The Morning Rant

The careful and infuriating lie that the Western media tell us is that Hamas does not speak for the Gazans; that they are held captive by a few fanatics, and just want to live their lives without the savage Jew-hate that Hamas embraces.

It’s nonsense, and a cursory reading of recent history will demonstrate that the media are bought and paid for by the apologists for the Islamic mania for the destruction of Israel and world Jewry.

Yes…they are the heirs of Hitler, and denying it won’t make it go away. And it isn’t just Hamas…the Palestinian Authority is similar…they just wear nicer clothes and hide their bloodthirsty desire to kill Jews behind a facade of United Nations seats and NGOs that lie for them.

Gazans aren’t innocent; they are the swamp Hamas swims in

In a 2006 election, Hamas won a majority of delegates in the Palestinian Parliament, then governing both the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas seized power in Gaza, its stronghold. The Palestinian Authority maintains its power in the West Bank and keeps its president, Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, in power by force.

Hamas recruits are drawn from the local populace. When Israeli women who had recently been raped were paraded naked through the streets of Gaza City, Gazans applauded.

The time for pretending there’s any daylight between Hamas and the people of Gaza is over.

Like other Palestinians, Gazans are born and bred to hate Jews.

For them, antisemitism is mother’s milk. It saturates their media. It’s taught in their schools and preached in their mosques. Bookstalls offer the antisemitic fraud “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

Palestinian textbooks have repeated calls for the total destruction of Israel and the annihilation of Jews. Maps show Palestine encompassing all of Israel.

And the link between Islamist Jew hate and the Nazis is not hyperbole!

Nazi Antisemitism & Islamist Hate

In early June 1946, Haj Amin el-Husseini, also known as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, escaped from a year of pleasant house arrest in France and flew to Cairo. Husseini, by then often referred to in Egypt simply as “the Mufti,” was internationally renowned as a collaborator with Nazi Germany as a result of his meeting with Adolf Hitler in Berlin in November 1941, and his Arabic language tirades to “kill the Jews” broadcast to the Middle East on the Third Reich’s shortwave radio transmitters. Husseini was a key figure in an ideological and political fusion between Nazism and Islamism that achieved critical mass between 1941 and 1945 in Nazi Germany, and whose adherents sought to block the United Nations Partition Plan to establish an Arab and a Jewish state in former British Mandate Palestine, helping to define the boundaries of Arab politics for decades thereafter.

The goal of Islam is the destruction of the Jews…the “Saturday People.” Then they will move on to Christianity…the “Sunday People.” That we have kept them at bay for 1,400 years means nothing in their apocalyptic vision of the world. It is incumbent upon the West to keep the faith, and continue the long war against the Muslim mindset. We have no choice, and we are lucky that Israel, the lone voice of modernity in a brutal and savage Middle East is pushing against the encroaching hordes.

Whether Israel’s leaders have the intestinal fortitude to do what they must is a question whose answer will have far reaching effects upon the world.

Does anyone seriously believe that if Israel were to fall to the combined might of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran (and a few others) that peace would come to the world? The drive to hobble Israel by the Biden junta and its handlers in the ferociously anti-Israel Obama faction is motivated by their hatred of Israel and their desire for that tiny country to be deposed as the power in the Middle East. And if Israel is destroyed…along with many millions of Israeli Jews…well, that’s just a nice bonus for the Kalorama maniacs.

Their support for Hamas is a microcosm of their world-view, and it is a terrifying thing. Imagine if they said out loud what their inner voices whisper…