The Long March Through The Institutions Is Over, And The Left Has Arrived At Their Destination

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Education as originally intended is dead. No more is there exposition of ideas…no more is there debate about competing principles…no more is there inquiry and analysis based on rational thought and logical structures.

No…educationTM is a jingoistic, one-sided polemic designed to convince the mush-headed teenagers and professional students who inhabit college campuses of the correctness of one view…that of the progressive movement. And after that it is simply a demonization of all ideas that are antithetical to the communitarian, anti-individualist view of the world that has been progressivism’s mantra for 200 years.

So when idiot 20-year-olds decide that the savage murder of innocents is just A-OK, that the perpetrators of such bestiality should be lauded as freedom fighters and heroes…don’t be surprised. Because they learned it from the very people who are making anodyne pronouncements about the inadvisability of cheering for genocide.

But they approved the courses that teach that Israel is evil; that Israel is an apartheid state; that Israel is racist and colonial and on and on and on.

They hired the hard-left assistant professors with links to terrorist movements…knowing full well that they would bring those sensibilities to campus. And then they gave them tenure.

They approved the speakers who came to campus and railed against the only democracy in the Middle East as if it were some sort of dystopian totalitarian state pulled from the pages of Orwell’s 1984, instead of it being a liberal bastion of freedom and acceptance in a sea of vicious and vile anti-human behavior.

Maybe the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv should have tipped them off, or the Ethiopean Jews that Israel rescued from proverbial hell, or the millions of Arabs who have citizenship and vote and sit in parliament and build businesses and lives.

But they aren’t interested in any of that. Jews and Israel are targets of the left, and no amount of reality will change that.

Campus antisemites are vile but administrators who protect them are just as complicit

After another week of frenzied Jew-hatred on our nation’s college campuses, the question should not be what to do about the people who hate Jews but what the reaction should be from people who don’t.

This week, a pro-Palestinian protest at Cooper Union, a college in New York, made its way inside the school buildings.

Jewish students were barricaded in the library for their own protection and reportedly offered the opportunity to hide in an attic.

The symbolism was clearly lost on the CU administration, which sent out a milquetoast statement after, noting: “There is no place at Cooper for hateful and violent language or actions.”

But there is a place for it. [emphasis mine]


This isn’t a bunch of kids being morons…this is institutional anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism that has been nurtured for 60 years, and is a far cry from the genteel social anti-Semitism of the Ivy league and other universities. Sure…Harvard kept Jews out, but at least they didn’t advocate for genocide the way they do today.

Jew-Hate is now mainstream on college campuses, and the administrators who mouth platitudes about free expression and spirit of inquiry and blah…blah…blah…believe in it. They are just better than their ignorant students at obfuscation.

Just wait…there will be faculty meetings and “anti-racism initiatives,” and mandatory programs for inclusiveness, and in a year nothing will have changed on campuses across America, except that the heirs to Hitler will have learned a bit more about how to navigate the funding labyrinth and how to sound benign and intellectual when interviewed.

And all of that funding that is being withdrawn by angry millionaires? Yeah…$50 says it will resume after the blatantly mendacious mea culpas from the administrations.

Who’s going to take that bet?