The Morning Report 11/2/23

Good morning, kids. All I can say is, are you kidding me? Are you really efffin’ kidding me?

A group of 22 House Republicans voted Wednesday night with Democrats to table a resolution that would censure Democrat Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib over her “anti-Semitic beliefs.”

Rep. Armstrong, Rep. Buck, Rep. Duarte, Rep. Edwards, Rep. Griffith, Rep. Grothman, Rep. Hageman, Rep. Huizenga, Rep. Issa, Rep. Johnson (SD), Rep. LaMalfa, Rep. Massie, Rep. McClintock, Rep. McCormick, Rep. Miller (OH), Rep. Miller-Meeks, Rep. Moolenaar, Rep. Roy, Rep. Scott (GA), Rep. Spartz, Rep. Turner, Rep. Walberg

The resolution was introduced by Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. The House did not end up voting on the legislation after 22 Republicans voted with Democrats on a motion to table the vote. 13 Republicans did note vote. The vote was 222-186. After the vote, Rep. Van Orden changed his vote to no.

“I just introduced my resolution to censure Rashida Tlaib as privileged to force a House vote in two legislative days,” Greene wrote in a tweet after introducing the resolution. “Tlaib led a pro-Hamas insurrection into the Capitol complex, has repeatedly displayed her anti-Semitic beliefs, and shown her hatred for Israel. She must be held accountable and censured.”

Is this controversial? Is this abortion in a swing state? Is this protecting your seat at the trough? Is this Kevin McCarthy? I mean, an abject, filthy, unreconstructed and no-doubt terrorist-linked piece of shit is in your midst, while upwards of 200 American citizens are being held by the savages that she openly supports and we can’t get a unanimous GOP vote to censure her? Some folks I recognize as being bereft of morality such as Ken Buck who’s bucking to be the next Joe Walsh or Joe Scarborough to get a gig on MSNSDAP. But Harriet Hageman or Victoria Spartz? What the hell are you people thinking?

Am I getting wee-wee’d up over nothing? I mean, we all know the GOP is an abject joke of a farce of a sham of two mockeries of a fraud. But the world and a not insignificant portion of this nation, whatever the hell it has or is about to totally devolve into, is exploding in an orgy of orgasmic Jew-hatred not seen since the 1940s. Even Kristallnacht was a supposed “retaliation” to a German bureaucrat being gunned down by a desperate Polish Jew in Paris. This time, it’s an eruption of near-violence and rage at the victims of an orgy of barbaric savagery straight out of Hell. And by failing to censure one of its biggest cheerleaders in the House of Representatives the GOP has in fact given her the Good “House”-keeping seal of approval.

I can go on and on about the depravity of our culture vis a vis the transexual madness, sexualization of children, the murder of unborn children, decriminalization of crime, the corruption and venality of those in power, and all the rest of it. But this abomination perpetrated by 22 GOP gutless wonders has a certain quality all its own in underscoring how bereft and bankrupt of moral fiber and the courage of conviction we as a society have become. And at the risk of repeating myself, what courage did it take to execute an absolute no-brainer like censuring that rancid hunk of evil? Zero. And yet.

This at a time when courage and moral fiber are the very things required to stave off an apocalypse that is headed our way. I have yet to find any links as to the excuses given by any one of these 22 jerks but if any of them state something about the First Amendment, my head will explode. That said, I am a First Amendment absolutist. But given the nature of her statements, which included specifically the spreading of propaganda about Israel intentionally bombing that Gaza hospital, to me her right of free speech ended while spreading lies and disinformation about an ally in her official capacity as a government official. At least in terms of being a sitting Congressbeast. 

It brings up that dicey issue, for us anyway, that the Left is so damned good at: using our very freedoms as both weapon and shield with which to destroy us from within. 

One of the people watching college students cheer Hamas and tear down posters of kidnapped Israeli children commented that this was not just “dumb kids wearing Che t-shirts”.

But it is.

The ‘dumb college kids wearing Che t-shirts” were supporting mass murder, atrocities and ethnic cleansing in Latin America. They were cheering on the murder of women and children. And an international Communist movement responsible for the deaths of millions. Before they were supporting Hamas, they were backing BLM while cities burned, streets filled with broken glass and people were violently assaulted. And before BLM, there was Mumia Abu Jamal and the Gitmo terrorists, further back there were the Sandinistas, the PLO, the Weathermen, the BLA and the Viet Cong. And before them Mao and the Bolsheviks.

‘Dumb college kids’ have been supporting the mass murder of millions for at least a century. There is something different here. Never before have the atrocities been as graphically documented with so many videos taken by the monsters themselves committing their crimes that were broadly distributed in graphic and gory detail to the public in ways that could not be censored or suppressed. . . 

. . . The dumb college kids may be dumb, but so was your average Nazi goose stepper or Bolshevik thug. The mobs who clamored to see heads roll around the guillotine were not geniuses. But much like the Gaza civilians that crossed the fence to take part in the murder and rape, they know what they like. And what they like is chaos, violence and seeing things burn.

Your average dumb college kid isn’t born evil because she misses BLM rallies and traded in her black power fist banner for a PLO flag, but neither were the German teens who filled stadiums to listen to Hitler or their Chinese counterparts who giggled while their teachers were beaten during Mao’s Cultural Revolution. As Alinsky said, “a good tactic is one your people enjoy.” And, “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

. . . The Hitler Youth weren’t just ‘dumb kids’ even if they were dumb kids. Patronizingly dismissing leftist extremism as a phase or a coming of age ritual normalizes our version of the Hitler Youth. And then we wonder at the spectacle of crowds of college kids cheering “armed resistance” against the ‘Zionist occupiers” and wonder over how they could possibly do such things. What do we think has been the norm on college campuses for at least 50 years? . . . Dismissing all of this as ‘dumb college kids’ or ‘youthful passion’ is how we got here. The greatest extremist threat in this country isn’t coming from a few KKK members living in trailer parks, but from the nation’s most prestigious Ivy League universities. It’s time for either academia to rethink its relationship to political extremism or for the country to rethink its relationship to a system of higher education that teaches students to support mass murder.

The Nazi party had its strongest base of support in German universities. As did the Communists of the Soviet Union. Our ‘Hitler Youth’ on both sides of the political spectrum are invariably college graduates. We broke up the KKK, it may be time to break up Harvard.

Can’t argue at all with Daniel Greenfield. If academia wants to hire individuals with the most repugnant views and even more, teach courses that fully promote and advance these views – while excluding any others from being taught or even expressed on campus – then they should not receive one red cent of taxpayer money and certainly donations and even tuition.

The problem however is we have a government that supports the mush being pumped into young skulls full of mush and is now actively persecuting anyone who protests. And this is not private universities and schools but public ones. The ones that we supposedly fund via our taxes. Look what happened in Loudon County when Biden at the suggestion of the NASB sicked the DOJ on parents who complained, and then labeled them as potential terrorists. Rancida Taliban though is a patriot, right?

What almost happened and what still is likely to happen over here has happened across the pond:

The most important thing to know is that London is 15% Muslim. That’s far from a majority, but Muslims need a lot of what the Nazis used to call “Lebensraum”—that is, territory where they dominate the local population. Flexing their muscles, they act as if 15% is a majority and the general population, made ignorant by leftism and scared by the threat of jihad, accepts its status as a minority. If you understand these principles, you will appreciate the different approaches the London police have to things that call for Jewish genocide (that’s fine) and things that offend Muslim sensibilities (that’s bad, very, very bad). . . 

. . . One would think that the British police, in the interests of public safety and protecting against hate speech (for antisemitism is hate speech), would be having a heyday arresting people. One would think that…but one would be wrong. Instead, the police have been helping the genocidal pro-Hamas protesters, whether that meant clearing the way for their marches or helping them remove posters of kidnapped Israelis. The one thing they haven’t been doing is arresting them. . . Clearly, the police in a city that is 15% Muslim know who’s in charge—and it’s Sharia law, not British law, that controls. Indeed, the police are open about their efforts to placate their Muslim overlords . . .

. . . But it’s never enough. Turning a blind eye to Muslim calls for violence and their openly antisemitic actions in a nation that prides itself on wiping out “hate crimes” is insufficient. While “hate crimes” against Jews are getting a pass, the London police are now aggressively policing any criticism against all things Muslim. Take, for example, this video, in which a man says that Hamas flags in the Bethnal Green neighborhood of London are “sh**” and “crap”.

The video doesn’t incite violence, nor does it claim that certain people are deserving of genocide. But apparently, it offended the 15%, which is why we’re now being told that the man who filmed the video and who is caring for his wife with Stage 4 cancer was dragged off to prison . . .

. . . There’s an old expression about “nursing a viper to your bosom.” It talks about naively taking close to you someone who wishes to kill you. The left trained the West to hate itself and its values. And having beaten the West down, it encouraged Westerners to embrace Muslim immigration. However, Western values and sharia are like matter and anti-matter: They cannot simultaneously exist in the same place. And as Europe gets increasingly more Muslim, it will discover, as all other nations have, that Islam’s need for Lebensraum crowds out everything else.

England is gone as are whole swathes of Europe. I predicted that Westminster Abbey would be converted into another Hagia Sophia within the next 25 years. With everything going on, I think I have to move that up to perhaps 10. And that’s whistling past the graveyard if I’m being honest. 

Looking at scenes from NYC, which was and perhaps still is the most populous Jewish city on the planet and historically the safest place for Jews up until the founding of the modern state of Israel, I’m sickened to see the virulent hate marches, the ripping down of hostage posters and the cornering of Jewish students in Cooper Union to name only a few. I’m also heartened to see some of my former fellow citizens confronting some of these bastards, but how long can that last? We were this close to having an official Ministry of Propaganda shoved down our throats and no doubt Big Tech is doing exactly that behind the scenes.

How long before mass brainwashing along with mass immigration and skyrocketing Muslim birth rates destroy us from within?

I’d say, second look at the Alien and Sedition Acts, but that’s a non-starter considering who is in control of our government. That has to go, lock, stock and barrel.



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  • The research concluded that among the American population, 22 percent, or 612 people, admitted to knowing someone who experienced a health problem post-vaccinated, with 57 of those knowing someone who died. Dr. Skidmore then projected those findings across the country’s population to conclude: “the total number of fatalities due to [Chinese] COVID-19 inoculation may be as high as 289,789.” Fatalities From [Chinese] COVID-19 Vaccines Near 300,000, Says Peer-Reviewed Study






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  • Meloni was also quite candid about her ability to curb the migrant crisis, which has seen over 120,000 illegal migrants flow through Italy since the beginning of the year. She stated the problem is becoming “very difficult for us to manage,” while adding: “What [Europe doesn’t] understand is that it is impossible” because of “the size of the phenomenon is something that involves, in my opinion, not only the European Union but the UN…” She also added that the newcomers to Europe are “impossible to integrate.” LISTEN: Italy’s PM Pranked Into Admitting Ukraine War Fatigue & Impossibility of Solving Migrant Crisis


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  • “. . . some of the closures in San Francisco are related to the ongoing exodus of retail businesses, many of which were exhausted by the persistent problem of shoplifting. The city’s commercial center has also struggled to recover from the [Chinese] coronavirus pandemic, when work-from-home became the preferred mode for many tech companies.”Banks Closing Across San Francisco Area, Often Without Warning
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  • “It’s devastating to hear that so many innocent lives were cut short prematurely, and I pray that we can find answers soon as to why this is happening to help combat it. But y’all, this is exactly what’s happening with abortions. While these kids are dying outside the womb, millions of others are getting killed before they even get a chance at life and our government and so-called leaders are not only permitting such vile acts to occur, but encouraging it via donations to abortion clinics, campaigns for abortions, or spewing pro-abort rhetoric.” Infant Mortality Rate Rises for First Time in 20 Years
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