The Morning Report 10/30/23

Good morning, kids. At long last it appears that the IDF is at the very least ramping up its assault into Gaza if not rolling in with full force. I hope that the primary goal is the wiping out of the Hamas barbarians with all other considerations a very distant second. While the fact that the aforementioned are holding captive and no doubt abusing scores of hostages, this is not a “hostage crisis.” This is war, with all the horror, violence and brutality that that word entails. And most importantly it entails absolute, unequivocal victory. Yet because my mindset and concomitant knowledge of military tactics is stuck in World War 2, I’m far from ready to teach a course at West Point either. So perhaps in this day and age soldiers can walk and chew gum at the same time. 

That said, when it comes to Gazan “citizens” and “non-combatants,” unless they are quite literally toddlers, the IDF should take no chances. Because during the campaign on Okinawa, “citizens” and “non-combatants” were booby trapped and in some cases willingly allowed themselves to be festooned with live grenades and other explosives when they approached GIs and Marines with their arms up. And had the atomic bombs not been dropped, an invasion of the home islands would have been met not only with whatever reserves of Japanese soldiers were left, but with women and children armed with spears, all fully amped up on bushido, that would’ve resulted in an absolute bloodbath. 

Ultimately, it was Hirohito, whom the Japanese people viewed as an actual living god that addressed the nation and told them that they must “endure the unendurable.” Even that almost didn’t happen when a group of fanatical officers attempted to steal the recording and prevent its broadcast.

What does this have to do with Gaza? Considering that much of the world including what we once considered “civilized” is reacting not in revulsion at the slaughter and grotesque butchery of human beings but supports it to the extent that it is inciting them to lash out at Jews whenever and wherever they can find them, there are indeed parallels. 

An airport in the Russian republic of Dagestan was stormed on Sunday by an angry mob waving Palestinian flags in search of “Jewish refugees” amid rumours of a plane arriving from Israel.

Hoards of young men shouting “Allahu Akbar” and waving Palestinian flags rampaged through the airport in Makhachkala, the capital city of the heavily Muslim Dagestan.

The Islamic locals reportedly sought to hunt down Jews arriving in the Russian-controlled republic after rumours emerged online of refugees from the Israeli city of Tel Aviv landing at the airport, Russian state media RT reported.

According to the Times of Israel, a flight from Israel was diverted due to the riots and landed at a different airport, but still faced some riots there as well.

Footage on social media and reported on by the Russian media outlet Lenta purportedly showed the mob even breaking onto the runway where they went plane by plane, checking passports and asking if passengers were Jewish . . .

. . . The incident comes just days after a similar mob of hundreds of Islamic Dagestan locals ransacked a hotel in the city of Khasavyurt after rumours reportedly emerged on local social media that Israelis had taken up residence in the hotel. Earlier on October 28, hundreds of residents of Khasavyurt demanded that Israeli citizens be evicted from the hotel. Locals gathered near two hotels in Khasavyurt amid rumours that Israelis had moved in there.

Checking “zee paperz!” eh? Why don’t they do like their heroes did 80-odd years ago and demand they drop their drawers and check to see if they’ve been circumcised? Oh, wait. Muslims are also circumcised? Never mind. Then again, I seem to recall another mostly peaceful attack on Jews, either that Bataclan massacre in Paris or perhaps the Beslan school massacre (also the former Soviet Union) where the savages demanded potential victims recite passages from the Koran so they can be spared a rusty hacksaw to the throat. 

But why am I getting so wee-wee’d up about this? The Associated Press certainly knows better:

The AP originally headlined the report, “Crowd storms Russian airport to protest flight TO Israel” despite the threats and antisemitism coming from the rioters. The AP has since revised its headline.

Crowd Storms Russian Airport to Protest Flight FROM Israel

. . . The corporate media, including the Associated Press and CNN, previously parroted Hamas, an Islamic terror group, after it accused Israel of killing 500 people inside a hospital in Gaza with an airstrike. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Prime Minister Netanyahu and U.S. intelligence agencies disputed those claims, stating it was a misfire launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The outlets then mass stealth-edited their reporting.

Not to be outdone, the Spanish language version of the Huff Post had a cute little cartoon that likened Auschwitz to Gaza. Thank goodness we have such wonderful, honest reporters to set us straight in these times of mis- and disinformation. Funny how as Hamas boosters here in the US of A flash swastikas on their cell phones, they are cheering on the worst mass-killing of Jews since 1933-1945, while at the same time denying or even downplaying that the Shoah even happened. More than 6 million slaughtered are mocked and dismissed or else equated with the poor, helpless, put upon innocent “Palestinians.”

I wish these bastards would make up their mind, but then again, their words and actions all boil down to one overriding theme:

The Only Good Jew is a Dead Jew

And speaking of the good old US of A:

“Community Threat – City of Ithaca The Cornell University Police Department is investigating posts located on a website that contain threats of violence directed at religious groups across the campus,” read a Cornell emergency alert.

The alert went on to say that the locations “were intentionally selected because of the perpetrator’s bias” — omitting mention of specific threats to attack the kosher dining room and “shoot all you pig Jews.”

“The investigation is continuing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cornell University Public Safety Communications Center at (607)255-1111. Cornell University Police urge the community to immediately report any suspected criminal activity they see by dialing 911,” it continued. . . 

. . . The Cornell Daily Sun reported that students were alerted when violent posts appeared on an online forum from a user named Hamas Soldier with threats “to bring an assault rifle to campus and shoot all you pig jews.”

“If I see a pig male Jew, I will stab you and slit your throat,” read one post.

Another post pledged to “bomb a Jewish house in retaliation for the murder of 500 martyrs.”

Since the horrific terrorist attack on Israel at the hands of Hamas, which left 1,400 Israelis (mostly civilians) dead, antisemitic protests and incidents have erupted all across the West. One horrific protest, in particular, occurred in front of the Sydney Opera House in Australia wherein people chanted, “Gas the Jews” while waving Palestinian flags.

If anyone reading this post is a Hamas booster, first of all drop dead, but before that kindly explain to me how is it that despite the constant hectoring and lecturing about how being anti-Israel and anti-Zionist is not the same as being anti-Semitic. Meh. Drop dead because we all know the answer: It is exactly the same thing. Last week, I bemoaned the fact that arguably the worst anti-Semites around are those who were born of Jewish parents, for a whole host of reasons.

Almost as bad as that are Jews who become the biggest excusers and apologists for their greatest historical nemesis:

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog had some reassuring news for the world on Thursday: the appallingly ghastly and brutal Hamas attack on Israel doesn’t represent Islam. Herzog thus becomes the latest in a long, long line of non-Muslim leaders who are quick to assure us that the latest atrocity has nothing, nothing whatsoever, to do with what we all know and love as the warm and cuddly religion of peace.

Herzog gave us this marvelous news as he visited the southern Israeli town of Rahat and met with local officials as well as with what Israel National News called “heads of Arab local authorities in the Negev and public representatives of the ‘Arab-Jewish war room’ – which helps families affected by the war.” Herzog declared: “We sincerely sympathize with the grief of the entire Arab public and the Bedouin society in particular.“ That’s marvelous. Now: does the Arab public and Bedouin society in particular sympathize with the grief of Israeli Jews? No doubt some do, but some don’t, and Herzog didn’t say anything about that possibility. . . 

. . . Those people certainly believe that they are fighting a war of Muslims against Jews. Does Herzog really do anyone any good by denying this? On Oct. 18, the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Religious Affairs posted guidelines for preachers in mosques that quoted this hadith: “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger as saying: ‘The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.’” (Sahih Muslim 2922)

That is, President Herzog, a war of Muslims against Jews. This tradition is often described as an end-times prophecy, but it actually a call to murder Jews so that the last hour will be hastened in coming. Certainly not all Muslims believe in it, or in its applicability to the current situation, but blithely to ignore its existence and pretend that no Muslims at all believe in it is dangerously naïve. . . 

. . . Herzog concluded: “I will make another comment that you will accept with love. What we saw on October 7th does not represent Islam. Islam is a religion with a lot of respect and sensitivity and love and brotherhood. This represents an unimaginable evil that must be eliminated.“ Yet why is it, if this were true, that we do not see Muslim leaders condemning Hamas’ attacks? Why is it always non-Muslim leaders who constantly assure us that Islam is peaceful?

The answer is that those leaders are speaking out of ignorance and political calculation. 

Once again, the estimable Robert Spencer nails it on the head. You’ll never find him quoted in the AP or HuffPo or any other globalist house organ for good reasons. He speaks the unvarnished truth. It’s not “his” truth as the asshole moral relativists and multiculturalists would say, praising every insanity and savagery under the sun while “including out” a la Samuel Goldwyn anything western or Judeo-Christian. How inclusive, but I digress.

Spencer asks “Yet why is it, if this were true, that we do not see Muslim leaders condemning Hamas’ attacks? Why is it always non-Muslim leaders who constantly assure us that Islam is peaceful?” 

Just as big a bromide as being anti-Israel is not the same as being anti-Semitic is this nonsense about the so-called “moderate Muslims.” Over the past three weeks, and really all my life now, I have seen a whole shit-ton of Muslims baying for the blood of Jews, Christians and Hindus, while gleefully tossing homosexuals off of rooftops or hanging them from construction cranes and beating to death women who dare go out without wearing their burqas and chastity belts. 

But the one thing I have never seen, is an imam from any mosque anywhere, let alone the leading imams from any western city or any Islamic capital declare that what is being done does not align with mainstream Islamic teaching and denounce the slaughter of innocents, regardless of their religion. 

You can excuse it away by saying that perhaps those who do not approve of this know not to speak out lest they be the ones to lose their head or take flying lessons sans plane and parachute. That alone is proof positive that there ain’t no such animal as moderate Islam and Islamic extremism is a redundancy. Even in America where the societal and governmental pressure seemingly is absent. It isn’t. And they know it. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t have honor killings in Texas (and elsewhere) of all places.

And this shit is what we are importing by the thousands and now tens of thousands thanks to a non-existent border and a legal immigration policy that does not exclude this barbarism. Well, to do so would be racist and xenophobic because, Emma Lazarus, h8tr!

It’s high time our political leaders or those who are seeking our votes issue a communiqué that demands Islamic clerics and governmental leaders of predominantly or totally Islamic countries to renounce the sections of the Koran and Hadith that demand the death of infidels. Point blank demand it.

“World Can’t Wait” to steal the name of a repulsive Maoist front group. For sure.



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* * * * *

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