The Morning Report 11/1/23

Good morning, kids. I, along with many others, have been harping on the fact that the rot and corruption that has all but destroyed the greatest nation and society the world had ever known cannot and will never be stopped, let alone restored, until we can wrest control and cut it off at its source – The American educational system. 

At least two generations of American children are socially stunted, intellectually void and morally bankrupt. To the Left, this is neither a tragedy nor an accident, nor failure. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s a success perhaps even beyond their wildest dreams because for millions, or even tens of millions of youth to be socially stunted, intellectually void and morally bankrupt makes them pliable and moldable at the most impressionable stage of life where the most insane madness is imprinted into their psyches.

And when they come of age, you have not only the chickens coming home to roost but a flock of ravenous Quetzalcoatl ready to devour anything and everything in sight. 

Patrick Dai, a junior majoring in engineering at the prestigious university, was named in a federal complaint charging him with posting threats to kill or injure another using interstate communications — which could land him in jail for up to five years. The Pittsford, New York, native was formally charged just hours after New York State Police troopers identified a person of interest over the online threats to “bring an assault rifle to campus.”

The disturbing messages, which came days after “F–k Israel” graffiti was scrawled on sidewalks at the upstate Ithaca campus, were revealed by university officials Sunday. “The genocidal fascist zionist regime will be destroyed,” said one of the messages posted to a public school forum. “Rape and kill all the jew women before they birth more jewish hitlers.” Dai allegedly threatened to “shoot up 104 west,” a university dining hall that caters predominantly to Kosher diets, and to “slit the throat” of any Jewish men he came across.

Joel Malina, Cornell’s vice president for university relations, confirmed in a statement Tuesday that a Cornell student was in custody, but did not name Dai. “We remain shocked by and condemn these horrific, antisemitic threats and believe they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. We know that our campus community will continue to support one another in the days ahead,” Malina said, adding that the school will maintain its “heightened security presence on campus.” . . .

. . . On Tuesday, Hochul tapped Jonathan Lippman, a former chief judge of the New York Court of Appeals, to review the “policies and procedures related to antisemitism and discrimination at City University of New York campuses amid the unrest. “The problem didn’t begin with the weeks following Oct. 7 attacks,” Hochul said in making the announcement. “It’s been growing on a number of campuses and seen most acutely in the City University of New York.”

The Cornell apparatchik is “shocked.” But is he Claude Rains “SHOCKED-shocked!”? And Kathy “Tussaud” Hochul is forming a commission? Of course the problem didn’t start on October 7. It’s been festering in the schools for decades, geniuses. 

We have a professoriate that is virtually 100% Leftist who indoctrinate their charges with the most idiotic and dangerous drivel that is 180 degrees out of phase with reality and completely antithetical to the advancement of true liberal (in the real sense of the word) societies that had been advancing, albeit in fits and starts, for the past 2,000 years. 

The words of these two tits, echoed all across the aforementioned regressive world are insulting in the extreme. They know full well where it’s coming from. Or else, and perhaps quite likely, they’re deluded themselves. Meh, they wouldn’t have arrested this guy. They’d have rounded up the Yids on campus for bringing it on themselves. 

So he said what he said. He didn’t’ get it from Engineering for Dummies, did he? No, he got it from a source exactly like this one:

Meredith Aby-Keirstead—a social studies teacher at Kennedy High School in suburban Minneapolis—spoke at an Oct. 21 Freedom Road Socialist Organization panel, which aimed to contrast “China’s socialist policies to the imperialist agenda of the United States.” During her speech, however, Aby-Keirstead steered the conversation away from China, opting instead to praise the “wins of Palestinian freedom fighters” and advocate for terrorism against Israelis.

“When I hear people calling for a complete ceasefire, I think, ‘No, that’s not quite right,'” Aby-Keirstead said. “Because we only want one side to stop fighting.” The social studies teacher went on to chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a rallying cry for the Jewish state’s destruction.

Aby-Keirstead, who has worked as a Bloomington Public Schools teacher since 1997, is an active member of a number of far-left activist groups, including the Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s Twin Cities chapter and the Anti-War Committee. Last week, both the public school teacher and her 14-year-old daughter were arrested for trespassing at an anti-Israel rally held at Rep. Betty McCollum’s (D., Minn.) office, the St. Paul Police Department confirmed. Aby-Keirstead and other rally goers said they would not leave until they got to “speak with the representative about her silence on the loss of Palestinian lives.”

. . . In 2010, meanwhile, the FBI raided the homes of Aby-Keirstead and other Anti-War Committee and Freedom Road Socialist Organization activists as part of a terrorism investigation. The committee refused to cooperate with the investigation, and the FBI went on to rescind subpoenas issued to Aby-Keirstead and other committee members. Aby-Keirstead told the World Wide Socialist Website that investigators were seeking her testimony about meetings she held “with activists in Colombia and Palestine,” and unsealed court documents later alleged that two Freedom Road Socialist Organization members told an undercover FBI informant that they raised money for terrorist groups in the two countries. . . 

. . . Aby-Keirstead’s pro-Hamas speech at the Oct. 21 panel was revealed by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s blog, Fight Back! News. That blog in 2015 expressed support for convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh, who was involved in the 1969 bombing of a Jerusalem supermarket. The organization itself works to create “a new Communist Party based on Marxism-Leninism” and on Oct. 9 praised Hamas’s attack on Israel as a “good turn of events.”

This filthy cancerous slag is teaching high school. If you think that that’s bad, there are thousands more just like her teaching grade school all the way down to pre-K. 

And that Dai creep is a creep. A deeply disturbed creep. But he’s far from the stereotypical beer-swilling, pig-buggering, grade school dropout who has the same tailor and party affiliation as Robert Byrd who burns crosses on lawns for fun ‘n stuff. He’s an engineering student at one of the most elite schools in the world. 

Then again, look who organized and implemented the Final Solution; doctors, engineers, lawyers, a number of whom had double doctorates and advanced degrees from universities that at the time had the most storied of reputations for intellectual rigor. And yet someone like Otto Ohlendorf, a double diplomate himself, as the head of Einsatzgruppen D in southern Russia and Ukraine was responsible for the mass murder shooting of 90,000 Jews.

The slaughter perpetrated by Ohlendorf and his fellow commanders was face-to-face, and the murdered usually perished relatively close to their homes. It takes a special human type to shoot small children in a pit before the very eyes of their parents, themselves destined to die as well. And Ohlendorf’s men engaged in such depravity over and over again. . . . Found guilty for the mass murder of 90,000 men, women, and children, mostly Jews, Ohlendorf was sentenced to death in April 1948. To the end, he exhibited hardly any remorse about what he had done.

To say the least. Until the moment the noose snapped his neck, he was proud of what he did and believed with every fiber of his being that what he was doing in killing men, women and even infants was necessary because he equated his victims with a disease that needed to be eradicated. Sound familiar? 

As horrific and cruel as Nazi Germany’s barbarity, the same attitude was what we witnessed in Israel on October 7th. That attitude goes back 1,500 years in that part of the world which is set to finally bring down the Gates of Vienna on our heads.

In Vogue, however, Ahed Tamimi did her best to portray herself as just a regular teenage girl, albeit one who happened to be the victim of a cruel military machine: “If I were permitted to be a regular teenager living in a normal country, I would play sports. I wanted to become a football player but I don’t play here because there is no time. Instead, I have been involved in demonstrations and confrontations with the Israeli army since I was a child. Many criticize that, but why not criticize the army who places itself in front of children? Under the occupation, everything is a crime. People should not accuse us; it is the occupation that is wrong.”

There isn’t actually any occupation, but Ahed Tamimi’s ardor for the cause remains undimmed. Five years after her Vogue glamor shot, she published this message in Hebrew and Arabic on her Instagram page: “Our message to the settlers: (We) are waiting for you in all the cities of the West Bank, from Hebron to Jenin. We will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke. We will drink your blood and eat your skull. Come on, we’re waiting for you.”

This is the kind of person the left celebrates, and why not? Lenin said it: “You have to break eggs in order to make an omelet,” and Islamic jihadis in Gaza and all over the world couldn’t agree more. It is now undeniable that the left is not, contrary to its own claims, the party of love, tolerance, inclusion, and all that, but of drinking blood and eating skulls. The question is not why Vogue Arabia ever featured a bloodthirsty savage such as Ahed Tamimi, but why the other editions of Vogue haven’t lionized her as well. They’ll get around to it in due time.

Sorry to repeat this but it’s funny how they deny the Holocaust happened while simultaneously praising Hitler and admonishing him for not finishing the job. And then the cherry on the parfait of then comparing themselves to Hitler’s victims – the very same six million-plus dead Jews they want to be joined by the subsequent generation of survivors’ progeny.

When you consider how Charles Manson was able to control a band of emotionally vacant, drug-fueled teenyboppers you get a glimpse into what Billy Ayers was able to do, in a much more sophisticated fashion, to a whole group of future teachers. Not to mention how Mohammed was able to control a group of disorganized, Arabian Desert-roaming savages and turn them into 15 centuries worth of organized barbarism gussied up with nice calligraphy.

We’re reaping a bitter harvest, my friends.


  • Michael Walsh: “So the choice is stark, the danger clear and present, the time is now: do the men of the West rise once again to stop the barbarians at — and already within — the gates, or do they surrender to the resentful losers of cultural Marxism and their burning desire to set the world aflame and live in the ruins? How do we save the cultural legacy that extended, until recently, from Greece and Rome through the democratic victory of the Second World War?” The Scales Have Fallen. Now What?
  • “For every January 6 protester, 100 amateur sleuths stood ready to help the feds.” STASI – American Style
  • “The existence of these variants seems to provide definitive proof of large-scale lab creation of Covid viruses, Tanaka and Miyazawa wrote.” (This is murder. Literally. Hat-tip to commenter “Moron Robbie” – js) Japan Researchers: All [Chinese] COVID Variants Were Created in Lab


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  • “The problem I have is I simply cannot trust what the FBI is providing me, and I don’t say that with any joy in my heart. That’s a travesty. The American people want to believe and have trust in the FBI. We want credibility, integrity restored to the institution, but Director Wray, you have not done that since assuming office, and I can go through a long laundry list of the reasons why that trust has been violated. I don’t have it right now.”‘Credibility Has Been Destroyed’: Ron Johnson Absolutely Lights Into FBI’s Wray Over Hunter Biden









  • “Off-year elections sometimes produce the most excitement. Three states are in the pro-abortion crosshairs this year.” The Pro-Life Stakes November 7
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  • “The initiative began as a knee-jerk reaction to the Supreme Court of the United States overturning Roe v. Wade, which did not put a stop to abortions in the U.S., but allowed individual states to set their own rules. Some have banned the practice almost entirely, some have set strict ‘heartbeat’ restrictions banning it after around six weeks. Other states, almost all Democrat-controlled, have adopted an extreme permissive stance, allowing babies to be killed in the womb up to the moment birth.” Macron Changing French Constitution to Make ‘Freedom’ to Abort Babies ‘Irreversible’
  • “Even if we look past the death of a child, the fact that colleges are encouraging young women to deal with adult problems from the standpoint of an angst-ridden teen and engage in behavior that has the potential to kill them shows that the Left prefers that its acolytes — or perhaps victims — be kept at a puerile level where they act on impulse. And in this case, such impulses could prove to be deadly.” DIY Abortions at the University of Tennessee





  • “Lew, a highly partisan official infamous for his inability to say “yes” to Republicans during budget negotiations, also defended Obama’s attempt to create distance with Israel, and his disastrous, one-sided nuclear deal with Iran. That deal allowed Iran to emerge as a nuclear power after roughly a decade. Moreover, Lew criticized then-President Donald Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem — a decision that led to the Abraham Accords.” (Israel should bar him from entering the country – jjs) Senate Approves “Lax Jew” Jack Lew, Who Backed Obama’s Anti-Israel Policies, as Israel Ambassador
  • “If you cut off its head, its body dies.” (Cut off its head? The Biden Junta wants Fauci to clone it in a Chinese lab and graft three more onto its body – jjs) Iran: The Head of the Snake
  • “The murderous regime in Tehran is responsible for a surge in executions, disproportionately applied to minorities, and for oppressing women and girls. The recent death of 16-year-old Armita Geravand, after being assaulted on the subway by the Iranian morality police for not wearing the compulsory hijab, is a reminder that this is a cruel regime that does not belong on any UN human rights body, let alone as chair.” UN Taps Islamic Republic of Iran to Chair Human Rights Council Social Forum, Sparks Outrage

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  • “In the wake of the Biden administration’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the country has once again become a breeding ground for foreign terrorist organizations under Taliban rule,” Homeland Security Committee chairman Mark Green (R., Tenn.) said in a statement. “The Committee is still seeking answers on how the Biden [junta] vetted those entering the United States following the withdrawal.” House Republicans Subpoena Biden Junta for Afghan Refugee Records Amid Rising Terror Threats







  • “The experiment tested a theory initially proposed in 1981 by geologist Farouk El-Baz, who claimed the Great Sphinx was naturally created by wind eroding the sand.” (Howard Stern is the great schvinkter – jjs) ’Unexpected’ Origin Story of Egypt’s Great Sphinx Unearthed by NYU Researchers
  • “The data indicated that the salts and organics were most concentrated in Ganymede’s equatorial regions, which are less impacted by Jupiter’s strong magnetic field. The scientists think these materials originally came from the brine of an underground ocean that somehow reached the surface, though this hypothesis remains unconfirmed.”Scientists detect salts and carbon-based molecules on Ganymede
  • “. The science team describes this as ‘clusters of scour pits,’ which means the pits here were formed by the prevailing winds, which according to a global analysis of dunes on Mars, is probably blowing from the west to the east at this location.” Scour pits of volcanic Martian ash (I saw Martian Ash open for Wishbone Ash at Earl’s Court in ’77 – jjs)


  • “New lawsuits and a panel on gender and sexuality at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recent conference signal trouble for pediatricians who rely on its guidance.” Is the AAP Placing Its Own Members at Risk?


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  1. I am so deeply troubled by the uncovering (I won’t say rise) of anti-Semitism in our country, especially in our youth. I do believe the left is using this as a wedge to fracture our society. They appear to have been successful. What I don’t believe is that they understand how much excess energy is set to be released in any separation.

  2. Some of that anti-Semitism is casual…”Oh! All my friends are pro-pally, I should be too!”

    That can change if Jews on campus fight back. With words, but with fists and bricks and bats if necessary.

  3. A couple of thoughts CBD. More than Jews on these campuses need to be fighting back – this is actually a war for the survival of our way of life in which we are engaged. It won’t do for this to be a Jewish problem – our value system requires more than passive support.

    Next, surely the time of casual anti-Semitism, expressed as being pro Palestine, is past? This aint just wearing a Che t-shirt anymore. The irony of the vapors most of these people got from the “all good people” propaganda out of Charlottesville is rich indeed. I’m guessing these people would have tried to pet Ol’ Yeller in the end.

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