moment.” The demonstrators — who were carrying Palestinian flags and “Zionism Hands off our Universities” signs — had scheduled the 1 p.m. demonstration outside the 7 East 7th Street building when they decided to move through the interior. It appeared as though they were heading toward university President Laura Spark’s office to demand she condemn Israel’s attacks on Gaza civilians when they pivoted to the library, the student said.

The group of several dozen demonstrators breezed past security’s feeble attempts to stop them from climbing the stairs as they chanted “Free Palestine,” video shows. Security on the library’s 7th level locked the doors upon hearing the group come closer, preventing them from coming inside, but not stopping them from banging on the walls and continuing their chanting. Several of the 11 Jewish students huddled inside the Cooper Union Library called 911 or contacted relatives who called police for help.

The NYPD was stationed at the demonstration the entire time, a spokesperson said. No arrests or summonses were issued, and the ralliers left the building without incident. It is not clear whether any officers entered the inside of the building during the demonstration, though the student witness claims the police never arrived because the university told them not to get involved.

Instead, a school administrator offered to discretely escort the students out the back entrance of the building — which President Sparks allegedly opted for herself upon hearing that the protesters were coming her way “If they were scared, if the president was so scared that she left the building, then the police should have been called,” the student said. “Why would they leave the students in the building without police protection when the president of the school who was also targeted left herself?” The 11 Jewish students opted to stay inside and ride out the protests. When they walked outside, the pro-Palestinian demonstrators were standing silently outside displaying their signs.

According to the university’s media relations manager, the school closed down the library for approximately 20 minutes while the protest moved through the building. “Some students who were previously in the Library remained during this time,” Kim Newman said in an email. Newman did not immediately confirm the student’s claims that the university prevented police from intervening in the demonstration once it moved indoors or whether Sparks escaped the protesters. Although she admitted she wasn’t sure whether the demonstrators were trying to get through the locked doors, the senior said she was left disappointed by the university’s actions.

“I think we’re all honestly scared. We don’t feel comfortable going back to school tomorrow,” she said.

“It felt crazy that once they overtook the security guards, they still don’t want the police to come in. So that doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t make sense to me that once the doors were locked — which means that they clearly felt we were in danger — they still didn’t let the police come in … It’s confusing to me that once [the President] left, we were still there and they didn’t let police come in.”

In what could have rapidly devolved into a literal life-and-death situation, the police should have taken the initiative to demand they be let in or otherwise force their way in to protect the lives of the students — 

Oh, yeah. New York City. Eric Adams. Alving Bragg. “To Serve and Protect.” Mostly our jobs and pensions. In any case, the damage is done and the Jewish students have been effectively banished from campus. It took Hitler and Goering to actually craft the Nuremberg Laws that expelled Jews from public life. Here we have a thug-ocracy of supposed students who have taken control of the school and crafted their own Nuremberg Laws.

But, as is the case with BLM and Antifa, they are only as powerful as the government allows them to be. And the only reason the government grants them their power is because they are acting as de facto agents of the government in the first place. They are both allies, perhaps at this time only of convenience, like the Sturmabteilung was to Hitler. We’ll see if there is a Night of the Long Knives in their future. Considering the X factor of Islam and Muslims, the long knife might be in the other hand with the blade at the government’s throat. But I digress.

And while that was going on, not even a half mile away this was happening in Washington Square Park, not three blocks from where I used to live:

A group of New York City public school students ditched class with a teacher Wednesday to take part in a pro-Palestinian rally — where the youngsters waved deeply antisemitic signs suggesting the world needs to be “clean” of Jews. Several high school girls from Brooklyn’s Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women brandished unsettling signs reading “Please Keep the World Clean” above an illustration showing the blue Star of David in a garbage can.

The group of about 20 students, who participated in a pro-Palestine student walkout with their teacher in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park, were also heard by a Post reporter chanting for the eradication of Israel. A 16-year-old girl in the group told The Post they had walked out of class to protest Israel’s “genocide.” “Everyone is scared of Israel and their hate crimes. [President Joe] Biden is supporting a genocide,” she said.

A Department of Education spokesman said the district “condemn[s] any behavior that demonstrates discrimination or spreads hate. “This antisemitic statement, made at a non-school sanctioned, off-campus event, epitomizes why there is a need for continued discussion and education surrounding the complicated conflict in the Middle East and the legacy of antisemitism in America and abroad,” Press Secretary Nathaniel Styer told The Post. “This message is antithetical to the culture and environment that we strive to foster for our city’s children.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of NYU students held their own separate pro-Palestinian rally in the park, which was also part of a nationwide walkout over the war in Israel in the wake of the Hamas terror attack that killed some 1,400.

Students first gathered at Henry Kaufman Management Center before walking to the Greenwich Village, Manhattan park, most of them clad in masks so they couldn’t be doxxed.“Everybody mask up. Hide your identity. Not because you’re not proud of what you’re doing, but because these assholes are doxxing us,” one organizer who was wearing a black and white scarf tied over his whole head and sunglasses told the crowd Organizers also encouraged demonstrating students not to talk to any reporters and to “stick together.”

“If there is some escalation we do not scatter,” the organizer said. About 300 people then walked to the park, chanting, “Justice is our demand, no peace on stolen land” and “Settlers settlers go back home, Palestine is ours alone.” A 20-year-old junior walked out of an open arts dance class because she was unhappy that NYU had made statements in support of Israel.

“It makes me feel sick knowing that not only my tax dollars but my tuition are funding something that is the antithesis of what I study and hope to contribute to the world,” said the student, who declined to share her name. “If you follow the stages of genocidal progression, Israel has engaged in all of them from dehumanization to mobilization,” she said.  The student, who said she studies anthropogenic climate change, journalism and politics was wearing a mask so as not to be identified by a police drone.

“I don’t think they care about the safety of pro-Palestinian protectors, so I don’t think it will be used in a just manner and I don’t really support anything that perpetuates the surveillance state we live under,” she said “It’s fascist. It’s the police operating as they are intended to. They serve the bourgeois and protect private property and they’ll do that at any cost” student said. 

About a dozen pro-Israel students showed up to counter-protest, putting their arms around each other while singing songs in Hebrew about 20 feet from the pro-Palestine group, which started chanting louder to drown out the song. The event came after the president of the university’s law school’s student bar association lost a cushy law job offer after cheering Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack in the school’s newsletter.

Notice that mingled in with the Jew-baiting blood-libels of Israel was a whole lot of Marxist anti-capitalist bilge. And that, my friends, has nothing to do necessarily with Jews; the association of them with money and controlling the economy notwithstanding. That has everything to do with you, your family, your freedom and everything you hold dear, because next on the Hassan Chop! -ing block is all of our heads. 

I applaud those who are bravely able to doxx the identities of these bastards and surprisingly a growing number of law firms and other institutions that are revoking job offers from them. 

I also applaud Ron DeSantis for his actions in deactivating this “Students for Justice in Palestine” by defining them as being in material support of terrorism by acting as de facto agents for Hamas, a terrorist organization. Tim Scott jumped on the bandwagon by pushing for the deportation of any foreign student who supports Hamas. I’d go it a step further and strip the citizenship of anyone who supports Hamas and send them to Gaza where they evidently long to be. I hope other governors will willingly or perhaps in the case of purplish states be forced to follow on in DeSantis’ footsteps. Of course, sealing the damned border and banning immigration from any Islamic state should be the order of the day and should have been for decades or at a minimum since 9/11/01. Meh, who am I kidding?

It’s also interesting that a lot of lefty celebs are at least opening their eyes to this and taking some actions. Even if it’s to preserve their careers, it perhaps does indicate that there is a mood in much of the country that is absolutely appalled by the Jew-bashing here and the Hamas savagery in Israel. 

I have no hope for assholes like Aaron Sorkin, but perhaps many who are aghast at this will place the blame for the situation that helped cause much of the disaster in Israel and all of the Jew-hate over here:

I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t 1938; then, I had to check the books I owned to make sure they weren’t actually written in German. Once I confirmed it is 2023 and I live in the United States of America, I was left only to shake my head in disgust at what Democrats have exposed themselves to be.

Make no mistake, I never really thought they were great people. The party of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation isn’t suddenly going to pull a 180 and not be monsters; it’s who they are. They’ve never changed their objectives, only their tactics. Now, their embrace of segregation is done in the name of tolerance, of providing a “safe space” to minorities. But make no mistake, the end result is the same.

That’s the thing about the left – they’ll happily tell you who they are and the horrible things they hold dear; all you have to do is believe them.

The terrorist attack in Israel two weeks ago brought out the worst in the left, but it’s also their true self. You can’t cheer for the wholesale murder of innocent people and “really be a good person, deep down.” No, that’s not how it works. It’s the opposite – they are raging bigots and monsters who manage to tamp it down below the surface most of the time until there’s something to protest or celebrate. It’s really that simple.

I’m not Jewish, and I’m disgusted. I can only imagine the sense of betrayal and horror Jews feel, as friends, neighbors, and colleagues felt so compelled to defend the murderers of Jews, for the express reason that they were Jewish, 24 hours after the attack. The Democratic Socialists of America, who count Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush, and pretty must every other Nazi scum “progressive” among their ranks and supporter, marched in support of Hamas in New York City, the next day, before there was anywhere near an accurate body count, let alone an understanding of the scale of the evil. They didn’t march against Israel; they marched in favor of Hamas, literally celebrating the paragliders in the posters promoting it.

That’s a special kind of evil.

In the face of that, how can any normal person care what they have to say or do anything but recoil in disgust at what they’re advocating? They can’t. . . 

. . . I hope people are watching. Today, the progressive leftist Democrats are marching in the goose step with Hamas, but their hearts lie with anyone who hates Americans. It’s directed at Jews at the moment, and they do hate Jews but ultimately hate America. Even, and especially, the Americans out in the streets hate America. They are the tumors of the metastasized cancer that is the political left in this country. They’re showing you who they are; believe them.

Until my dying day: Everything that is wrong about this country and every disaster that has ever befallen it has either been directly caused by or made exponentially worse by the Socialist/Progressive/Leftist movement and its official political home – The Democrat Party. 

As this situation drags on, and as we start moving into Election Season, both as the typical season and the “season” that encompasses the actual casting of votes which has supplanted just the one day, my fear is a union of BLM, Antifa and Hamas in America. Hell, we saw some of them during the 2020 Summer of Mostly Peaceful rioting.

If Biden or whoever somehow miraculously is defeated by Trump or whoever . . . Yikes.


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  • After defining key points in the investigation, Johnson also slammed the media for covering up the scandal. “And as expected, the D.C. and the national press corps have blindly accepted the White House’s spin, and they’re trying to convince the American people that our inquiry, even the impeachment inquiry, is illegitimate.” He then mocked several headlines written by establishment media outlets about the scandal. Newly Elected Speaker Mike Johnson Strongly Supports Impeachment Inquiry into Joe Biden



  • Margot Cleveland: “The executive branch’s targeting of staffers assisting with congressional oversight represents a dangerous intrusion into the legislative branch’s functioning.” DOJ Subpoenaed Phone and Email Logs of Hill Staffers Probing Crossfire Hurricane Malfeasance
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  • “While some have absurdly labeled the right the ‘American Taliban,’ it’s much more accurate to describe Black Lives Matter as the American Hamas.” University Donors Pull Funds Over Anti-Israel Protests. Where was the Outrage Over BLM?
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* * * * *




  • “In addition to the current and former agency officials that confirmed Palestinians aren’t classified as such when they’re apprehended and processed at the border, the DCNF obtained screenshots of Border Patrol’s internal system showing that Palestine is not a category and that searching for it results in “no matches.” Federal intelligence officials have warned that Palestinian terrorists could be crossing the southern border and to be on the lookout for them, according to an internal Customs and Border Protection (CBP) memo. . . “
Border Authorities Are Counting “Palestinian” Migrants as Other Nationalities
  • “We can’t compromise.” (And yet you ultimately will. Prove me wrong – jjs) Blue City Leaders Criticize White House For Burying Border Funding In Ukraine, Israel Package
  • “While activists like Salas are for now still sympathetic to the migrants, working-class Californians are beginning to feel the negative effects of their presence, with hotel bosses accused of hiring them, possibly in violation of labor laws, to replace local workers striking for better pay and conditions.” Up to 1,600 Migrants Arriving in Los Angeles Every Week



  • “Democrats consistently and always go after the victims or potential victims while ignoring or actively supporting the victimizer. That’s why they push soft-on-crime policies that allow countless repeat offenses from violent criminals and even from murderers. The new Massachusetts legislation won’t make the state safer for citizens if passed; rather, it will make citizens more vulnerable to criminal violence.” Wrong Target: Massachusetts Dems Approve Bill that Hurts Lawful Gun Owners




  • “Bowman pulled the fire alarm in a House office building before a vote late September on a temporary funding package to prevent a government shutdown. District of Columbia Attorney General Brian Schwalb charged Bowman with a violation of the D.C. code over the incident on Wednesday.” DC Attorney General Charges Dem Rep Who Pulled Fire Alarm


* * * * *

  • “Phillips, who represents Minnesota’s Third District, has been vocal about the need for someone to challenge Biden in the run-up to 2024 due to the [so-called quote-unquote “president’s”] age and a sense that the American electorate “is begging for alternatives” to the octogenarian. . . He will become the second challenger to [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden after author Marianne Williamson.” Dean Phillips is Running Against Joe Biden. Who Is He?
  • “I think one of the worst sentences uttered over the last many decades is the famous one from Ronald Reagan. ‘What are the nine worst words in the English language? I’m from the government and I’m here to help you’. Actually, we do need a government that thinks that part of its job is to help,” the former self-proclaimed Cherokee said. Fauxcahontas Hatchet Job On Reagan: He Uttered ‘One Of The Worst Sentences’ Ever



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