The Morning Report 10/31/23

Good morning, kids. Yesterday, I was forwarded a text message from a friend which included a few other friends that was a petition from the ADL (hold your laughter for a few moments) to “Urge the US Department of Education to Make Colleges Safe from Antisemitism.” My friends, who I have known for years and still love dearly are blind, lifelong liberals. Mercifully, despite living in an illusory past of Democrat = good and Republican = evil, as well as swallowing the Trump hatred and the usual propaganda hook, line and sinker, they are not completely zombified Maoists. 

In all of that time, I have tread very carefully, as mercifully they have, in not broaching the subject of politics. They more or less know where I stand. But that said, I have to wonder if they are approaching a tipping point as it were, or will it take a bit of a gentle nudge in the ribs – which in the interest of being cruel to be kind would be a swift kick in the ass – to wake the hell up and smell the damn coffee, if not the “covfefe.” I sense an opportunity to do a bit of good old fashioned 1960s consciousness-raising. The idea is to show them the dots and let them do the connecting. 

For sure, the image is a hell of a lot clearer than that. It’s in your face and it’s ugly:

Democrat infighting over Israel threatened to turn physical Friday, after Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) repeatedly called Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) “cowardly” in an interview and said, “We can handle it like gentlemen or we can get into something else.”

Carson was responding to a post on X by Gottheimer where he slammed 15 Democrat colleagues who voted against or “present” on a House resolution expressing support for Israel as “despicable.”

Carson’s threat drew criticism from prominent Jewish progressives. Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, posted:

It’s inexcusable for any member of Congress to threaten a colleague, & especially egregious that @RepAndreCarson is threatening a Jewish member for speaking out at a moment when we’re seeing a massive spike in antisemitism. What’s the point? Does he think it’s productive to intimidate @RepJoshG?

Gottheimer later sought to tamp down the tensions, posting that he was thankful for colleagues who did support the bipartisan resolution and that “it’s more important than ever for us to talk to each other”

Andre Carson is an ape in a three-piece, full on Farrakkkan acolyte Jew- and America-hater. This is known. Here’s his rap sheet courtesy of Discover the Networks. That he was elected, (or given the nature of Democrat election fraud, installed) at all speaks volumes as to the state of the Democrat Party and sadly the mindset of far too many American blacks, thanks in no small part to the poisonous rot of Jew-hatred they inherited from their Democrat-enslaved ancestors. But that’s a whole other story that deserves to be told in depth. 

Sorry, Josh Gottheimer, but your and your Jewish Democrat colleagues and constituents’ chickens are coming home to roost, as a certain apostate “reverend” we all know too well would say. You stood by and remained silent for years at what your party has done to this nation, and what your colleagues have said and done both privately and out in the open. (Correction: Joe Mannix reminds me that Gottheimer and his ilk were active participants in moving the ball down field, as it were, at least in terms of the destructive policies). Yet for the interest of your own political expediency, you looked the other way. Maybe your calculus was like Franz von Papen in Germany circa 1933, who thought he and his ilk would use Adolf Hitler like a puppet to gain power for themselves. For those who don’t know the history, von Papen wound up with what he thought were the marionette strings around his own neck.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, it wasn’t Wayne Newton singing “Danke Schoen” but it had a definite Teutonic inflection.

A Nevada man was arrested last week in connection to allegedly issuing ominous and antisemitic threats to a U.S. senator in the wake of Hamas’ bloody terror attack on Israel, according to a criminal complaint.

John Anthony Miller, 43, allegedly began making the calls to the unnamed female senator on Oct. 11, four days after Israel’s war with Hamas began. […] While the senator is not named in the complaint, Sen. Jacky Rosen is Jewish, and Miller’s threats repeatedly seek to tie the lawmaker’s support for Israel to what he says is her Jewish background.

. . . “All these f**g lies is in your fucking hands.. and I’m gonna f**g see you soon,” Miller allegedly warned. “You just f**g woken up a motherf**g monster, you f**g piece of s**, un-human, subhuman, you’re vermin… we’re gonna finish what Hitler started.” . . .

. . . Miller also left a voicemail on October 19 in which he asked if the Jewish lawmaker had Israeli settler relatives. “…450 thousand of ‘em are American and are able to co-commit war crimes and come back and forth. Huh? Yeah, I-I-I pretty sure she is. Pretty sure she is. And she ain’t gon do a damn thing,” Miller allegedly said, per Fox News. “She lets her own family members kill these Pe-Palestinians in the West Bank. The Christians in the West Bank. Senator, I’m sorry to say, but yah know what, you’re a piece of [expletive] and you’re gonna burn in [expletive]ing [expletive] for your [expletive]ing crimes.”

I assume Jacky Rosen will say something like “Oh, now you! You precocious little rapscallion!” or else tell us that this goof is an Ultra-MAGA extremist Republican. Since we have yet to learn this psycho’s party affiliation, I can only assume he’s a Democrat.

Regardless, it’s time for Gottheimer, Rosen and all the rest to get their collective fucking pinhead out of the oven and shut off the gas. Doing a Rodney King impression ain’t gonna cut it, sunshine. Carson and all the others have taken over and I’ve got some news for you. Once he and his ilk truly gain absolute power, the first people they’re going to come after are you and every other Jew in the Democrat Party, as well as the now completely Marxist-subsumed ADL. 

Gottheimer might be a lost soul and beyond salvation. But perhaps, just maybe, the orgasmic glee with which Carson and all the others in the Squad, or more accurately DEATH Squad are cheering the savage bloodbath in Israel and the baying for blood of Jews over here is finally a wakeup call.

We may now be experiencing a tectonic shift of major magnitude, namely the exodus of Jews from liberalism. The triggering event is the Hamas savagery on Oct 7th in Israel and, of equal importance, the support of many Americans for this barbarism. These two events are a double wakeup call for many American Jews — who could imagine anybody celebrating the beheading of babies, nor thousands of Americans, often at elite universities, denouncing Israel as an apartheid, genocidal colonial regime?

Anti-Semitism per se is not the issue. Such hostility is part of American life but, thankfully, it usually involve isolated incidents such as defacing synagogues or assaulting Jews dressed in Hasidic garb. The very worst is shooting Jews at prayer, typically by mentally ill loners. . . 

. . . One highly-publicized response to events has been the threats of billionaire Jews such as Ronald Lauder and Leslie Wexner to stop funding their alma maters over campus anti-Semitism. Thousands of other Jews have also undoubtedly closed their checkbooks in disgust. But, as I have argued elsewhere, the anti-Israel vitriol will not cease. Billions in donations will be raised elsewhere, and no school can end the hatred of Jews. Nevertheless, these rich Jews are sending a message whose deeper unease is far more consequential than a closed checkbook; eyes are opening.   

Less visible in this tectonic shift is a shocker — Jews are buying guns. Lots. A recent NBC news story had the headline “‘Not Safe Anywhere Now:’ American Jews Are Flocking to Gun Training Classes.” Now Jews in cities with large Jewish populations were suddenly inundating gun stores and shooting ranges, all saying, “I never believed I would do this.” The gun-enthusiast website Reload told of a Jewish gun training organization that recently received about 638 calls on its hotline about joining over a five-day period while for the entire past years, the figure was 950. Nor is packing heat limited to cities with large Jewish populations. In West Texas, an area hardly at risk from Hamas, Jews are suddenly arming themselves and practicing their marksmanship.

Those unfamiliar with the political views of Jews may not fully grasp the shift. Guns were not previously on the agenda to combat anti-Semitism. . . Now, buying a gun is not just adding one more item to defending against anti-Semitism; it is an admission that the “old way of thinking” no longer applies. And many Jews will do the once unthinkable: admit this new reality in public. . . 

. . . Uncertainties aside, the likely outcome will be Jews moving rightwards.  Almost certainly Jews will lose their enthusiasm for open borders given that millions of new arrivals will likely be Muslims. Jews can see what has happened in Europe as large numbers of Muslims enter European countries — anti-Jewish violence increases. They can also see this at home as Muslim immigrants gain an electoral foothold in Minnesota and Michigan (see “the Squad )” . . . 

. . . The shift away from the Left that began in Israel decades ago may have finally arrived in the U.S. This exodus is particularly likely as the Democratic Party increasingly embraces defunding the police, ending cash bail, hostility to meritocracy, celebrating every sexual proclivity imaginable, a contempt for traditional morality and all else anathema to most Jews. When today’s American Jews look at Israel, they see that, in the final analysis, endless talk and good intentions are insufficient; better to have a gun and know how to use it. And Jews are good learners.

That remains to be seen. Something-something, learn from the past, something-something condemned to repeat it? This is a central theme of the holiday of Passover. It is not merely to remember and commemorate the exodus from our enslavement and persecution in Egypt with the help the Almighty, but to commemorate and remember the fact that “In every generation, they rise up against us.”

Of course the closest thing to Judaism for the Josh Gottheimers and Jacky Rosens in this country is a plate of matzah ball soup, a pastrami sandwich and watching Yentl. Or more likely Annie Hall




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  • “We’re gonna finish what Hitler started.” Man Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Jewish U.S. Senator
  • Democrat infighting over Israel threatened to turn physical Friday, after Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) repeatedly called Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) “cowardly” in an interview and said, “We can handle it like gentlemen or we can get into something else.” (While for sure Andre Carson is no more than an ape-in-a-3-piece Farrakkkan acolyte, Gottheimer is a complete schmuck for not getting the hell out of the party that wants to throw him and all of us into a mass grave – jjs Democrat Infighting Breaks Out over Support for Israel
  • “We may now be experiencing a tectonic shift of major magnitude, namely the exodus of Jews from liberalism.” A Watershed Moment for Jews
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  • East Hampton Town Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc called the vandalism “evil and disgusting symbols of hatred” which had no place in Montauk’s “close-knit, caring, and inclusive community.” (When you include Leftists, you include insanity – jjs) Swastikas and ‘Free Palestine’ found spray-painted in tony Montauk, NY
  • “The left has caused this turmoil and continues to churn it on every level of society on a daily basis. They start in grade school and even earlier. They force children to contemplate things that are irrational and biologically impossible. They continue the siege of their minds by preaching agendas and ignoring facts. By the time students reach college, they are opinionated and entitled. They have the swag, but not the fortitude. They are fragile snowflakes offended by everything, hating tradition, and blind to the fact that the Kool-Aid they have been breast-fed by the left has destroyed their ability to think rationally.” The Left Is Responsible for the Mass Psychogenic Illness of Jewish Hatred


  • Raymond Ibrahim: “In reality, however, even if all of these fires are truly accidental, products of fireworks and faulty wires, the Muslim governments of Egypt and Iraq are still largely to blame. Since the Arab-Islamic conquest of the formerly Christian-majority Middle East, severe restrictions, based on sharia stipulations, have made it next to impossible for Christians not only to build but to repair churches.” Nightmare Wedding: Over 100 Christians Burned Alive, Iraqi Gov. Says ‘Accidental’
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  • “Morris’ stake in the fund depicts a relationship with the president’s son that goes beyond one of a typical lawyer, including paying his IRS debts on top of strategizing his legal defense. Hunter Biden racked up at least $10 million in legal bills over the past five years, CNN reported in October, as he will potentially spend millions more defending himself from an impeachment inquiry and three gun charges.” Report Corroborates that Lawyer Kevin Morris Controls Hunter Biden’s Stake in Chinese Fund
  • Margot Cleveland: “The Delaware team knew the FD-1023 was not Russian disinformation, was not from Giuliani, came from a highly reliable CHS, and merited further investigation.”David Weiss’ Office Ignored Thoroughly Vetted Evidence of Biden Corruption
  • “The existence of the new massive trove of pseudo-anonymous emails sent by Biden was only made public by a Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit brought by the Southern Legal Foundation. “’NARA has completed a search for potentially responsive documents and is currently processing those documents for the purpose of producing non-exempt portions of any responsive records on a monthly rolling basis,” stated a status report filed in a federal court in Georgia on Monday’.” Over 80,000 Pages of Joe Biden’s Pseudonymous Emails Discovered By National Archives




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  • “The executive order’s justifications leave open the possibility for all sorts of things — especially censorship,” Digital Progress Institute President Joel Thayer told the DCNF. “If we are simply placing labels on things, then what constitutes an AI-label? What are regulatory actions they can take if not appropriately labeled? Do they force companies to take down content? How much influence will the White House have over those decisions?”Biden’s Newest Bid To Clamp Down On AI Could Open The Door To More Online ‘Censorship,’ Experts Warn
  • The White House says it will sent out guidance to landlords, federal contractors, federal benefits programs and others to reduce the possibility of racial and other biases in their use of AI. There will also be enforcement: the White House fact sheet on the executive order states that there will be “training, technical assistance, and coordination between the Department of Justice and Federal civil rights offices on best practices for investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations related to AI.” White House Releases AI Executive Order: ‘Equity and Civil Rights’ a Priority
  • “There’s a simple pattern that the media follow when covering each new crisis that pops up during Joe Biden’s catastrophic [illegitimate] presidency: A calamity occurs either domestically or abroad, and rather than examining the cause, the media instantly frame Biden as a hero at battle.” Joe Biden Isn’t “Managing” or Confronting Problems. Joe Biden Is the Problem.
  • “It might be trusted with a weather forecast – but then again it’d probably get that wrong too.” My Conversation With Bard, Google’s AI Chatbot Who Gets Everything Wrong


  • “On Monday morning, reports circulated that the UAW had reached a deal with GM. According to details available, the deal mimics many components of the union’s deal with Ford, where base wages will increase 25 percent through April 2028.” (If they likely still vote Democrat, I could care fuck-all – jjs) UAW Strike Ends with Higher Wages, Better Benefits for Auto Workers







  • “Mendez, President of Paterson City Council, is facing a set of fresh charges relating to mail-in-ballot election fraud after he already faced charges in June 2020 and February 2021. . . Ibezim, who stood as a candidate in a Plainfield mayoral election in 2021, has been charged with allegedly directing associates to fill out blank registration applications and bringing nearly 1,000 to a post office.” New Jersey AG Announces Election Fraud Charges Against Two Dems


  • “In addition to the securities fraud charges, Paxton is also dealing with a whistleblower lawsuit. Paxton, however, has denied any wrongdoing in relation to this case. The outcome of these respective trials hold considerable importance for the Attorney General’s future political career.” Texas AG Ken Paxton’s Securities Trial Begins April 15 2024



  • “House Republicans plan to pass a bill with $14 billion in aid for Israel, but they wish to offset the cost of the foreign aid, as Johnson’s team hopes to splinter Democrat unity. Biden, Schumer, and McConnell want to pass Ukraine and Israel together in a larger supplemental package without offsets for the foreign aid.” Dispute over Israel, Ukraine Aid Puts Speaker Johnson at Odds with Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell
  • The reprehensibility of these comments cannot be overstated. Biden’s [junta] is peopled with a number of “elites” who probably are familiar, at least in a theoretical, intellectual sense, with John Stuart Mill’s dictum, “War is an ugly thing.” But, hey, if it’s good for business, particularly in electoral swing states, let’s go for it. Biden Junta: War is Very Good for Business





  • “Many consumers rightly remain wary of genetically modified ingredients. In countries where the acceptance of GM foods is lower, such as the UK, the beer must be labeled as containing GM ingredients, limiting marketability.” Now They’re Genetically Modifying Beer
  • “Here the complex interactions form the PWN [Pulsar Wind Nebula] into the `Cosmic Hand.’” Chandra X-rays a giant hand in space
  • “The embryos cultured under microgravity conditions developed into blastocysts with normal cell numbers, ICM, trophectoderm, and gene expression profiles similar to those cultured under artificial-1 g control on the International Space Station and ground-1 g control, which clearly demonstrated that gravity had no significant effect on the blastocyst formation and initial differentiation of mammalian embryos.” Two mouse embryos successfully grown on ISS




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  1. I like you, but calling Carson an ape is bad form – it mutes your messaging. I left AOS over Ace’s Ukraine myopia, don’t let your righteous anger turn potential allies away. Humble advice from a true supporter.

  2. I appreciate your criticism which I shall address as follows. Andre Carson is indeed an ape – an unwashed, uncouth, sub-literate, philistine, racialist, thuggish bully who uses his self-anointed status as a “victim” to use as both shield and cudgel at will to beat others into submission. Politically for now and as was demonstrated to the simp Josh Gottheimer, potentially with his fists.

    I do understand the historical and horrendous comparing of black physiognomy to simians as a purely bigoted racist slur. But that said, like everything else, the fact that the Left controls the language means that I am effectively prohibited from using the comparative to define his character. It is eminently clear BY THE CONTEXT OF WHAT I WROTE exactly what I meant by calling him an ape.

    Hypothetical: I many times use still shots from “Planet of the Apes” photoshopped or otherwise comparing Dr. Zaius et al with Democrats. What would be your reaction if I portrayed Andre Carson, or Obama or any other black Democrat to one of the ape overlords? Accurate or racist?

    In any case, I stand by my usage of the word in the context of my essay and to Carson’s behavior. If people are hypersensitive to that, it merely illustrates the barrel we are over in terms of who gets to control the language. Frankly, I’m tired of it. Does it mean I’m going to start dropping the N-word (and the fact that I have to write “N-word” instead of the real thing in a purely clinical manner only underscores my argument)? Of course not. But, as stated, I call things the way I see them. Again, I appreciate your criticism.

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