The Morning Report 10/25/23

Good morning, kids. 90 years ago as Nazi Germany rose, despite its key pillar of rabid anti-Semitism, there was still no openly exterminationist rhetoric against the Jews. Even in the wake of the nationwide pogrom of Kristallnacht, where synagogues were burned and Jews were beaten and killed, the wholesale slaughter of an entire class of people was still unimaginable, both to its soon-to-be victims and even its perpetrators. Check that; it probably was and yet one’s sense of mental self-preservation let the denial kick into high gear. Hitler’s address to the Reichstag in January of 1939 where he predicted/threatened “the extermination of the Jewish race in Europe” notwithstanding. 

It’s difficult for most of us to view history as a continuum, as opposed to the narrow window we view and experience it that is our own lives. We forget, or really ignore, the conditions that led up to tragic events, and enter that aforementioned state of denial rather than face quite painful realities. This is especially the case when we have lived for long periods in relative peace and prosperity in advanced and seemingly enlightened societies. 

Such was the case in Germany, arguably the most culturally and intellectually advanced society in Europe. Such has been the case in the United States of America since 1945. Or had been.

If being cornered by the masked mob, getting fired for refusing a shot, or the frightening increase in police state tactics of the federal government didn’t convince you that America is headed toward despotism, then maybe this shocking Harvard CAPS / Harris Poll will finally get your attention. And here’s a warning; you’ll want to sit down for this one.

Americans have seen the blood and heard of the atrocities by Hamas butchers. Hell, they even Go-Pro’d and live-streamed their acts of barbarity — gouging out eyes, burning hands, beheading civilians. But notwithstanding Hamas’s own evidence of crimes against humanity, the Harvard Harris Poll shows that a slight majority of 18-24-year-olds and slightly fewer than half 25-34-year-olds think the Jews had it coming to them.

I’m going to pause here while you ingest that last statement.

The poll shows overwhelmingly that Americans support Israel in most age groups, but 51% of the under-educated Quislings, brought up on wokism, moral relativism, and nihilism, believe the terrorist butchery of the “1200 civilians” — non-combatants — “can be justified by the grievances of Palestinians.” . . .

. . . As we’ve seen in our own lifetimes, when one doesn’t act as the left wishes, they make up rules, regulations, and edicts to require our participation. And if we don’t comply, they use the threat of violence to force us. 

And what a frightening warning for America.

The emphasis is the author’s, but with Jews now being openly attacked in the streets and of course on college campuses all over the country and the rest of the allegedly enlightened world the conclusion should scare the living shit out of you. To wit, if they think Israeli Jews had it coming then for sure American Jews do to and in fact they’ll, the American youths of that poll, be the first to cheer it on, if not be that figurative Koranic tree that shouts at to the head choppers to come kill the Jew behind me. And with precious little angels that comprise Antifa and BLM, who the hell needs Muslims? 

Not even a fig leaf of a pretense of an excuse. In-your-face, bust-out, full-throated approval of the killing Jews. Not just in Israel but right here. If that doesn’t explode the myth of anti-Zionism not being the same as anti-Semitism, nothing does. 

Earlier I denoted America as an intellectually and culturally advanced society post-1945, but it is quite obvious in 2023, despite all the physical trappings and the À la recherche du temps perdu in our minds of saner, if not happier times, the degeneration is undeniable. Readers of my daily posts and this website in general are fully aware of it by a mere perusal of the headlines. Worse, many of you are confronted with this madness either at work, school or worst of all, in your homes.

The complete disregard for the rule of law, the government-led and/or approved persecution of political enemies and opponents bastardizing the law as cover, the censorship and blacklisting of voices and opinions that run contrary to those approved by the aforementioned and its allies, and now the acceptance of wholesale liquidation of a disapproved enemy. The actual percentages from the article matter not a whit. If it were even in low single digits, that should sound the alarm that something is terribly wrong with our educational system and society.

And as we all know, something definitely is:

Since October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel, American universities went into overdrive to defend terrorists. After three years of having the BLM flag and the DEI agenda crammed down our throats, the true endpoint of that agenda was revealed: namely, that you must defend people who get off decapitating babies and ripping fetuses from the womb, or be declared a “colonialist”, “racist”, “xenophobe”, and “Karen.”  

Many of us have known this was where it was going all along. However, now that the rest of society is seeing it, we need to talk about what will happen to the shocking number of college graduates who endorse this message. After all, they will be entering the workforce, and will be unleashed upon American “civil society.” What will that look like? Let’s first do a quick recap of what happened and how we got here. 

Harvard (founded in 1636), the University of Pennsylvania (founded in 1740), Columbia, (founded in 1754), University of North Carolina (founded in 1789), NYU (founded in 1883), Stanford University (founded in 1885), and other tony institutions have been declining for years. This was always a problem, because these were the sorts places from which talent was sourced. Ivy graduates were recruited by the best law firms, hedge funds, medical practices, think tanks, and Fortune 500 companies. These fresh brains with cutting edge ideas were used to advance and influence all aspects of life and keep the economy robust.

However, since at least 2020, if not much earlier, Ivies and other places of higher education have also become completely captured by the Democrat / Globalist ideology. As a result, they went all in for the BLM movement. This risky bet to assure their continued political relevance would backfire horribly, turning into a ball-and-chain that kept getting more cumbersome. And not just for them. It would also trickle down to secondary school educations, even going so far as the most elite private grade schools, where had already been in steep decline for decades due to the Federal government’s overreach into individual states’ rights. In practice, this meant that grade schoolers were exposed – and prepared for – an environment fixated on activism, upheaval, and above all, on overthrowing America’s traditional Judeo-Christian ethos. This was, after all, always the mission of BLM, and of their Globalist supporters, who want desperately to take down America. . . 

. . . an army of heartless, dangerous, incompetent, and committed assassins of Western culture are being released into society, bearing the most prestigious degrees available in American society. They won’t all be activists. Some will be dentists, or doctors, or (especially) teachers. And all of them will be fearless and shameless, believing that they will be protected under the BLM, CRT, DEI, SEL umbrella. . . 

. . . How many of these people are there? How long will it be before our doctors, dentists, teachers, lawyers, aviators (good grief), business owners, and journalists are all terror apologists? That is, assuming journalists aren’t already captured, which, judging by the New York Times’ swallowing Hamas’ lies about Israelis blowing up a hospital, might actually be true. . . 

. . . I hope the prospect of their children growing up in a world where that agenda tolerates and even celebrates the deaths of innocents (and, indeed, of people like those very children) will wake them up. If not, we really are screwed.

I’ve always considered myself an optimist, but I have to be a realist. Surely everyone sees the depravity, criminality, venality and most of all the physical and mental degeneration of our supposed leaders in government up to and including our gibbering, shambling kohlrabi-in-chief. But look who’s in the on deck circle and half his age. And more importantly, look who’s in the c-suites, on what’s left of Main Street and most crucially still in virtually every classroom from pre-K to post-graduate. 

The most frightening thing for me in watching clueless American youth, heads wrapped in checkerboard Arafat terror-towels baying even louder than the Muslims themselves for the blood of Jews, is when I shake off my disbelief of how this could be happening in my hometown of New York, the most populous Jewish city on the planet (yeah, I know, Democrat JINOs, but still), I’m left with the conclusion that the world has changed.

Slowly, then all at once.



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